My Picky Child: An Introduction

Mummy Confession: I was an overwhelmingly picky child when I was growing up. Now, I have a daughter who may be more picky than I ever was.

Picky eater, picky, eater, food, sensory, picky eating, sensory issuesHi, my name is Amanda, and I’m a picky eater. That was probably my mom’s biggest struggle with me growing up-getting me to eat. She tried expanding my variety of foods, and getting me to try new things. I would have none of it.

I remember from a very young age, I would even taste things, and after I had my mind set on disliking something, I would refuse to admit I liked it-even if it was delicious. I don’t know why. I just remember that this was the way it was for me. I often wonder if my daughter has the same issue. Nowadays they seem to refer to them as sensory issues, but I’m not entirely sure if that is the case yet.

For me personally, it didn’t register until around college that I could try new things and they might actually taste good. I tried cherries and strawberries for the first time in college. Yes. College.

Since the age of somewhere around two, my eldest has started to limit the foods that she accepts. She used to eat nearly everything we offered to her-especially those pouches of puréed food. At some point she decided to make it especially difficult and seemed to limit her foods to mainly starches and dairy with the occasional vegetable and protein. It’s become too much, and I’m concerned for her health. Her food selection is limited and probably contains a massive lack of vitamins her growing body needs.

She’s often offered foods at various events, home, and outside of the home, but always refuses. She acts like someone is trying to torment her when they show her something they would like her to try. No, I’m not kidding. We’ve tried various ways to get her to try new things, from helping with the shopping and cooking, to making it a “no pressure” deal. I’ve even done an online course to help picky easters. Nothing has helped.

We’ve recently gotten a referral to various health practitioners including a dietician and speech pathologist to try to make sense of her issues and hopefully improve her response to foods.

I want you to follow us on our journey as we struggle with this picky eater, and hopefully find some answers, and strategies that will work for us, and in turn, maybe you, too!

Wish us luck, or pray for us! We could sure use it!

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One of Those Days…Again

Firstly, the winners have been selected and emailed for the Sipahh Straws Competition! Please check your emails to see if it was you!

Mummy Confession: It has been a long and hard day today. I’m exhausted, my patience is running low, and I just want to sleep. 

Sorry if this seems a little incoherent, but these are indeed the thoughts of an exhausted mother.

Today has been one of those days. There have been no breaks. Obviously, that’s my role as a stay-at-home-mum, but goodness is it exhausting! (As a matter of fact, it has been “one of those days” for nearly months now, but this particular day was especially exhausting.)

From the first eyes opening in the morning, I have heard nothing but whining, whinging, and complaining. I have said, “stop doing that” more times than I can count. Every time I sit down, I am needed elsewhere.

My youngest is going through the whole separation anxiety thing, and it seems extreme. If I so much as put him down, he screams. Even worse if I walk around a corner to try to grab a nappy for change time. I know he will get over it soon. I know he will grow up too fast.

I’ve spent more than half my day listening to white noise trying to calm a baby who is sleep-resistant (although tired and then overtired). As a matter of fact, that’s what I’m doing now.

A majority of my time has also been invested in changing nappies, wiping bottoms, and telling my other children to be kind to each other. I’m a broken record, it seems, because three minutes later they’re at it again. It never ends.

And then there’s the crying, and the screaming. One child is a crier, and at the drop of the hat, the floor is filling with tears over a “just wait please” or “no sweetheart you need to share.” And let’s not talk about the “you need pants on to leave the house.”

I am surrounded by chaos, and surviving on fumes of sleep and Coca Cola. And despite all of this, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I adore my kids, and can’t stop watching them and their crazy antics. The spontaneous musicals that break out as we go about our day. Acting out scenes from life, such as someone they have met with a dog they cannot wait to see again. My baby smiles. He rolls and uniquely crawls across the floor, just moments away from the “four wheel drive” crawling.

So, maybe I’m not just fuelled by lack of sleep and caffeine. Maybe there’s some joy and happiness in the mix, too.

Running the Rainy Day Gaunlet

Mummy Confession: I dread rainy days when I am out. Especially when I’m out with the kids. Especially when it pours when I’m  out with the kids. Especially when I’m stuck without an umbrella when it pours when I’m out with the kids. Three kids.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Story time.

So, it was overcast when I left yesterday morning for Playgroup. No worries at all, I’m fine with a little drizzle and the kids won’t be too fussed. No umbrella needed. Well, this was a bit more than that.

