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Sleep Suit Comparison: ErgoPouch vs. Love to Dream

Mummy Confession: For the longest time, I have wanted to try both the ErgoPouch Sleep Suit Bag and the Love to Dream Sleep Suit. Well, I finally did!

Disclosure: I was not sponsored or compensated for my review here in any way, and the following opinions are my own. This post, however contains affiliate links from which I receive commissions for qualifying purchases. See my full disclosure policy for details.

Many Mums often complain about their children kicking off the blankets, and being cold at night. Sleeping Bags are a great option for little ones who do this. They offer the cozy feel of a blanket without needing extra layers. (Side note: The GroEgg is a great tool for determining what tog to use in a sleeping bag/suit and how to dress Baby for sleep). Sleep suits are like the option of sleeping bags, except they offer one difference: legs!

The main feature that stands out with these sleeping options for babies and toddlers is the fact that they have separated (or able to be separated) parts for the legs. So, if baby can stand or walk, they’re an excellent alternative!

Since these two options came out on the market, I have wanted to compare them, and see which one offers the best sleep for my sleep-resistant baby. After buying them, however, I can see that they are very different, and both great, baby products!

ErgoPouch Sleep Suit Bag (left) and Love to Dream Sleep Suit (right)

Size: The Love to Dream Sleepsuit is a size 12-24 month size size and the ErgoPouch Sleepsuit Bag is a size 8-24 months. They have been purchased for a child who is around 11Kg and over 75cm tall. He is currently in 12-18 month size clothing.

The Love to Dream Sleep Suit is available in sizes 6-12 months, 12-24 months, 24-36 months, and 36-48 months.

The ErgoPouch Sleepsuit Bag is available in sizes 2-12 months, 8-24 months, 2-4 years and 4-6 years sizes.

Length: Compare: They are generally a longer size to accommodate a range of ages. These suits are supposed to go to around a typical 24 month size.

As you can see, the Ergopouch sleep suit is longer. It is really good for those nighttime chills, but I was keen to get it off in the morning, because of the length (and it’s not quite pyjamas.) It will definitely last for a fair while, as my child’s legs may reach about halfway.

The Love to Dream sleep suit offers the ability to open the legs, and give longer use after the child has outgrown the suit. The design is more similar to a bodysuit or zipper pyjamas, and for a child who fits it better, is probably perfect for just wearing around in the morning as well as at night.

Material: Compare: Both are quality material, and they are made of mainly cotton for a soft feel and sensitive skin. They are both made in a way that allows for baby to not get overheated. Both of the sleep suits are 2.5 Tog Rating,

The Ergopouch Sleepsuit Bag Material

The ErgoPouch sleep suit bag is mainly cotton with a little elastane for the sides to stretch. Great for a baby with sensitive skin! It really feels quality, and I love the quilted like look that seems to keep baby warm. The ErgoPouch is available in different togs, so good for different weather.

The Love to Dream Sleep Suit Material

The Love to Dream Sleep Suit is 100% cotton with polyester filling and polyester mesh under the arms. It is quilted everywhere except the chest, to reduce overheating. I love the quilted feel, and it truly is cozy! The Love to Dream only comes in the 2.5tog (so far), but 2.5tog is good for a variety of seasons.

The Zippers &Buttons: Compare: One suit has three Zippers and a snap button, and one has just one zipper.


The ErgoPouch Sleep Suit Bag has three Zippers. The top zipper goes halfway from bottom to top. The other two give you the option to make it a sleeping bag or a sleep suit with two separated legs. The material at the top covers the zip, and it is secured with a snap button.

The Love to Dream Sleep Suit has one zipper that goes all the way from the top to the bottom. There is fabric to cover it along the top, and the fabric at the bottom allows you  tuck the zipper safely away. One zipper means less to deal with!

Sleeves: Compare: Both the suits are long sleeved which is a draw for me, as Baby often gets cold in the middle of the night.

