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Mealplan Monday: Week #1

Hello everyone! This week starts up a new series in my Blog, Meal Plan Monday!
Every week, on an ongoing basis, I will be posting 5-7 recipes from myself and others for the week ahead. I know I could use some ideas for the repetitive rotation of meals in our household, and maybe some of you are the same? I hope to provide some delicious recipes for you to try and share! If you wish to share a recipe, feel free to use the contact forms to send a message, or use the contact information on the “About The Blogger” page, with your favourites!

Meals here suit 2-4 people, possibly more if indicated.

Feel free to tag me in your photos of you cooking with these recipes using #cookingwithMPM and by tagging my social media.

So, onward to planning! Click on the links below to find the recipes and enjoy planning your dinners this week! Subscribe for email updates to get the links to these recipes straight in your inbox.

Monday: Simple Schnitzel in Mushroom Sauce

Tuesday: Pasta Bolognese with Roasted Capsicum

Food, recipe, meal, mealplan,
Pasta Bolognese with Roasted Capsicum

Wednesday:Crunchy Panko Polenta Fish Fingers from Kidgredients

fish fingers, fish, meal, dinner, meal plan, mealplan, monday, family meal, family meals, toddler meals, baby meals, recipe, recipes, food, food ideas, kidgredients
Photo Source: Kidgredients

Thursday: Slow Cooker Veggies and Beef

Friday: French Toast Sandwiches

French toast sandwhich

Saturday: Chicken Drumsticks/Wings and Polenta

Sunday: Lasagna from Kidgredients

Kidgredients, lasagna, recipe, recipes, food, tasty, meal, meal plan, mealplan Monday, Monday
Photo Source: Kidgredients


If you want to have some more ideas, check out Week #2

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And if you don’t like some of these ideas, or are still stuck for rexiles, why not check out Marley Spoon (if you reside in Australia) and try a box of recipes and ingredients delivered to your door? You can save $35 by clicking through from here if you choose to order 🙂
(I am affiliated with Marley Spoon and may earn commissions from purchases through them. For more information see my disclosure policy.)

Recipes from above by Mummy Confessions:

Simple Schnitzel in Mushroom Sauce
Ingredients: 1 chicken breast per person (give or take)
1-2eggs (depending on number of chicken breasts)
Optional Vegeta Gourmet Stock or salt

1. Cut chicken into fillets
2. Mix eggs in bowl nicely and place breadcrumbs into another bowl.
3. If using Vegeta or salt, mix in with breadcrumbs if desired.
4. Dip fillets in egg, then dip in breadcrumbs until all of the chicken is covered.
5. Pan fry until golden brown.

If you don’t want to do the following, you don’t have to…but I prepare this Mushroom Sauce and serve over top, or with rice and the mushroom sauce over top.
Leftovers: You can refrigerate and use the schnitzel for sandwiches the next day, or in a salad!

Baby Meal:
Pureed Cooked Chicken & Pureed corn
from Momtastic Wholesome Baby Food

Toddler/Preschooler meal: Chicken Schnitzel pieces with rice (and Mushroom sauce)
Cut Schnitzel into pieces for easier eating or fry up smaller pieces of schnitzel for the younger ones (sort of like chicken nuggets)

French Toast Sandwiches
Ingredients: Sliced Bread
Fillings for Sandwiches (we use ham &cheese)
Tomato Soup (optional)

  1. Whisk eggs and milk together to make dip.
  2. Dip pieces of sliced bread on either side, coating bread.
  3. Lightly Toast the bread on either side in a pan.
  4. Add fillings (Ham & Cheese for us) into the sandwich and finish toasting until nicely browned on either side and cheese is nicely melted.
    Serve with veggies or tomato soup.Baby Meal: Scrambled Eggs
    from Momtastic Wholesome Baby Food

Toddler/Preschooler Meal: Like above, just cut into squares, triangles, or use a cookie cutter and make fun shapes.