Upon finishing playgroup, I have the kids sort themselves out to go and prepare for the slightly soggy trip back to the car. I waited a little to see if it would pass over, but it appeared my hope for a break in the storm were far fetched. It poured harder. So I waited, and it slowed down a little.

Three, two, one, go! I ran between the cover to another sanctuary from the bucketing. Of course I chose the part where there was a curb, and I had to “jump” my double pram (and how easy that is) onto the footpath (American: sidewalk). Not too much water damage, but the baby’s hood was wet. Thank goodness his outfit had a hood.

We made our way down towards the parking area, a free for all and uncovered zone. This should be interesting. Pulling up my pants (I’m inbetween sizes at the moment), I go as fast as my now soaked ballet flats would allow, and make my way to the car.

I push the boot button (American: trunk), and settle under the cover of that. Opening the wrong door, because we just rearranged the car seats, I give the orders to evacuate the pram and get into the car. One child does this alone, while I grab the other and swing her whining self into the car. Door shut.

Running around to the other side, I quickly release the baby from the carrier and plop bubs into the seat. Baby carrier gets 5 points for a quick release.

Do you know what happened next? The rain stopped.

Fortunately for the kids, our pram has large canopies, so they barely felt a drop. Baby in tow, and in the carrier, was not so lucky, and mama got the brunt of the very large amount of water dumping from the heavens.So maybe this was a lesson in patience. Maybe it was a lesson in hope. Maybe I just needed a good dousing. Next time, I think I should bring an umbrella.

In other news, I got to review how the baby carrier did in the wet and “must-get-this-baby-out-quickly” conditions, and how quickly it dried off. It passed. 😂

Now, I don’t have pictures because who is going to stick around getting drenched taking photos of unhappy children? But I promise you, there will be a review forthcoming for at least the carrier. Feel free to subscribe for email updates to see when that happens!

Sipahh Straws: A Review

Mummy Review: I just got these Sipahh Straws and I may have to hide them from my kids, because I love them!

*Disclosure– The following products were provided, but my review and opinion are my own.

When I first came to Australia, one of the family members I stayed with was in love with these straws, but I had never seen anything like it. I mean, I had seen chocolate powder mixes or syrup even, to add to your drink. I had never heard of people putting the flavour in a straw and just drinking your milk out of it! How fun!

Sipahh, Straws, Sipahh Straws, milk, drink, drinking Straws, yum, tasty, product review, snack
So many flavours!

Well, *Sipahh Straws has done it! And wow, what a variety of flavours! The best part has to be that each straw contains less than 1/2tsp of sugar! This is a little less worry for me as a parent, as I already fret over the sugar intake of the children in this house.

(In comparison to one other unnamed milk drink mix with 8g sugar per serve, Sipahh has 1.8g per serve.)

One of my children is a major milk-a-holic and was literally bouncing up and down when I explained these to her, and she was keen to try every flavour. We settled for a couple. Now, for those of you who have pickier children, I hear you. My eldest is the pickiest I know, and refuses to drink milk, but given these, she has almost warmed up to the idea of trying it. (This is the kid who won’t try anything, but more on that later.) This is an excellent idea for those pickier kids, though.

Sipahh, Straws, Sipahh Straws, drinking, drink, milk, flavoured milk, flavoured milk straws, milk straws, yum, tasty, review, product review
The straw itself has little flavour gems inside, and something on the top and bottom to prevent choking hazards, and to keep the goodness in the straw itself. The milk is flavoured as you drink through the straw, so much easier than measuring out amounts and trying to get it to blend into the drink itself. Each straw has a pre-measured portion, and it’s more than enough for a cup of milk!

Another positive is that they come individually wrapped, so no fretting over a stale taste! They actually made their way into stockings at Christmas this year because of that, and the kids who received them were stoked! So, might I suggest adding them to party bags, Christmas stockings, or any variety of gifts as a little bonus!

Straws, straw, Sipahh, Sipahh Straws, toddler, snack, milk, milk drink, drink, treat, low sugar, product recommendation, product review

Not sure what flavour you love? They have variety packs, or individual flavours for sale, so you can sample and choose the ones you love! In my personal opinion, you can’t go past the chocolate mint. Honestly, these would also be great to drink with a milkshake, or an iced coffee, too, which I will have to try at some point!

Many parents I spoke with love these straws, and their kids do, too! As a matter of fact, one child pounced on these when I was sharing the wonderful flavours with some mums. It was hilarious, and a good indication of how much they are loved by the children who have tried them.