The ErgoPouch Sleep Suit Bag has cotton-elastane arms which is different to the more heavy material of the suit, and the hands flip over, which is a giant plus. My little one scratches a lot, and this reduces the damage he can do with those little nails. He has managed to escape them though, so it’s not baby proof.
The Love to Dream Sleep suit has a cotton chest and arms with little polyester mesh under the armpits to help control temperature. This differs to the quilted material of the rest of the suit. The sleeves don’t fold over (at least not on this particular size), so we need to opt for socks over babe’s hands to keep him from scratching.

The Legs: Compare: They both have (the ability to) separate legs. They both have (the ability to create) enclosed feet and have treads on the sole of the sleep suit.

The ErgoPouch sleep suit offers the ability to be used as a sleeping bag, or to zip the legs separate. They are very roomy and baggy, with a fairly generous length for each leg.

If your child prefers a more snug feeling around their legs, the Love to Dream Sleep suit is more fitted around the bottoms of the legs, and the rest is quite roomy. It is similar to a bodysuit, with a lot more space besides the slightly fitted legs. The bottoms of the feet allow for you to flip the fabric over the foot to create a covering as well.


Mummy Confessions Scale for Sleeping Bags

ErgoPouch Sleepsuit Bag

Easy to put on: 4/5 – The sleeping bag configuration is easy to get on, regardless of the half zip. The sleep suit is a little harder, as I need to convince my child to put his feet on separate sides.
Stays on: 5/5 – No gaps or too big of space that makes it dangerous for sleep.
Easy to change baby in:4/5 – In sleeping bag mode, it is super simple, just needing to undo one zip, but if you have the legs, you need to unzip two Zippers.
Easy to take off: 4/5 – Quite easy. The sleeves make it a little more difficult, but not much, as they stretch!
Appropriate thickness for seasons available: 5/5 – They offer 3 options from 1.0tog to 3.5tog which have corresponding sleeve lengths.
Baby likes it? Loves it! He does get a little tripped up and frustrated since he is still small for it, but he has had better sleep with it.
Material: 5/5 – Great quality and warm!
Sizing: 5/5 – The selection for age ranges are great! I love that it goes up to size 6!

Love to Dream SleepSuit:
Easy to put on:4/5 – Sleeves always make it slightly fun, but otherwise, the full zip makes it easy to get on. Getting the zipper at the top cns be challenging with a wiggly baby.
Stays on: 4/5- Bubs would keep slipping his feet out of the legs and getting frustrated. Otherwise, if I folded the legs out, he was fine.
Easy to change baby in: 5/5 – the fact that the zipper goes from top to bottom means only one zip to deal with and no disturbing baby and trinf to wrestle everything back on!
Easy to take off: 5/5 – no issues at all!
Appropriate thickness for seasons available: 1/5- As far as I can tell, it is only available in 2.5tog which is a good middle range, but it’s the only option. This may be because it has just come on recently.
Baby likes it? He was excited to get it on, but frustrated with the legs if folded over, so we opted for rolling them up and using with socks until he fits it better.
Material: 5/5 – Love the quilting! Love the mesh under the armpits!
Sizing: 4/5 – The 4 sizes is a good range. Up to the age of four.

As far as choosing between them, I can honestly say that they are two different styles, so both great for babies and toddlers, as far as recommending goes, here is what I would say:

Ergopouch Sleep Suit Bag: The Ergopouch is great and plush. It comes in various togs, and the 2.5tog is a great middle (not too warm, not too thin) for autumn and early winter, or if you keep the house 20 degrees or so. You can obviously layer according to the temperature regardless, or choose a heavier or lighter tog, since the range is available. I would choose the Ergopouch for a baby or toddler who likes the feeling of a plush blanket or Doona, or prefers a little more room around their feet. If you need mittens, this has those to cover little hands and add that extra warmth (or protection from scratching). You can use it as a sleeping bag or sleep suit, and it is easy to do a nappy change in the middle of the night without too much disruption.