Chicken Drumsticks/Wings and Polenta
Ingredients: Chicken Drumsticks or Wings (we usually have 6-8 drumsticks and 10-15 wings depending on the size)
Favourite Marinade or Seasoning (mine is Masterfoods Honey, Soy & Garlic or McCormick’s Season All)

1. Marinate chicken (if you can do this for a few hours or overnight, it tastes even better, but I usually don’t have too much forethought and just mix it at the time before)
2. If desired, pan fry chicken to get golden brown on the outside.
3. Place chicken and pan contents into oven-appropriate dish and cover.
4. Cook at 200 Celcius for 40 minutes or more, until chicken is cooked nicely.
5. Boil water while chicken is cooking.
6. Add polenta according to instructions on pack, stirring or whisking continuously until polenta thickens. (We do about 1 Cup Polenta and 4-5 Cups of water as a ratio.)
7. Continue to stir or whisk occasionally, cooking polenta for about 30 minutes or so. Polenta is not crunchy when cooked.
8. When polenta is finished cooking, pour into a bowl or onto a large,flat plat for serving.

Leftovers: Chicken Drumsticks/Wings can be refridgerated and reheated properly again the next day, and so can the polenta, but in my opinion, it does lose some flavour (and I prefer eating the wings cold the next day rather than heating them up).

Baby Meal: Pureed Cooked Chicken & Pureed Peas
rom Momtastic Wholesome Baby Food

Toddler/Preschooler Meal: Unseasoned/Lightly Seasoned Drumsticks and for the younger ones, I pull the meat off the bone. Polenta served on the side separately.

Slow Cooker What-Veggies-I-Have-And-Beef Meal
Ingredients: Whatever vegetables you want to mix
I used (2-3) potatoes, 2 carrots, 1 red capsicum, 1/2 Cup peas, 1/2 Cup corn, and 1/2 an onion
250-500g beef (depending on how meaty you like it)
2 beef stock cubes
1 pack French onion soup mix (only if no onion available)
Vegeta Gourmet Stock or salt to taste (at end for adults)
1/2 Cup Red Wine if desired

1. Peel potatoes & carrots and chop to desired size (I usually cut all vegetables pretty small, so my toddlers have no issues eating them).
2. Chop up capsicum and onion as well to desired size.
3. Dissolve the two beef stock cubes into two cups of boiling water.
4. Cut up beef as small as you want (I like mine cubed) .
5. If desired, pan fry beef until nicely brown.
6. Add everything into the slow cooker, add more water if necessary (food should be half covered with water) and stir. Add wine if desired.
7. Cook on high for 5-7 hours or until veggies are to your liking.
8. Remove portions of food for younger kids without seasoning. Add Vegeta or salt to taste for adults.
9. Serve with/over rice, with bread, pasta, or mashed potato.

Leftovers: Can be refrigerated and eaten next day. Or use leftovers in Puff Pastry Delight

Baby Meal: Beef purée and puréed carrot
from Momtastic Wholesome Baby Food

Toddler/Preschooler meal: Unsalted/unseasoned Slow Cooker meal with rice/pasta/mashed potatoes.

Pasta Bolognese with Roasted Capsicum
Ingredients: Pasta (we love spirals)
500g Beef Mince (Ground Beef)
1-2 Capsicums (Red Bell Pepper)
1-2 Carrots, grated
1/2-1 Onion, finely chopped
1-2 Cans Diced Tomatoes (or you can boil tomatoes and do it yourself as well)
Bay leaves, Basil and/or Oregano (optional)
Vegeta Gourmet Stock or salt to taste
Olive Oil
Cheese on top if desired.

  1. Cut capsicums in half, and remove seeds & place cut portion down facing aluminium foil and bake in oven at 150-175 Celsius until nicely roasted for approximately 30-45 minutes.
  2. Grate carrots and chop onion, and pan fry or cook in pot until onion is nicely browned.
  3. Cook beef mince until nicely browned (I tend to even over-brown it just to be sure).
  4. Once Capsicum is nicely roasted, peel skin off and chop up into smaller pieces and add to bolognese mix
  5. Put all of the cooked ingredients into a big pot.
  6. Boil water for pasta. Put in pasta. Drain when nicely cooked.
  7. Add the diced tomato and mix everything together, putting put to simmer. Add spices if desired.
  8. Portion out for toddler/preschoolers without adding salt or Vegeta. Add salt or Vegeta to taste.
  9. Serve either with bolognese on top of pasta (keeping separate), or mix entire bolognese sauce through the pasta.
  10. Serve with cheese on top if desired.
    Leftovers: Can be refrigerated and stored for eating the next day, or you can use the Bolognese later in a Lasagna or in a Puff Pastry Delight Dish.

