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Encouragement: A Movement

Mummy Confession: I have bad days. Bad weeks even. I often get discouraged.  

As a parent and a human being, I am subject to doubting my worth, questioning my purpose, and flooding my mind with useless and negative thoughts. A kind word, or word of encouragement can make so much of a difference in the way I go about my day.

Being surrounded by little people and limited adult interaction all day long can be so draining! I wanted to create an initiative, if you will, to help others: Other mums, other parents, and other carers out there. Call it a movement if you will. I would love to see this go far and help someone who needs just that little bit of care to help them through their day!

Here’s how you can participate:

A short note with some encouraging words. I have included a few downloadable cards for you to use if you wish, just to give encouragement to others.

*Please let me know if it isn’t working*

Go to the Download here! (Feel free to copy, paste, and print!)

See that mum in the grocery store with the tantruming toddler? Her.

That dad with four in tow looking like he’s got it all together? Him.

The grandparents, carers, and parents that could always use a bit of TLC. Them.

Feel free to write a message on them, or just give them (if they’re written already). I’ve even created a few if you should buy a coffee for that exhausted looking mum with three kids in tow, or a meal for someone just because. Let’s spread the encouragement and get back that sense of community. Feel free to tag #ROAKencourage so we can see the encouragement and how it might have had an impact on someone’s day! (ROAK= Random Acts Of Kindness) Speak an encouraging word, or offer a smile.

I can’t say how much I’ve appreciated people taking the time to stop and speak kind words, and I enjoy doing the same when it looks like someone may need them, too.