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Meal Plan Monday: Week #7

Another yummy week ahead, and I am really enjoying finding and collaborating with some great Food Bloggers! Check out these tasty recipes this week! Feel free to share, and tag #CookingwithMPM if you do cook these! I would love to see how you plate these delicious dishes!

Now, I know I’ve asked repeatedly, but if you have any recipes you want featured, feel free to contact me and show off your yummy meal! We could all use some inspiration at times!

This week, I’m featuring recipes from My Gluten Free Miami, Easy Peasy Foodie, Bites of Flavor, Family Capers, Good Food Week, Miss Food Fairy, and Kidgredients! Be sure to check out their pages for even more great recipes!

In case you’ve missed any of the weeks before, be sure to check out Weeks weeks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6!

So here’s this week!

Monday: One Pot Creamy Smoked Salmon Penne from Miss Food Fairy

One Pot Creamy Smoked Salmon Penne from Miss Food Fairy

Tuesday: Gluten free Philly Cheesesteak Burger from My Gluten Free Miami

Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Burger; Photo Credit: My Gluten Free Miami

Wednesday: Butternut Squash, Cauliflower and Red Lentil Dahl from Easy Peasy Foodie

Butternut Squash, Cauliflower, and Red Lentil Dahl; Photo Credit: Easy Peasy Foodie

Thursday: Lasagna Stuffed Chicken from Bites of Flavor

Lasagna Stuffed Chicken; Photo Credit: Bites of Flavor

Friday: Slow Cooker Beef and Noodles from Family Capers

Slow Cooker Beef and Noodles; Photo Credit: Family Capers

Saturday: Lamb and Havarti Gozleme from Good Food Week

Lamb and Havarti Gozleme; Photo Credit: Good Food Week

Sunday: Slow Cooker Pineapple and Lime Pulled Pork from Kidgredients

Pineapple and Lime Pulled Pork; Photo Credit: Kidgredients


Great Apps for Baby Development

Mummy Confession: When I was a new mum especially, I was always curious to keep up with what skills my baby was developing. I often felt the need to see their progress and keep track of their milestones.

Disclosure: This post is not sponsored by any of the following companies or apps and is purely my honest opinion. This post contains affiliate links.

Now, hear me out, not every baby develops the same skills at the same time. Just like every child isn’t the same height, weight, or build, development varies from baby to baby. But, I like the reassurance of seeing how my child was coming along with milestones, as any mum would. I also like seeing what sort of activities help in their age group as well.

There are three great Apps that help mum to keep up with skills and developmental milestones that coincide with the age of their baby, toddler, and child. Below, I have outlined a few that have come in handy for me as a mother.

Many baby websites offer newsletters as well to help keep track of baby’s development and various things to expect as they grow. Some of these are  listed here with my Pregnancy and Parenting Communities  post.

The Wonder Weeks

The Wonder Weeks app has some great information on development and fussy periods

Each baby has times where they seem to be more sleepless, fussy, and all around grouchy, and I have found a lot of the time, it is because they are going through developmental leaps. The Wonder Weeks app is based on a book written about this. It allows you to enter your baby’s due date and it predicts when these “leaps” occur. So much is happening in their little world that you can’t see, and this helps me to be aware of what my baby could possibly be working on, or trying to figure out. As stated in the app, though, every baby isn’t doing everything listed by those time frames, but it is a great guide as you look out for things they are achieving!

You can also set up an alert to let you know when baby is entering a fussy stage, so maybe you will be that one step ahead, being prepared.

Download Wonder Weeks here:
United States
United Kindgom


So many places to keep track of various baby things!

Do you like writing down what your bubs is up to?  Keep track of medications, immunisations, feedings, diaper changes, sleep, teeth, and more. Digitally store tons of developmental and growth information as well as photos and videos. Keep track of one child or more, and a daily bit of information on their age group.

If you want to have is information saved for a hard copy scrapbook later, get this app. It is so helpful when you feel like there is no time to write anything down. Plus, there are great communities online to ask your parenting and baby questions (and Baby Bump, their sister app, has one as well).