Baby Meal: Pureed Pasta or Pureed Cooked Chicken from Momtastic Wholesome Baby Food

Toddler/Preschooler Meal: As made for adults, just no salt or seasoning added. Possibly need to cut up pasta, depending on the size.

Recipes: Puff Pastry Delight & 4 Sauces

Below are some recipes I have done up recently. I do not know the nutritional value, healthiness, or calories of the below foods or dishes, I just know they are tasty. Enjoy!

Mummy Recipe: Puff Pastry Delight (AND 4 Sauces to compliment)

Recipe, puff pastry, meal, yum, eat, dinner, snack, peppers, capsicum, chopped, vegetables, carrots, ingredients, ideas, pies, veggies, meal, toddler snacks
Puff Pastry Delight with vegetables and Beef Sauce

(You can even serve this mix over rice, pasta, or mashed potato for a different flavour. All yummy!)

Four sauces below that go with varieties of puff pastry delight! Mix and match, even! Add in your favourite veggies for extra flavour! (Red Sauce, White Garlic Sauce, Mushroom Sauce, and Beef Stock Sauce)

I wouldn’t use these with babies, but that is a personal preference. Just the mix can be served up (as it’s a bit easier to chew), but the pastries make a good compact toddler treat!
Mix can also be puréed as desired for spoonfed bubs.
**When preparing meals for baby, be sure to strictly limit or cut out any salt, as excess salt can be harmful to babies. Please read here for more information **

For the Puff Pastry Delight You will need:
-Puff pastry
-Favourite veggies
(I use celery, red capsicum [bell pepper], carrot, and occasionally mushrooms, peas and corn, depending on how I feel)
-(Beef/pork/chicken mince optional as well)
-Cupcake tray or ramekins for larger dishes.
Please note it is harder to take the pastry out of the ramekins to cook fully.
-Sauce, cheese (optional)- See below for four options for sauces

(The photo above has mushroom, celery, carrot, and capsicum simmered in the Beef Stock Sauce below)

Recipe, puff pastry, meal, yum, eat, dinner, snack, peppers, capsicum, chopped, vegetables, carrots, ingredients, ideas
1. Cut or use cookie cutter to make circles for dish to fit in a lightly greased/oiled cupcake tray. Make sure the dough is a bit over the edges, to contain the meal.
2. Cook Vegetables (& meat before if using. Also boil pasta if desired)
3. Make sauce if making sauce for dish. (Recipes for various sauces below)
4. If using mix of pasta, sauce, veggies, or meat, mix ingredients together nicely and simmer for a few minutes.
5. Put cooked ingredients into puff pastry. About two spoonfuls should do nicely.
6. Sprinkle cheese on top if wanted.
7. If desired, put puff pastry over top to cover and seal. Poke a few holes with a fork if you do this. (Mine come out looking fairly strange, so I skipped this part)
8. Cook at 180-200C for about 20 minutes or until browned slightly and solid enough to remove from tin. Remove and cook outside of the tin for a bit, and cover the top with foil to prevent that burning. Cook until that is browned slightly.
9. Let cool before serving.

Recipe, puff pastry, meal, yum, eat, dinner, snack, ingredients, ideas, puff, pastry, cook, oven, meals

Here are 4 tasty sauces you can add for different meals and vegetable & meat combinations:

Recipe, puff pastry, meal, yum, eat, dinner, snack, peppers, capsicum, chopped, vegetables, carrots, ingredients, ideas, Sauce, red, red sauce, spaghetti sauce, marinara, Neapolitana
Red Sauce

Sauce: Red Sauce

Crushed tomato/whole peeled tomato-1 can
(or boil two-three whole tomatoes, peel and cut out top..personal preference)
Dried Oregano, 1tsp
Dried Basil, 1tsp
1 Clove garlic, minced (or 1-2tsp garlic)
Salt to taste for mummy only**

1. If using fresh garlic, pan fry and sautée if desired.
2. Put tomatoes in a bowl and crush to desired consistency.
3. Put tomatoes and (cooked) garlic in a pot over low flame.
4. Add oregano and basil.
5. Cook to a nice simmer.
6. Serve over pasta or mix together (with or without meat) to put in puff pastry delight.

