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Tree Hut Village: The Parent-to-Parent Lending/Borrowing Community

Mummy Confession: I have a hard time letting go of things I’ve bought for babies, especially the “big ticket” items.

Disclosure: This post is not affiliated, sponsored, or otherwise endorsed by Tree Hut Village.

We’ve all done this, I’m sure. After having one child, and unsure about time between children, we put the car seat, the high chair, and maybe even other  large items in storage. They gather dust and appear useless until needed again for years. It’s either that or sell on buy/sell pages for a few dollars more than nothing

Did you know, though, there is a way to make some extra money off of those unused baby products you’ve packed away in storage, just in case you need it again?

Introducing Tree Hut Village, a parent-to-parent lending community! I’m excited to tell you all about this new platform, and hope you are as excited as I am about this opportunity to help others, and maybe make a little back in your pocket as well!

What is Tree Hut Village and why was this community created?
Why the name “Tree Hut Village”?
How can I participate in this community?
Why should I participate in this community?
Where do I find Tree Hut Village?

Screenshot of Tree Hut Village’s website: Main Page

What is Tree Hut Village and why was this community created?

Tree Hut Village is Australia’s first parent to parent baby equipment
hire platform.^ It is a community designed to allow those who wish to hire their baby equipment to parents.

This initially was designed with traveling parents in mind, as they have the choice to either drag their bulky equipment around in and out of travel locations, or hire from a company. It can be quite a lengthy and expensive process to hire from big companies. Tree Hut Village provides a simple 3 step, all online, process for both lending and selling.

Listing your items is completely free, and there is no cost to start up. Tree Hut Village only deducts a 15% administration fee after you have approved a booking. I have to say that’s amazing, for the fact that they connect you to a community that would otherwise be very difficult to manage yourself!

I love the community that Tree Hut Village has created for parents, and the opportunity to support local families while we travel!


Why the name “Tree Hut Village”?

^Tree Hut Village was the name chosen because the creators wanted to express what’s important to them:

– Fewer items go to landfills (“the tree”)
– Enabling giving back to the community (“the hut” stands for tangible things)- that’s why we partnered with charities like St. Kilda mums
– Parents helping parents to travel hassle free or to earn some extra
(“the village”)

Screenshot of Tree Hut Village’s website: Search Feature

How can I participate in this community? Why should I participate?

Firstly, you need to go online and register with the platform, and you just start either listing items you would like to lend (they must comply with Australian standards and be no more than 6 years old), or selecting items you would like to borrow.

The lending process is merely three steps:
1. List an item (it’s completely free!)
2. Approve bookings as they are requested.
3. Connect with borrowers when and lend your baby equipment.

Again for someone borrowing, just three steps required:
1. Search for an item and check its availability.
2. Book and pay via the security of the website.
3. Connect with the lender and confirm pick-up details.

Both lenders and borrowers are able to leave reviews, and the listing will remain active until changed by the lender themselves.

You should participate because it’s a good way to make use of your baby equipment while it is just around collecting dust! Be a part of the community and help others who would like to either trial a product before they buy it, use equipment while they travel rather than hiring elsewhere, or just have an item for a shorter period of time rather than buying it. We all know that baby equipment can be expensive to buy outright, and it’s only used for a small portion of time!

The community is growing, and it would be amazing to see people from all over Australia offering to lend their unused baby equipment in order to help others!

Screenshot of Tree Hut Village’s website: Item listing


Where do I find Tree Hut Village?

Tree Hut Village Website:
Facebook Page:
Instagram Page:

^Statements sourced from the creator of the platform Tree Hut Village

What a Week! Life Update.

Mummy Confession: This week has been phenomenal, and it’s not even half over yet!

This week has been super busy, even though it’s the first week of school holidays! We haven’t left the house yet, but my goodness has a lot been happening anyway! All of my kids have huge accomplishments for the past few days, and I’m so excited for them! As for me personally, I am pretty happy with my accomplishments this week as well. I have to write it all out because it is just so much all at once! What a joy!

Little Bub has just started crawling the conventional, all-fours style (not that he wasn’t getting around before) and is well into everything! Apparently under the trampoline or train table are the spots to be for a four-wheel driver! In addition to that, he has been attempting to wave, and has actually started to eat some solid foods. We were struggling to get him to open his mouth before this. He’s a big fan of chicken.

Potty training, toilet training

One child is doing exceptionally with toilet training- next to no accidents! I am probably more excited about the last part, as it means less laundry for mama! I could really do with less laundry, as I have to catch up on a room full! I admit this not happening sooner has been all my fault, as I was a little daunted by the prospect of toilet training while managing an infant who is very needy and clingy! And, well, all of the lovely stories as we attempted in the past.