Love to Dream Sleep Suit: The Love to Dream is quilted and thinner feeling, but still warm and cozy. The one zipper means not too much fuss, and the top to bottom zip means no disrupting baby or toddler in the night to change. The feet flip over for extra warmth, and that means it can possibly be used longer, because the feet can be removed in that way. It’s snug around the feet and bottom of the legs and doesn’t feel like a blanket that bub may wish to kick around. The mesh under the armpits and different fabric around the chest helps for keeping baby or toddler from getting too hot. The pyjama-like design of the Love to Dream Sleep Suit means your child shouldn’t be too fussed to keep it on for a little while in the morning if needed. It resembles an oversized coverall jumpsuit.

I hope this comparison has helped show you the differences between these two very different Sleep Suits! Let me know if it has helped you choose or if you have gone out and bought one because of this review, too! I would love to know that I have helped in some way!

Great Apps for Baby Development

Mummy Confession: When I was a new mum especially, I was always curious to keep up with what skills my baby was developing. I often felt the need to see their progress and keep track of their milestones.

Disclosure: This post is not sponsored by any of the following companies or apps and is purely my honest opinion. This post contains affiliate links.

Now, hear me out, not every baby develops the same skills at the same time. Just like every child isn’t the same height, weight, or build, development varies from baby to baby. But, I like the reassurance of seeing how my child was coming along with milestones, as any mum would. I also like seeing what sort of activities help in their age group as well.

There are three great Apps that help mum to keep up with skills and developmental milestones that coincide with the age of their baby, toddler, and child. Below, I have outlined a few that have come in handy for me as a mother.

Many baby websites offer newsletters as well to help keep track of baby’s development and various things to expect as they grow. Some of these are  listed here with my Pregnancy and Parenting Communities  post.

The Wonder Weeks

The Wonder Weeks app has some great information on development and fussy periods

Each baby has times where they seem to be more sleepless, fussy, and all around grouchy, and I have found a lot of the time, it is because they are going through developmental leaps. The Wonder Weeks app is based on a book written about this. It allows you to enter your baby’s due date and it predicts when these “leaps” occur. So much is happening in their little world that you can’t see, and this helps me to be aware of what my baby could possibly be working on, or trying to figure out. As stated in the app, though, every baby isn’t doing everything listed by those time frames, but it is a great guide as you look out for things they are achieving!

You can also set up an alert to let you know when baby is entering a fussy stage, so maybe you will be that one step ahead, being prepared.

Download Wonder Weeks here:
United States
United Kindgom


So many places to keep track of various baby things!

Do you like writing down what your bubs is up to?  Keep track of medications, immunisations, feedings, diaper changes, sleep, teeth, and more. Digitally store tons of developmental and growth information as well as photos and videos. Keep track of one child or more, and a daily bit of information on their age group.

If you want to have is information saved for a hard copy scrapbook later, get this app. It is so helpful when you feel like there is no time to write anything down. Plus, there are great communities online to ask your parenting and baby questions (and Baby Bump, their sister app, has one as well).

Download Kidfolio here:

United States
United Kingdom



Kinedu is a great resource for developmental activities!

I just got this one, but I’m already impressed! This one offers an evaluation of baby’s skills and development and helps with some activities to develop their skills.

It has videos that show how to do certain activities with your baby to aid development, and has in-app purchases for further things. It also offers articles on baby’s development. You can opt in for various categories to receive information and activities for children through the age of two. There is so much I haven’t seen yet, so I will need to check it out more before I can write about it, but I was impressed already in the short time I’ve had it!

Download Kinedu here:
United States
United Kingdom

I hope these come in handy like they have with me!

What apps have you found to be useful as a parent, or helpful for baby’s first years or after?

