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Mummy Confession: I love the smell of baby wash fragrances, but my baby’s skin does not. He has super sensitive skin and eczema (and later we found out, allergies)

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My littlest has eczema and various sensitivities which are a result of, it seems, by fragrances and environmental triggers. (After this was written, we did go for some tests and it turns out, he’s also allergic to various food items which would explain reactions to goat’s milk and milk bath products.) Because of this, I have had to switch various products we use in our home to avoid outbreaks and flare ups.

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Cetaphil Baby Wash
Now, in America they have so many choices listed on Amazon for washes in this brand, but over here, it’s just this one I have found. I use Cetaphil Baby Wash on the little one, and it leaves a nice smell, and washes out a bit nicer than others. It’s a clear colour and super easy to squeeze for one-handed bathing (while supporting a baby, it’s a bit fun to manage some washes and hard to get them out)! This has to be my top choice for a wash so far, and he has no reactions with it. Check out the alternative choices, here for other Cetaphil products.

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Aveeno Baby Wash and Moisturising Cream
I love the Aveeno range, and the soothing oatmeal is helpful for itchy skin, especially when bubs has a flare up. (They also make a super nice hand cream for dry skin like mine.) The creamy wash comes out a bit thicker and more challenging than other Baby wash bottles, and it takes a bit to rinse off, but I can see the results on my babies’ skin afterwards, as it leaves him soothed and smelling fresh. The only lotion I have used without a reaction thus far has been the Aveeno Baby Dermexa Moisturising Cream. Like the wash, it seems to soothe my little one’s sensitive and itchy skin, and helps to keep it smooth and soft. Check out the rest of the Aveeno range here.

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Kirkland Free & Clear Ultra Laundry Detergent
When we first suspected baby’s flare ups to be related to fragrances, we had to switch the detergent in which we wash his laundry.¬†I use the Kirkland (Costco brand) equivalent to Tide for our laundry, so I figured I would give their free and clear version a try for bubs (pretty much the same as Tide free and gentle). Since we started using it, I definitely see a lot less eczema outbreaks on his sensitive skin, and can usually tell when something hasn’t been laundered in his detergent. I have to ensure anything he wears is washed in this, in addition to towels he uses, and tops that I may wear when holding him.

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It wouldn’t be a good product recommendation without mentioning a favourite product here, especially for my baby with eczema. The Bonds Wondersuit is everything I need for a baby who scratches¬†his poor little face if given the chance. My bubs still fits into the sizes that include the fold-over mit portion of the Wondersuit. This has been essential to prevent scratches and even more discomfort. When he outgrows the sizes with this awesome feature, he may have to sport some socks on his hands. (See my review of the Bonds wondersuit here.)

I know there are more things we need to try in order to reduce his flare ups drastically, and we are still testing various products to see what works best. I also know there are a lot of choices out there! So far, these are the tried and true ones that work for us! I’m hoping to build an ever growing list here, but check out my Pinterest for more helpful tips and products for sensitive skin.

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