Recipe, puff pastry, meal, yum, eat, dinner, snack, chicken, vegeta, ingredients, ideas
White Garlic Sauce with Vegeta and Chicken

Sauce: White Garlic Sauce

Thickened cream or full cream
1-2 Cloves Garlic, minced (or 1-2tsp garlic)
Salt to taste for mummy only**
1. Cook or sautée garlic
2. Add thickened cream
3. Cook sauce on lower heat, stirring occasionally.

Recipe, puff pastry, meal, yum, eat, dinner, snack, peppers, capsicum, chopped, vegetables, carrots, ingredients, ideas, mushroom, mushrooms, Sauce, mushroom Sauce, vegeta

Sauce: Mushroom Sauce (Mamas Favourite)

Thickened cream, 1 600g container
Mushrooms, peeled and chopped
Vegeta for mummy’s sauce, or salt if no Vegeta**
1. Either pan fry mushrooms and add sauce, then cook and simmer for a bit
2. Or put it all together (chopped mushrooms, sauce and optional Vegeta) in a pan or loaf tin, mix together well, cover with aluminium foil.
3. Cook at 200C for around 30 minutes or until slightly browned on top and mushrooms are to your desired crunchy-or-non-crunchy consistency.

Sauce: Beef Stock Sauce

(recommend only for mum and dad, as this probably had a high salt content)
Water to dissolve 2 beef stock cubes
Vegeta to taste**
I always make this along with eithe vegetables or meat and vegetables, so I add to an already cooked meat or vegetable pan and simmer for a while.
1. Boil water and dissolve two cubes of stock, and add in Vegeta.
2. Cook vegetables in pan, and add mixed stock/Vegeta once fairly well cooked.
3. Simmer.
4. Goes well over rice, mashed potatoes, pasta, or as a mix into puff pastry.

Have you tried anything like this before? Have you created your own dish? How did it work out for you? I hope you enjoy this dish!

Sipahh Straws: A Review

Mummy Review: I just got these Sipahh Straws and I may have to hide them from my kids, because I love them!

*Disclosure– The following products were provided, but my review and opinion are my own.

When I first came to Australia, one of the family members I stayed with was in love with these straws, but I had never seen anything like it. I mean, I had seen chocolate powder mixes or syrup even, to add to your drink. I had never heard of people putting the flavour in a straw and just drinking your milk out of it! How fun!

Sipahh, Straws, Sipahh Straws, milk, drink, drinking Straws, yum, tasty, product review, snack
So many flavours!

Well, *Sipahh Straws has done it! And wow, what a variety of flavours! The best part has to be that each straw contains less than 1/2tsp of sugar! This is a little less worry for me as a parent, as I already fret over the sugar intake of the children in this house.

(In comparison to one other unnamed milk drink mix with 8g sugar per serve, Sipahh has 1.8g per serve.)

One of my children is a major milk-a-holic and was literally bouncing up and down when I explained these to her, and she was keen to try every flavour. We settled for a couple. Now, for those of you who have pickier children, I hear you. My eldest is the pickiest I know, and refuses to drink milk, but given these, she has almost warmed up to the idea of trying it. (This is the kid who won’t try anything, but more on that later.) This is an excellent idea for those pickier kids, though.

Sipahh, Straws, Sipahh Straws, drinking, drink, milk, flavoured milk, flavoured milk straws, milk straws, yum, tasty, review, product review
The straw itself has little flavour gems inside, and something on the top and bottom to prevent choking hazards, and to keep the goodness in the straw itself. The milk is flavoured as you drink through the straw, so much easier than measuring out amounts and trying to get it to blend into the drink itself. Each straw has a pre-measured portion, and it’s more than enough for a cup of milk!

Another positive is that they come individually wrapped, so no fretting over a stale taste! They actually made their way into stockings at Christmas this year because of that, and the kids who received them were stoked! So, might I suggest adding them to party bags, Christmas stockings, or any variety of gifts as a little bonus!

Straws, straw, Sipahh, Sipahh Straws, toddler, snack, milk, milk drink, drink, treat, low sugar, product recommendation, product review

Not sure what flavour you love? They have variety packs, or individual flavours for sale, so you can sample and choose the ones you love! In my personal opinion, you can’t go past the chocolate mint. Honestly, these would also be great to drink with a milkshake, or an iced coffee, too, which I will have to try at some point!