Download Kidfolio here:

United States
United Kingdom



Kinedu is a great resource for developmental activities!

I just got this one, but I’m already impressed! This one offers an evaluation of baby’s skills and development and helps with some activities to develop their skills.

It has videos that show how to do certain activities with your baby to aid development, and has in-app purchases for further things. It also offers articles on baby’s development. You can opt in for various categories to receive information and activities for children through the age of two. There is so much I haven’t seen yet, so I will need to check it out more before I can write about it, but I was impressed already in the short time I’ve had it!

Download Kinedu here:
United States
United Kingdom

I hope these come in handy like they have with me!

What apps have you found to be useful as a parent, or helpful for baby’s first years or after?

Meal Plan Monday: Week #5

It’s week #5 of Meal Plan Monday and I hope you have been getting some tasty additions to your family’s menu for the week! Remember that we are always on the lookout for recipes to feature here, so if you have anything, feel free to submit one with the contact form, or send me an email at MummyConfessions@hotmail.com

If you’ve missed any of the past weeks, check them out here
(Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, and Week 4)

This week some yummy ideas from Kidgredients, The Butterfly Mother, Easy Peasy Foodie and Good Food Week!

Be sure to tag #CookingwithMPM if you share your food photos on social media, so we can see how delicious it all looks on your plate! Without further ado, here’s this week’s recipes! Have a lovely week and feel free to share and subscribe!

Monday: Pork and Sweet Potato Chilli Con Carne from Easy Peasy Foodie

Meal, food, family meal, meal plan, plan
Prom and Sweet Potato Chilli Con Carne; Photo Credit: Easy Peasy Foodie

Tuesday: (Almost) Macaroni Cheese from The Butterfly Mother

Meal, food, family meal, meal plan, plan
Almost Macaroni Cheese; Photo Credit: The Butterfly Mother

Wednesday: Beef Rissoles from Kidgredients

Meal, food, family meal, meal plan, plan
Beef Rissoles; Photo Credit: Kidgredients

Thursday: Chicken Cutlet Sheet Pan Dinner from Good Food Week

Meal, food, family meal, meal plan, plan
Chicken Cutlet Sheet Pan Dinner; Photo Credit: Good Food Week

Friday: Trout with Freekah, Silverbeet, and Pine Nuts from Good Food Week

Meal, food, family meal, meal plan, plan
Trout with Freekah, Silverbeet and Pine Nuts ;Photo Credit: Good Food Week

Saturday: Beef and Ale Stew with Dumplings from Easy Peasy Foodie

Meal, food, family meal, meal plan, plan
Beef and Ale Stew with Dumplings; Photo Credit: Easy Peasy Foodie

Sunday: Cuban Lamb Chops with Sweet Potato and Black Bean Salad from Good Food Week

Meal, food, family meal, meal plan, plan
Cuban Lamb Chops with Sweet Potato; Photo Credit: Good Food Week


Hope you enjoy  joy all of your meals this week! Yum!

If you need any other ideas, or recipes and ingredients delivered to your door, check our Marley Spoon! Click through here for a $35 off coupon!

(This is an affiliate link and I may earn commissions for eligible purchases through here.)

Meal Plan Monday: Week #4

We’re into week four of meal planning, and I haven’t been great at it, but I’m getting better! I’m loving the ideas and recipes from all of the lovely Bloggers, and hope you are, too! Be sure to subscribe to updates to get an email when a new Week is posted! In case you’ve missed them, be sure to check out Weeks 1, 2, and 3 for further inspiration!

This week, we have some great recipes from Sweet Tea Baby Brie, Family Capers, Strength and Sunshine, and Kidgredients! Yum!

If you are cooking and loving the ideas here, feel free to use the tag #CookingwithMPM on social media, so we can see how great your dishes turn out! And, if you would like to submit any recipes to be featured, let me know by filling out the form here, or sending an email!

kidgredients, ebook, book, meals, lunches, lunch, lunch box, lunchbox, kids, school, ideas, snacks
Get some more ideas for the kids’ lunches! Photo Credit: Kidgredients

Need help with lunch boxes for the kids? Kidgredients Guide to Awesome Lunches, an ebook by Kidgredients has some great helps, tips, and recipes for lunches.* I also recommend browsing through her week of lunch boxes series! I have heard recently that packing a lunch for the ones at home is a great idea as well, so you have something quick to grab as the day goes!