Food, recipe, meal, mealplan,
Pasta Bolognese with Roasted Capsicum

Lastly, and nearly five years in the making, my eldest and resident picky child has started to actually eat new foods as we started Meal Plan Monday. No word of a lie, I was shocked that she finished her portion of peas the first night, and a portion of meat the following night! We still do her meal a little differently, but I am amazed! I will let you in on my secret for her success: the desire for big muscles. No, I’m not joking, and it has taken some time, but I guess the way we went about it helped. Her daddy goes to the gym to work out, and the incentive of going with him someday, and having bigger muscles than him has encouraged her to eat her food. (We also may have told her that her muscles got bigger with each bite…) After she ate them, she told me she liked them, so hopefully less of a battle the next time!

For myself, I finally finished up a post on the Baby Bjorn Carrier One Outdoors which I have been working on (and reviewing) for probably around two months now! I have to say I’m fairly happy with how it turned out, although the video could use some work. Hubs helped me take some great photos with it in action, and I have to say it is helping with my clingy child who hates sleep!Mum

I have also started up a weekly series with a meal plan, and so far I am doing pretty well with keeping up! It is probably part of the reason my picky Child is doing well, and I hope it keeps helping us as a family as well as giving others ideas and recipes for the week ahead!

So, wow! This mother has her work cut out for her in the remaining week, but I am so excited about all of these significant milestones for all of the kids and my small accomplishments apart from being their mum. These may all be small things to some, but to see my kids flourishing makes me so happy!

What have your littles been up to this week? What have you accomplished? What are you looking forward to in the week ahead?

My Picky Child: An Introduction

Mummy Confession: I was an overwhelmingly picky child when I was growing up. Now, I have a daughter who may be more picky than I ever was.

Picky eater, picky, eater, food, sensory, picky eating, sensory issuesHi, my name is Amanda, and I’m a picky eater. That was probably my mom’s biggest struggle with me growing up-getting me to eat. She tried expanding my variety of foods, and getting me to try new things. I would have none of it.

I remember from a very young age, I would even taste things, and after I had my mind set on disliking something, I would refuse to admit I liked it-even if it was delicious. I don’t know why. I just remember that this was the way it was for me. I often wonder if my daughter has the same issue. Nowadays they seem to refer to them as sensory issues, but I’m not entirely sure if that is the case yet.

For me personally, it didn’t register until around college that I could try new things and they might actually taste good. I tried cherries and strawberries for the first time in college. Yes. College.

Since the age of somewhere around two, my eldest has started to limit the foods that she accepts. She used to eat nearly everything we offered to her-especially those pouches of puréed food. At some point she decided to make it especially difficult and seemed to limit her foods to mainly starches and dairy with the occasional vegetable and protein. It’s become too much, and I’m concerned for her health. Her food selection is limited and probably contains a massive lack of vitamins her growing body needs.

She’s often offered foods at various events, home, and outside of the home, but always refuses. She acts like someone is trying to torment her when they show her something they would like her to try. No, I’m not kidding. We’ve tried various ways to get her to try new things, from helping with the shopping and cooking, to making it a “no pressure” deal. I’ve even done an online course to help picky easters. Nothing has helped.

We’ve recently gotten a referral to various health practitioners including a dietician and speech pathologist to try to make sense of her issues and hopefully improve her response to foods.

I want you to follow us on our journey as we struggle with this picky eater, and hopefully find some answers, and strategies that will work for us, and in turn, maybe you, too!

Wish us luck, or pray for us! We could sure use it!

Picky, eating, picky eater, picky eating, ew, food, struggle, sensory, eating struggle

Sipahh Straws: A Review

Mummy Review: I just got these Sipahh Straws and I may have to hide them from my kids, because I love them!

*Disclosure– The following products were provided, but my review and opinion are my own.

When I first came to Australia, one of the family members I stayed with was in love with these straws, but I had never seen anything like it. I mean, I had seen chocolate powder mixes or syrup even, to add to your drink. I had never heard of people putting the flavour in a straw and just drinking your milk out of it! How fun!

Sipahh, Straws, Sipahh Straws, milk, drink, drinking Straws, yum, tasty, product review, snack
So many flavours!

Well, *Sipahh Straws has done it! And wow, what a variety of flavours! The best part has to be that each straw contains less than 1/2tsp of sugar! This is a little less worry for me as a parent, as I already fret over the sugar intake of the children in this house.

(In comparison to one other unnamed milk drink mix with 8g sugar per serve, Sipahh has 1.8g per serve.)