Many parents I spoke with love these straws, and their kids do, too! As a matter of fact, one child pounced on these when I was sharing the wonderful flavours with some mums. It was hilarious, and a good indication of how much they are loved by the children who have tried them.

One downside I have to say, is that they do not ship internationally at the moment, so my American friends will be missing out a bit. Hopefully soon their goodness will be available to you!


Little Bellies Snacks: Review

Mummy Review: Little Bellies has a great snack range, and I was excited at the opportunity to provide a review in exchange for some samples. This has no effect on my opinion of the products, and the opinions and recommendations here are my own. Please read my disclosure policy for further information.

Solids, snack, snacks, little Bellies, snack food
So, my Bub has started solids, and along with that bittersweet moment I have discovered some great products that have popped up since my last child! One of these such products is the Little Bellies organic snack range.

These snacks are certified organic, and either low to no added sugar or salt and no artificial nasties! Some even boast the label for gluten and wheat free, which I know is truly helpful for some parents and their children.

I loved discovering these new products, as they remind me of the US Gerber Puffs which my first absolutely loved! I loved the way they would melt while she ate them, and that they were good for babies and children to eat. These Little Bellies snacks do just that!

IMG_3376Suitable for babies from 9 months on, they have a range of crunchy, melt-in-the-mouth snack foods that are an absolute essential for my pantry! Now, onto the specific types! (They do have more in their range than shown here, so check out their other products in your local grocery store!)


Yum, solids, natural, organic, snacks, baby snacks, toddler snacks, certified organic, little Bellies, snack foods
These ones are certified organic, low in sugar & salt, gluten & wheat free and have no artificial nasties. The flavours here are corn and pumpkin.

My Taste Tester wasn’t willing to give the pumpkin ones a go, but loves the corn puff flavour! They’re crunchy and melt easily in your mouth, so great for bubs 9 months and over, even if they don’t have their teeth! These flavours seem the mildest of the lot, so perfect for the younger ones who prefer the blander tastes. My Taste Tester adeed she would prefer them flavoured strawberry. 😂
Yum, solids, natural, organic, snacks, baby snacks, toddler snacks, certified organic, little Bellies, snack foods

Baby Puffs

Yum, solids, natural, organic, snacks, baby snacks, toddler snacks, certified organic, little Bellies, snack foods
These ones are certified organic, low in sugar & salt, gluten & wheat free and have no artificial nasties. The flavours here are blueberry and baked apple cinnamon. (I am aware they also have this in carrot flavour.)

These were a big hit! My Taste Tester absolutely loves the blueberry ones, and enjoys the crunch as she finishes the bag. They also melt quite well afterwards. The blueberry flavour do seem to colour her a bit purple though, so just have a wipe handy so they don’t stain your white top. 😜 I’m a fan of the baked apple cinnamon ones, as they smell and taste delicious! The flavour is very slight, but nice, and the Apple ones don’t have the colouring effect of their purple sidekick.
Yum, solids, natural, organic, snacks, baby snacks, toddler snacks, certified organic, little Bellies, snack foods


Yum, solids, natural, organic, snacks, baby snacks, toddler snacks, certified organic, little Bellies, snack foods
These ones are certified organic, have no added sugar or salt, and have no artificial nasties. The flavours here are banana and berry & apple.

My Taste Tester absolutely loved these! She’s a big fan of popcorn, so these are the perfect alternative! Not only do they have a similar softness, crunch, and melt in the mouth goodness of popcorn, but they have no kernels! My Taste Tester polished off the banana flavour quite rapidly, and munched a little on the berry & apple, which I have to say have a nice flavour. The berry and apple have a slight colouring to them, but I found no issues with them colouring fingers and faces here. The soft corn was also the least messy, and left practically no crumbs when eaten.
Yum, solids, natural, organic, snacks, baby snacks, toddler snacks, certified organic, little Bellies, snack foods

So, overall, my Taste Tester and I were quite impressed with the range of goodies here from Little Bellies, and will definitely have to keep some in our pantry for later!