The Gro Company: GroBag & GroEgg ~ A Review and Overview

Mummy Review: I’m a light sleeper. My babies tend to be ones who roll around endlessly during their sleep hours, making it fun for anyone to keep them sleeping. We had the chance to try the Grobag and GroEgg together, and I’m hoping we’ve turned a corner in a bit more settled and easy sleep, as well as keeping with safe sleeping guidelines.

*Disclosure: I was gifted the Gro Bag and Gro Egg in exchange for my honest review and opinion. This in no way effects what I have written or think about these products. They have also answered a few questions about their products that I had asked below.

As you may have read, we have co-slept in the past, but as the littlest is now all over the place, he can no longer safely be in my bed. I needed to find a way for my baby to sleep safely and soundly throughout the night. When I was given the chance to review the GroBag and GroEgg, I jumped at the opportunity, as I hoped it would bring more sleep for me and for baby!

Enter the Gro Egg and the Gro Bag.

GroBag, GroCompany, tog, sleeping, sleeping bag, bag, baby products, toddler products, sleep products, product Review, product overview, sleep safe, sleep guidelines, bedtime, better sleep, quality products, Gro, GroEgg, Gro egg, egg, temperature
The GroEgg- A Thermometer & Night Light


The GroEgg is a nursery thermometer which changes colour to indicate temperature, and displays the temperature digitally as well. It comes with a guide as well on how to dress Baby according to the temperature an indicates ideal temperatures. This takes the guesswork out of wondering if baby is too hot or cold! It doubles as a nightlight!
The GroEgg is meant to be used alongside the GroBag, another Gro Company product, as the various togs of sleeping bags are tailored to various temperatures, and alongside to layers in accordance with temperature guidelines. There is a handy guide in the pamphlet as well as on their website for further help.

I found the temperature to be accurate, and have no complaints, as it did display properly as well as change colour according to the temperature. I found it great as a nightlight as well as the fact that I didn’t have to turn a light on in order to read the temperature (or even enter the room). I could just go by the colour displayed and adjust the temperature accordingly.

GroBag, GroCompany, tog, sleeping, sleeping bag, bag, baby products, toddler products, sleep products, product Review, product overview, sleep safe, sleep guidelines, bedtime, better sleep, quality products, Gro, GroEgg, Gro egg, egg, temperature

As well as the pamphlet inside that talks about the GroEgg, the Egg itself has the colour coding (which are logical choices for colours if you think about it) so you can tell what the range in which the temperature lies, and whether you need to alter it.

The GroEgg is powered by plugging it into an outlet. This does mean cords, and you obviously need to ensure you safely put it out of children’s curious reach. The plug, however, is not attached permenantly, but is removeable from the back. I would love if they offered a cordless option, but from my own experience with rechargeable cordless products, they can’t usually go all night without having to be recharged again anyways.

The GroEgg also comes with cute covers as well, if you prefer the look over just the egg shape. This is definitely a bonus if you are looking for something a little more like an animal shape.

GroBag, GroCompany, tog, sleeping, sleeping bag, bag, baby products, toddler products, sleep products, product Review, product overview, sleep safe, sleep guidelines, bedtime, better sleep, quality products, Gro
2.5tog GroBag in a 6-18 months size


Upon taking this out of the packaging, I can feel this is made of quality material. The tog thickness is 2.5, so not too thin, but not too thick. Great for the autumn season. It also comes with a thermometer for the 0-6 months and 6-18 months sizes, and information of how to dress your child according to the temperature. So, if you don’t happen to have a GroEgg, you do have this thermometer. Though, it’s far easier to read the GroEgg, especially in the dark.

GroBag, GroCompany, tog, sleeping, sleeping bag, bag, baby products, toddler products, sleep products, product Review, product overview, sleep safe, sleep guidelines, bedtime, better sleep, quality products, Gro
Guidelines for how to dress Baby for sleep on the back of the thermometer

The great this about this sleeping bag is that there is no need to use blankets or wonder if baby is warm enough. There is no frustration about your child kicking off the covers and being cold either.