One of my children is a major milk-a-holic and was literally bouncing up and down when I explained these to her, and she was keen to try every flavour. We settled for a couple. Now, for those of you who have pickier children, I hear you. My eldest is the pickiest I know, and refuses to drink milk, but given these, she has almost warmed up to the idea of trying it. (This is the kid who won’t try anything, but more on that later.) This is an excellent idea for those pickier kids, though.

Sipahh, Straws, Sipahh Straws, drinking, drink, milk, flavoured milk, flavoured milk straws, milk straws, yum, tasty, review, product review
The straw itself has little flavour gems inside, and something on the top and bottom to prevent choking hazards, and to keep the goodness in the straw itself. The milk is flavoured as you drink through the straw, so much easier than measuring out amounts and trying to get it to blend into the drink itself. Each straw has a pre-measured portion, and it’s more than enough for a cup of milk!

Another positive is that they come individually wrapped, so no fretting over a stale taste! They actually made their way into stockings at Christmas this year because of that, and the kids who received them were stoked! So, might I suggest adding them to party bags, Christmas stockings, or any variety of gifts as a little bonus!

Straws, straw, Sipahh, Sipahh Straws, toddler, snack, milk, milk drink, drink, treat, low sugar, product recommendation, product review

Not sure what flavour you love? They have variety packs, or individual flavours for sale, so you can sample and choose the ones you love! In my personal opinion, you can’t go past the chocolate mint. Honestly, these would also be great to drink with a milkshake, or an iced coffee, too, which I will have to try at some point!

Many parents I spoke with love these straws, and their kids do, too! As a matter of fact, one child pounced on these when I was sharing the wonderful flavours with some mums. It was hilarious, and a good indication of how much they are loved by the children who have tried them.

One downside I have to say, is that they do not ship internationally at the moment, so my American friends will be missing out a bit. Hopefully soon their goodness will be available to you!


Life of an Ex-Pat Mother: Help Me Cope

Cope, help, missing, friends, mummy confessionsMummy Confession: I miss my American friends and family all the time. And occasionally a few other things about my “home” country.

I was a teenager when I first visited what I now call home. I had no clue that the metric system would be an integral part of my future. I scoffed at science and math problems that had me calculate train collisions using meters per second speeds. Though, let me be honest, no one actually thinks in metres (yes, spelling!) per second here (or no one I have met thus far).

My story of how I came to live here is a tad long and filled with the a mushy story about how my man transversed oceans for my love- what a guy! So, we will skip that for now and just suffice to say, it wasn’t expected. And now, I find myself living a good 20,000 miles or so from my closest friends and half of my family, in a totally different world.

I can’t say that it’s been easy, but here are a few tips I’ve learned along the way to help cope with missing people and places you know and love. I’m sure these can be used for any mum, as I know well, motherhood can sometimes feel like a lonely place.

1. Connect

Whether it’s your local church, mother’s group, or community events, try to connect with people. The road may be difficult, but it is well worth it in the long run to have a good shoulder to lean on and feel needed by others in return. Volunteer to help in different organisations and events to meet other people who love to help. You can find some great and lovely people. What also helps me when I can’t get out of the house to connect is to jump onto the Pregnancy and Parenting Forums or Social Media.

2. Keep in Touch

Write old fashioned letters and cards to far away people. Connect on social media. Make a phone call or Skype your family. Sometimes it can be discouraging to keep reaching out and feel like it’s a one-sided ordeal, but keep trying. I’ve actually kept in touch with friends from high school days, and surprising to me is the fact that it includes some people I hadn’t connected with a ton IN high school. Having kids creates a great base of connection it seems! 🙂

3. Get Out

While you do need to foster old relationships, this goes hand-in-hand with connecting. Spend some time with your new mummy friends. Reach out and have a coffee with someone from your workplace. Set up an evening out with close friends who are nearby, or a date with your husband.

4. Time Out

Take time to yourself. I know maybe this sounds anti-social, but the key here is balance. Pray for your friends and family. Read a good book and have a nice bath. Journal your thoughts. Crank up the radio and dance your heart out. Let someone else watch the kids for a while.

5. Ask for Help

If you are like me, sometimes it can get overwhelming. I mean, going on 9 years of being far from a world you miss having only been back once, sometimes I need a good cry. I am so blessed to have a husband who is there for me when I’m down. Find someone you can confide in and reach out. Call a helpline if necessary. You can find a list of websites and numbers here for you reference.

These have all been essential in my life for helping me cope with being so far away from some of my loved ones, and enjoying being where I am. I hope this will help you, too!