One downside I have to say, is that they do not ship internationally at the moment, so my American friends will be missing out a bit. Hopefully soon their goodness will be available to you!


Little Bellies Snacks: Review

Mummy Review: Little Bellies has a great snack range, and I was excited at the opportunity to provide a review in exchange for some samples. This has no effect on my opinion of the products, and the opinions and recommendations here are my own. Please read my disclosure policy for further information.

Solids, snack, snacks, little Bellies, snack food
So, my Bub has started solids, and along with that bittersweet moment I have discovered some great products that have popped up since my last child! One of these such products is the Little Bellies organic snack range.

These snacks are certified organic, and either low to no added sugar or salt and no artificial nasties! Some even boast the label for gluten and wheat free, which I know is truly helpful for some parents and their children.

I loved discovering these new products, as they remind me of the US Gerber Puffs which my first absolutely loved! I loved the way they would melt while she ate them, and that they were good for babies and children to eat. These Little Bellies snacks do just that!

IMG_3376Suitable for babies from 9 months on, they have a range of crunchy, melt-in-the-mouth snack foods that are an absolute essential for my pantry! Now, onto the specific types! (They do have more in their range than shown here, so check out their other products in your local grocery store!)


Yum, solids, natural, organic, snacks, baby snacks, toddler snacks, certified organic, little Bellies, snack foods
These ones are certified organic, low in sugar & salt, gluten & wheat free and have no artificial nasties. The flavours here are corn and pumpkin.

My Taste Tester wasn’t willing to give the pumpkin ones a go, but loves the corn puff flavour! They’re crunchy and melt easily in your mouth, so great for bubs 9 months and over, even if they don’t have their teeth! These flavours seem the mildest of the lot, so perfect for the younger ones who prefer the blander tastes. My Taste Tester adeed she would prefer them flavoured strawberry. 😂
Yum, solids, natural, organic, snacks, baby snacks, toddler snacks, certified organic, little Bellies, snack foods

Baby Puffs

Yum, solids, natural, organic, snacks, baby snacks, toddler snacks, certified organic, little Bellies, snack foods
These ones are certified organic, low in sugar & salt, gluten & wheat free and have no artificial nasties. The flavours here are blueberry and baked apple cinnamon. (I am aware they also have this in carrot flavour.)

These were a big hit! My Taste Tester absolutely loves the blueberry ones, and enjoys the crunch as she finishes the bag. They also melt quite well afterwards. The blueberry flavour do seem to colour her a bit purple though, so just have a wipe handy so they don’t stain your white top. 😜 I’m a fan of the baked apple cinnamon ones, as they smell and taste delicious! The flavour is very slight, but nice, and the Apple ones don’t have the colouring effect of their purple sidekick.
Yum, solids, natural, organic, snacks, baby snacks, toddler snacks, certified organic, little Bellies, snack foods


Yum, solids, natural, organic, snacks, baby snacks, toddler snacks, certified organic, little Bellies, snack foods
These ones are certified organic, have no added sugar or salt, and have no artificial nasties. The flavours here are banana and berry & apple.

My Taste Tester absolutely loved these! She’s a big fan of popcorn, so these are the perfect alternative! Not only do they have a similar softness, crunch, and melt in the mouth goodness of popcorn, but they have no kernels! My Taste Tester polished off the banana flavour quite rapidly, and munched a little on the berry & apple, which I have to say have a nice flavour. The berry and apple have a slight colouring to them, but I found no issues with them colouring fingers and faces here. The soft corn was also the least messy, and left practically no crumbs when eaten.
Yum, solids, natural, organic, snacks, baby snacks, toddler snacks, certified organic, little Bellies, snack foods

So, overall, my Taste Tester and I were quite impressed with the range of goodies here from Little Bellies, and will definitely have to keep some in our pantry for later!

Little Bellies also has more snacks than just these, so be sure to check them out on your next shopping trip! They have rice cakes,  hoops and loops, and gingerbread men to name a few more. These tasty treats can be found at your local Woolworths or Coles stores either online or in-store.  Go and pick up a pack today!

Don’t forget to enter to win ten packs of these goodies by leaving a comment on the linked post here about your essential for Starting Solids! Feel free to use the entry below, but comment on the linked post, not here 🙂 Competition ends on Sunday!
Yum, solids, natural, organic, snacks, baby snacks, toddler snacks, certified organic, little Bellies, snack foods
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