In our experience with it, the sizing was quite generous, and the 6-18 month size fit my child who is in a size 1 as well as my child in a size 2 (but just barely). It helped a lot to regulate the temperature and baby slept a bit deeper because of it. When bub wasn’t teething, he slept very well through the night with minimal wake-ups which was refreshing for everyone! Even my other child loved how it kept her warm and cozy.

GroBag, GroCompany, tog, sleeping, sleeping bag, bag, baby products, toddler products, sleep products, product Review, product overview, sleep safe, sleep guidelines, bedtime, better sleep, quality products, Gro

Our house was around 19-20 degrees at 2.5tog GroBag we needed a long sleeve shirt/onesie along with the GroBag itself. This did exceptionally well, and my baby had some nice sleeps. We have liked the GroBag so far, and are hoping in time, it will be a good part of his nighttime routine to indicate that it is time for sleep.

GroBag, GroCompany, tog, sleeping, sleeping bag, bag, baby products, toddler products, sleep products, product Review, product overview, sleep safe, sleep guidelines, bedtime, better sleep, quality products, Gro
Adorable patterns available, like this one!

The Pattern– I absolutely love this adorable print, and I believe it is fairly unisex. The hot air balloons and animals is a clever print, and both me and my children were fans.

GroBag, GroCompany, tog, sleeping, sleeping bag, bag, baby products, toddler products, sleep products, product Review, product overview, sleep safe, sleep guidelines, bedtime, better sleep, quality products, Gro

The Zippers– The GroBag has two zippers. It zips from top to bottom, not bottom to top like most baby products I’m used to! This means no pokey zipper bits on baby’s face! It also makes it easy to change. The second zipper at the bottom allows for you to have minimal opening when strapping a belt through when baby is in the pram.

GroBag, GroCompany, tog, sleeping, sleeping bag, bag, baby products, toddler products, sleep products, product Review, product overview, sleep safe, sleep guidelines, bedtime, better sleep, quality products, Gro

Belt Hole in Back– A small slit which you can easily lace a pram belt through! Minimal opening, so less disturbing for a possibly sleeping bub! It velcros shut, so it’s not an issue when not in use as well.

GroBag, GroCompany, tog, sleeping, sleeping bag, bag, baby products, toddler products, sleep products, product Review, product overview, sleep safe, sleep guidelines, bedtime, better sleep, quality products, Gro

Buttons at the bottom– To keep the zippers covered from prying fingers, or just out of the way, there is a little piece of fabric and some buttons to cover them.

GroBag, GroCompany, tog, sleeping, sleeping bag, bag, baby products, toddler products, sleep products, product Review, product overview, sleep safe, sleep guidelines, bedtime, better sleep, quality products, Gro

Sleeveless Design– while I first thought, “why sleeveless when it’s more a transitional or winter suit?” It makes sense so that bub doesn’t overheat. You can layer their Grosuit or other clothing according to their guide on how to dress Baby. You can see the full answer to my question here.

GroBag, GroCompany, tog, sleeping, sleeping bag, bag, baby products, toddler products, sleep products, product Review, product overview, sleep safe, sleep guidelines, bedtime, better sleep, quality products, Gro

Sizing– The size ranges for the GroBag is 0-6 months, 6-18 months, and 18-36 months. While the sizing may sound a bit ridiculous, it works well. My tall baby fits the 6-18 month size, and so does my middle child (who is a tiny thing way over 18 months). The sizing is generous, which is great, and means you have it last longer! (They even have a 3-6 and 6-10 year GroBag, but it isn’t currently in stock at the moment!)

Mummy Confessions Scale for Sleeping Bags-

Easy to put on: 4/5 – With a baby who just wants to go, it does get a tad difficult, but just because you need to get the zipper together at the top.
Stays on: 5/5
Easy to change baby in: 5/5 – The two zippers make it super easy!
Easy to take off: 5/5 – So simple!
Appropriate thickness for seasons available: 5/5 – They offer options from .2tog to 3.5tog
Baby likes it? So-so. He’s not a fan of sleep.
Material: 5/5 – Great breathable material, not too heavy,  but warm!
Sizing: 5/5 – The three size ranges are great, offering choice for various sized children…especially cool that they have up to a size 10 once stock is back!