Little Bellies also has more snacks than just these, so be sure to check them out on your next shopping trip! They have rice cakes,  hoops and loops, and gingerbread men to name a few more. These tasty treats can be found at your local Woolworths or Coles stores either online or in-store.  Go and pick up a pack today!

Don’t forget to enter to win ten packs of these goodies by leaving a comment on the linked post here about your essential for Starting Solids! Feel free to use the entry below, but comment on the linked post, not here 🙂 Competition ends on Sunday!
Yum, solids, natural, organic, snacks, baby snacks, toddler snacks, certified organic, little Bellies, snack foods
Little Bellies Giveaway!

Starting Solids: A What You Need Guide


Mummy Confession: I have a love/hate relationship with introducing solids.

I love this adventure, because it means my little bitty baby is growing well. I hate a little bit that it spoils bub’s somewhat “easy” fix for sustenance. (Solids don’t replace milk or formula, but are an addition.)

In the beginning, there is no menu to plan, no food to buy or prepare, dishes to wash (besides bottles and the like) and no disgust for the food I cook. When babes are little they get what they get, and they don’t complain.

It’s adorable to watch them immerse themselves in the brand new exploration of tastes and textures, whether you feed purees or do baby led weaning. Personally, my kids do a bit of both. They have always loved spoons for some reason.

I’ve compiled a list of things that I’ve gotten in preparation for our sooner-than-I’m-ready-for-it journey into the land of foods. And I will say, they have come out with some pretty cool stuff since my last babe!

Keep in mind: Introducing solids usually starts around 6 months old, but please consult with your doctor or medical professional beforehand if you want any resources in regards to the process. I’m no expert, and I know there are differing perspectives on the appropriate age to introduce food and how to go about doing it. I have included some resources below for your convenience, but feel free to check out my Pinterest board for some more ideas on milestones and related topics. 

Now, you don’t NEED all of these products, usually any bowl, utensils and cup be fine, but look how stinkin’ cute this all is! And I will say the no-spill cups are more than just a gimmick, as I prefer my carpets to be dry. I delve into the varieties of sippy cups here.

*Disclosure,: Some of the products listed were provided, but this does not influence or change my opinion. I absolutely love everything I have listed and recommended here! This post contains affiliate links.

1. Cup– Obviously you need something to hold the water as you introduce that alongside solid foods. They don’t need too much at first, so just a tiny bit will do nicely. Check out my guide for cups here if you are flustered about the choices. For my bub, I have the Avent Penguin Sippy (he got it for Christmas). It’s a harder spout with a soft feel.

2. Bowl/plate– Rather than the food starting on the floor, it’s probably a good idea to keep it contained as much as possible! I love this plate from *Baby Bjorn! It is a bit deeper than your typical plate-making it perfect from first foods or purees through to when bubs navigates the use of using his own utensils!

3. Utensils– Something for you to feed baby, and have them feed themselves as well! Check out these *Baby Bjorn spoon and fork set! With a chunky easy-grip handle for you or baby, they make great first utensils. The fork is even more similar to a spork, making it easy to scoop as well.

4. Bib– In order to lessen the mess and minimise cleanup, it’s a good idea to purchase a bib for bub! The design of this *Baby Bjorn Bib is amazing! The nifty bit at the bottom helps to catch food if it should fall (and we all know how messy feeding can be)! It’s also made of BPA free plastic, so no wet and soggy mess covering your bub’s shirt! It’s easy to wipe off, rinse off, and is dishwasher safe!

(May I just add that Baby Bjorn has all of the above products available in a handy pack as well- the Bib, plate and utensils-all the tools you need for starting your baby’s journey into solids! Feel free to check out their online store here, or Amazon for those who live Stateside. And for the Aussies, if you review your Baby Bjorn products on their website, you can be entered to win items from their kitchen range here!)

5. Wet wipes/washcloth– Any cloth will do, or maybe those baby wipes we all love to use for everything else will come in handy! You can even purchase hand and face wipes which are specifically for these sticky messes, and they come in convenient packs that can go in the nappy bag, a purse, or the bottom of the pram. For my sensitive baby, I just use a clean wash cloth and water.

6. Food– Whether you do Baby Led Weaning or purees, you will need something to feed baby. We do a little bit of both. Sometimes I even cook and purée my own food using my Baby Bullet. Because I don’t have a huge amount of time on my hands, we use a fair few pouches and already prepared things to help mama feed bubs nutritiously.

