I lost whatever “it” is

Mummy Confession: I have lost my cool several times this week. It is something I am not proud to admit.

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Screaming. Crying. Yelling. More crying. Explosions of all sorts have happened this week, and we have had to wash half of our couch cushions as a result. This is all courtesy of my youngest, who thought we could use some redecorating.

Thanks kid.

What a week it has been, indeed. I am not happy to say that amidst the crazy circus that is life with children, I lost it. I lost whatever “it” is several times this week. I yelled, too. I screamed, too. I cried, too. But then, I found “it.”

My crying wasn’t done over the fact that my life seems to be a chaotic hodgepodge of fingers, sticky messes, and whiny voices, but rather the wholehearted thankful cry as I think of the blessing my children are to my life. I end each day with my children, no matter what has happened, by praying with them.

I think this particularly important in relation to the fact that it not only brings my beliefs in front of them, but it also teaches thankfulness and humility.
It reminds them (and me as well) that no matter where we have fallen, that God hears us and has sent His love to us.

I try my hardest to have every day conclude with peace and love, with some tickle-fights and kisses thrown in for good measure.

I don’t like not ending the day this way, and make every effort to see that this is how we conclude our day, and bring to their minds the things in life for which we need to be thankful.

I can’t put it as eloquently here as I want to express it, so I hope it comes out as I am trying so hard to formulate words. My brain is wrecked from this week. Exhausted completely. But, next week (and even through the weekend, obviously) we will do it again.

Hopefully this time around there will be less laundry.

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