Overall Rating of Gro Bag: I definitely rate this 5/5 overall, as all of the options for this Sleeping Bag definitely mean there is one out that that should work for your baby (if they like sleeping bags)!
GroBag, GroCompany, tog, sleeping, sleeping bag, bag, baby products, toddler products, sleep products, product Review, product overview, sleep safe, sleep guidelines, bedtime, better sleep, quality products, Gro

Questions I asked The Gro Company:

Why does the GroBag have a sleeveless design?
We believe that Baby Sleep Bags should be sleeveless to aid heat loss and air circulation. (Babies sleeping under traditional blankets rarely sleep with their arms inside). The new British Standard also stipulates that Baby Sleep Bags should be “without sleeves or hoods”. In cooler weather, we recommend long-sleeve bodysuits, in addition to a long-sleeved pyjama top, pyjamas or a sleepsuit.

What else can I use with the GroBag and GroEgg?
You should use your Grobag instead of blankets and sheets. The only other bedding required is a bottom sheet. Grobags are designed to replace blankets and sheets. They come in three tog (warmth) ratings for your individual baby and the temperature of your baby’s sleeping place. Duvets, quilts and pillows should not be used for babies under 1 year old and never with a Baby Sleep Bag. The Lullaby Trust recommend that the safest place for your baby to sleep is in a cot or crib in your room for the first six months. Important: never use your Grobag Baby Sleep Bag with a duvet or quilt.

· Gro-Suit– The Gro-suit is intended for use with a Grobag in cold weather or in room temperatures of 18°C or under. They are most suited to be used with a 2.5 tog or 3.5 tog Grobag.
If your room is under 16°C and you’re using a 2.5 tog Grobag you should add a vest underneath your Gro-suit. However, if you’re using a 3.5 tog Grobag you only need to use the Gro-suit underneath.
If your room is under 14°C you should ideally look to increase the temperature of the room, or use a 3.5 tog Grobag, with Gro-suit and vest.
· Gro Friends (Please remove from a sleeping baby. Soft toys should not be left in a babies cot)
· Gro Egg Shell
· Gro Muslins
· Gro Light
· Gro Anywhere Blind

Which tog do you recommend for which seasons (or where can I find that information)?
We recommend choosing the tog per temperature of the Nursery which is how our Grobags work hand in hand with our Groegg Nursery thermometer product.

We then have our What to Wear Guide available on our website for further assistance on how to dress your little one during sleep.

You can find further information about the Gro Company and their range of products at http://au.gro-store.com

GroBag, GroCompany, tog, sleeping, sleeping bag, bag, baby products, toddler products, sleep products, product Review, product overview, sleep safe, sleep guidelines, bedtime, better sleep, quality products, Gro

So Many Swaddles: A Summary of Swaddles and Swaddling

Mummy Confession: I admit, I hate how the swaddle appears, and the pictures of babies in swaddles sometimes look downright weird. However, they are a lifesaver for many parents as far as sleep is concerned.

Swaddle, swaddles, love to Dream, zip up, swaddle options
So many options, how do I choose?

*Disclosure: I was not given any of the following products, and am not affiliated with, sponsored by, or writing on behalf of any of the following companies, and this is my honest review and opinion. This blog, however contains affiliate links to Amazon.

Swaddling. The word alone provokes a picture in my mind of baby Jesus in a manger, wrapped up in cloths. Nowadays, there is a much wider variety of options when it comes to swaddling. You can go for the old-fashioned method with a muslin wrap, or use one of the other many options for easier swaddling.