*Bellamy’s Organic has a beautiful range for those first food moments! Whether you are looking for Rice Ceral or pouches to feed on-the-go or at home, they have you covered! To add to the list, they even have pasta, teething rusks, and more (and these are just the starting foods!) Their food is made with all natural organic ingredients and no articifical additives. You can check out their store online (for my Aussies), or Amazon for my US friends. Several stores in Australia also stock their products, which you can search for here.

7. Snacks– For those moments in between meals, snacks are always good to have on hand, whether you are out or home! (Some snacks vary by age, so please follow the recommendations accordingly.)

My main snacks are by *Little Bellies who have a great selection of organic snack foods for your baby! Starting at 8 months, they carry a variety of puffs and other easily-dissolving, nutritious snacks for bub. They are my personal favourite, as the packaging is simply adorable, and my toddler is a huge fan of the blueberry puffs! You can find these in Woolworths or Coles (in store as well as online). They make a great extra to throw in your bag or nappy bag when you go out (and you can sneak a bite or two) to distract or keep little mouths and hands busy and little bellies happy! My toddler always comes running when she hears a bag crinkle now!

Solids, snack, snacks, little Bellies, snack food

8. Bathing products– Of course your baby is no expert when it comes to foods, and mess is inevitable! Have that bath ready for when your little munchkin finishes immersing themselves in their dinner! We use sensitive bath products for my eczema prone baby. (Tip: Some mums say it make sure it easier to feed baby with no more than a nappy to avoid sulking over stains later, too!)

9.  Camera– Maybe it’s the sap oozing out of me, but I have to get these first moments on camera. Plus, it’s super cute to see a baby covered in food. Have your camera, phone or video ready to record memories!

10. A Place To Sit– For them of course, but possibly for you as well! There are many types of high chairs, baby seats, and boosters when it comes to where they can be most comfortable. Pick something that lends itself to an easy clean. We have a high chair that adjusts in height, so baby can sit at the table level with us, or couch level if we feel exceptionally lazy.

Always be sure they are supervised, seated on something suited to feeding strapped in properly as they can be wiggly little things. 

11. Allergy Awareness– While allergies may not run in your family, it is best to be on the lookout for reactions when introducing new foods. Some mums follow the “4 day wait rule” when doing so, to ensure they pick up on any reactions. Though more geared to preparing your own foods, Momtastic has some excellent resources for recording baby’s reactions, preferences and listing foods to introduce to baby which you can find here.

If you have any suspicion about allergies, or wonder if something is normal while feeding baby, don’t hesitate to call your doctor to ask questions. If you believe a reaction could be life threatening, do not wait to call emergency services in your area.

Solids, taste, solid food, milestones

But wait, there’s more! Since I’ve been given more than enough to try, I am going to share the love with one person (Open to Australian residents only). Enter via the link below and comment on this post in order to be eligible. Terms and Conditions below. Please feel free to share this, and subscribe for blog post updates!

Win These Ten Packs of Little Bellies Snacks!!What is YOUR most essential item when starting off with new foods for baby and why?


What is YOUR most essential item when starting off with new foods for baby and why?
Little Bellies Giveaway!

Bellamy’s Organic: Their website for their amazing organic food range as well as articles on nutrition, recipes, and videos.
Little Bellies: Their Website which lists the variety of snacks available

Baby Bjorn  Australia and United States: Websites with their amazing products, and “Inspiration” section with article to help parents.

Information on Starting Solids from Pregnancy, Birth & Baby, and

Baby Led Weaning Resources from Momtastic, Baby Center, and Nestle

Momtastic Wholesome Baby Food Site: A website filled with information, advice, and recipes for pureeing your own baby food. Much of this can be used even in Baby Led Weaning or feeding pre-made foods.

The Baby-Led Weaning Cookbook: All around informative book about Baby Led Weaning along with some handy recipes. Recipes can often be used without doing Baby Led Weaning.

Annabel Karmel‘s page with recipes and other helpful resources

Foods and Snacks from my Pinterest Board (not all are suitable for babies)

Mummy To Dex has a lovely, ever-growing Baby-led Weaning recipe section on her page!