Monday: Simple Salmon Fillet

Meal, food, family meal, meal plan, plan
Slow Cooker Chicken Sofrito (Photo Credit: StrengthandSunshine.com)

Tuesday: Slow Cooker Chicken Sofrito by Strength and Sunshine

Wednesday: Lamb Mini Rump Pot Roast by Family Capers

Meal, food, family meal, meal plan, plan
Veggie Packed Quiche (Photo Credit: Sweet Tea Baby Brie)

Thursday: Veggie Packed Quiche by Sweet Tea Baby Brie

Friday: Snapper On Pappardelle by Family Capers

Meal, food, family meal, meal plan, plan
Slow Cooker Apricot Chicken (Photo Credit: Kidgredients)

Saturday: Slow Cooker Apricot Chicken by Kidgredients

Sunday: Slow Cook Beef Roast

I hope you enjoy your week ahead! If you want to share this week’s tasty recipes, please do! Happy Dining!


*Disclosure: I am affiliated with Kidgredients and earn a small commission for the qualifying purchases of the Kidgredients ebook listed above.
Recipes from Mummy Confessions

Simple Salmon Fillet
Two Salmon Fillets
Black Pepper
Cayenne Pepper
Olive Oil
Aluminium Foil

1. Preheat oven on 200 degrees Celsius
2. Place fillet in centre of foil square.  Add a pinch of salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper and paprika on top of fillet.
3. Add a very small amount of olive oil on top of fillet.
4. Cut lemon into slices and add on top of fillet.
5. Wrap fillet in foil making sure it it completely covered.
6. Place it n oven for 30 minutes.
7. Serve along side your favourite vegetables.


Slow Cook Beef Roast
1 rump roast or round roast
1 pack French onion soup mix
2 beef stock cubes
2 carrots
3-6 potatoes, depending on size

1. Peel potatoes and carrots and cut to desired size. Place at bottom of slow cooker.
2. Place roast in pot.
3. Melt stock cubes in 2 cups water and pour over roast.
4. Add in packet of French onion soup mix.
5. Pour more water if needed over top, should be about half covering roast.
6. Cook for 6 or so hours on high.
7. Serve along side rice or noodles. You can boil some pasta in the stock watered down as well for more flavour.

I lost whatever “it” is

Mummy Confession: I have lost my cool several times this week. It is something I am not proud to admit.

Lost it, lost, crying, crying baby, motherhood, emotions, anger, screaming, thankfulness, infant, babyScreaming. Crying. Yelling. More crying. Explosions of all sorts have happened this week, and we have had to wash half of our couch cushions as a result. This is all courtesy of my youngest, who thought we could use some redecorating. Thanks kid.

What a week it has been, indeed. I am not happy to say that amidst the crazy circus that is life with children, I lost it. I lost whatever “it” is several times this week. I yelled, too. I screamed, too. I cried, too. But then, I found “it.”

My crying wasn’t done over the fact that my life seems to be a chaotic hodgepodge of fingers, sticky messes, and whiny voices, but rather the wholehearted thankful cry as I think of the blessing my children are to my life. I end each day with my children, no matter what has happened, by praying with them. I think this particularly important in relation to the fact that it not only brings my beliefs in front of them, but it also teaches thankfulness and humility. It reminds them (and me as well) that no matter where we have fallen, that God hears us and has sent His love to us. I try my hardest to have every day conclude with peace and love, with some tickle-fights and kisses thrown in for good measure.

I don’t like not ending the day this way, and make every effort to see that this is how we conclude our day, and bring to their minds the things in life for which we need to be thankful. I can’t put it as eloquently here as I want to express it, so I hope it comes out as I am trying so hard to formulate words. My brain is wrecked from this week. Exhausted completely. But, next week (and even through the weekend, obviously) we will do it again.

Hopefully this time around there will be less laundry.