Why do parents swaddle babies? It’s called the startle, or Moro, reflex^. When babies are fresh out of the womb, they “jump” at the sound of things (and sometimes at no sounds, they just do), causing their arms to go flailing. This wakes up baby, and causes mum, dad, or whomever is watching bubs to soothe, resettle, and pray baby goes back to sleep. This makes for disrupted sleep for everyone. Not fun.

So, a swaddle stifles the ability for baby to move their arms suddenly and wake themselves up. It looks confining and maybe uncomfortable, but most babies take comfort in the snug wrap. This is not the case for all babies, but most, especially when they are overtired, are calmed much quicker with swaddling. This was definitely the case with most of the times when my babies were fussing and just could not calm themselves down.

In addition to other ways available to settle babies down, and help them to stay asleep, swaddles are a great option, and there is just so much available now, how do you choose?

I’ve found they all fall within these categories (feel free to click or scroll through the categories), and have done my best to briefly talk about how they differ, as well as provide pictures and brands that would classify in the specific options.

Blanket/Muslin Swaddling

Zip Up Swaddles

1. Arms Free Within Swaddle

2. Arms Up

3. Arms Down

Velcro Swaddles

Transitional Swaddles

Alternative Swaddle Options



Blanket/Muslin Swaddling:

This is just the typical swaddling, and can be done with any blanket or muslin wrap that is large enough for the baby. It’s versitile, and you can wrap baby snugly with their arms up or down by their sides. Just be sure not to make it too tight, especially around the hips. Muslin wraps are generally better I’ve found to use, because the material is more breathable, and easier to manoeuvre. Always be sure to follow the safe sleeping guidelines when swaddling your baby, and place baby on their back.

Another alternative to blanke/muslin swaddling is the Gro-swaddle which has an extra bit at the bottom to make it easier to wrap Baby up snugly.

Zip Up Swaddles: These come in a large variety of brands, but I’ve found these completely lifesaving as a mother and non-expert in swaddling. They are sized by weight or height, so you get the proper size for your baby, so it is just the right snug-ness for bubby. These come in different categories which I explain below.

1. Zip up with arms free within the swaddle- Several brands have this basic style, just helping to stifle the startle reflex and keep baby snug and warm to sleep. My favourite brand within this category is the Ergobaby Cocoon. Ergo also makes the “ErgoPouch” which is a sleeping bag and swaddle in one. It has varying togs (different thicknesses for varying seasons), so great for warmer or cooler weather depending on the tog.

2. Zip up with arms up– Allowing baby to soothe themselves with their hands, the arms up version by Love to Dream is an excellent swaddle recommended by many mums (myself included). This comes in various thicknesses, and they even offer transitional swaddles. Yes, they look funny, but honestly, this was the best option for us with one of the children, as she could soothe herself and her startle reflex couldn’t wake her.

Swaddle, love to Dream, zip up, swaddling, baby, baby products
Love to Dream Swaddle

3.Zip up with arms down– If your baby prefers their arms to be down when sleeping or swaddled, this is probably a great option for you. The Swaddlepod is a good version of this type of swaddle. Other brands do this, including store brands such as Kmart or Target. This is probably the most common. Just be sure to purchase that isn’t too tight around the hips.

Velcro Swaddles: These swaddles take a step out of trying to wrestle a blanket around Baby and make it just as easy as tucking arms in and securing them. Some brands thatmake these are Swaddleme and Halo sleep sack.

Transitional Swaddles: 

Some of the swaddles above have transitional options, for when you are trying to transition out of swaddles. These can be either to transition to a sleeping bag style, or just out of swaddles

The Not Quite Swaddles, but great options:

Sleepy Wings: This arms only option is good for if you just need something for bub’s arms, or something that will hold a pacifier. The pacifier easily tucks into the spots on the top bit of the swaddle wings. You can choose to put arms up or down as well. They also have other amazing options for transitional wings, or just sleeves that cover little hands.
Find Sleepy Wings here.

Sleepy wings, sleep, swaddle, swaddle sack, swaddle wings
Photo Credit: SleepyWings.com.au

Sleepy Bub: There are two great options here with Sleepy Bub. A onesie that you can zip the arms down, or a sleeping bag where you can zip arms down. The hands are able to be covered as well. This is great for all the babies who seem to get out of everything else!
Find Sleepy Bub here.

Sleepy Bub, zip swaddle, onesie zip, zip arms onesie, arms zip down
Photo Credit: Sleepybub.com.au


Which of these options works for you? Or, do you have a baby who wasn’t keen on swaddling? I love that there are so many options out there now, to see what would work best.

^ http://www.whattoexpect.com/baby-behavior/newborn-reflexes.aspx

My Kmart Mini Haul for under $20!

Mummy Confession: I went in to Kmart to look for thermal wear for our future trip to the snow, and I bought other things (in addition to thermal wear)

*Disclaimer: This is not sponsored, affiliate or otherwise promoted by Kmart in any way, and is my totally honest opinion and recommendation

In preparation for our upcoming family holiday, I went to Kmart to check out their winter clothing situation. Maybe that was my first mistake? We all know Kmart lures in deal-seeking mothers and then they lose the plot when they see all the bargains on offer!

It’s always a bad (or great) idea for me to venture into the Baby section. Usually I just check things out, but this time, I found some truly great products that I wanted to share with you! Why? Because, they are a great bargain, and I love saving money!

My youngest has started solids in the last months, and let’s just say all of the bowls, plates, and utensils have done their rounds. I wanted to get some decent, yet not too pricey, replacements. Plus, I will be needing more as one more child to serve or preferably unbreakable dinnerware. Here are some of the deals I found for under $20 total!

Smock Bibs: $5- Rather than bubs covering himself in his dinner, a two pack of these bibs is just $5! They are plastic on the front and have the long sleeves to keep arms clean, too! My only issue is that they only come in one size. They probably won’t fit my baby in a couple more months, as he is gigantic. Saying that, I’m sure they have art smocks for bigger kids in store somewhere. Right? Because Kmart has everything.

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2 Nonslip Plates: $3- With that price, I wanted to buy more, but I just got some to try out. They’re great and don’t slip around on the table! Other brands would be so much more pricey, so I just thought this was too good to pass up! They aren’t completely flat either, so good for my Starting Solids bubba! One thing that would have been awesome as well is if they made a divided plate with the non slip on the bottom, too!

Kmart, deals, bargains, savings, starting solids, baby products, toddler products, product recommendation

2 Nonslip Bowls: $3- Again, bargain alert! Such a great find, and deeper than the plate (obviously), I had to try these as well. They have the little non slip bit on the bottom as well, and, again, excellent for my toddler insisting on eating her milk and cereal all by herself!

Kmart, deals, bargains, savings, starting solids, baby products, toddler products, product recommendation

20 Piece Disposable Feeding Set: $6- Included in this set are 4 sippy cups with lids, 4 bowls with lids, and 4 snack pots with lids, as well as 4 spoons and 4 sporks (so the total number DOESN’T include kids.) This is a great little set for starting off, especially as we don’t use a lot of food in one go. I love the disposable option, as you don’t feel as guilty recycling a well used product since it didn’t cost as much. It’s a great option to have in the car or nappy bag, too for a “just in case” moment! At the price, they are also slightly cheaper than the alternative. Though, neither brand of the sippy cups would I deem “spill proof.” So if you want spill proof, check out my overview of sippy cups, including some better options.

Kmart, deals, bargains, savings, starting solids, baby products, toddler products, product recommendation

They have so much more on offer, but this is all I needed for now, so I had to practise self-control. So, if you are in need of replacing or adding to your plastic wear for toddlers and babies, Kmart is definitely the place to check out first! I love seeing all theyhave on offer, and their Stock is always changing, so you are bound to find something new and great nearly every time you visit!