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Winter Sleep Wear Your Baby Needs in Their Wardrobe!

Mummy Confession: I have a problem. I absolutely adore babies and children’s products. Especially clothing. And sleepwear. Give me all the jammies!

Disclosure: The following products have been provided for me to review and feature. However, all the opinions and recommendations are my own. I never recommend something I haven’t tried or wouldn’t purchase myself. See the full disclosure policy for details.
Be sure to check out your favourites, as some have coupon codes or giveaways going 🙂

With winter already being here, and the freezing weather upon us, I wanted to find some of the best sleepwear out there for my little cherubs and pass it on to you! Boy, did I find some great things! From pyjamas to sleeping bags to eczema friendly, and even some transitional swaddle products, there’s a little bit of everything here! I have options here for US and Australia, and even worldwide! (So Americans, you can help prepare for this coming winter!)

I wanted to include even more, however I was unable to try everything. Since I don’t like to recommend products without actually trying them myself (and I don’t have the funds to purchase every product on the market), I have only included products that I have been provided with through the generosity of these great brands.

I haven’t received anything that I don’t like, so I am happy to say, buy all the stuff! I have included  a summary below of each product, and a link to my more detailed review if you are interested in checking out more about it! Feel free to share with all of your friends and family for some gift suggestions for bub (since these brands make more than just winter sleepwear). Please, check them all out, as some have lovely surprises for my readers 🙂

Merino Pyjamas

Woolbabe Cotton/Merino Coverall This classic striped Coverall is a blend of cotton and merino, two great fabrics for warmth and comfort. The double zip allows for nappy-changes easier than just a one-way zip, and the stripes just go with everything! The Woolbabe Cotton/Merino Coverall comes in a few different colours, all perfect for  winter’s nap, or to keep warm on a winter day. The fabric is beautiful, soft, warm, and yet breatheable. Woolbabe also makes other babywear/Sleepwear and sleeping bags with merino for those extra crisp nights. This coverall can be used with their Woolbabe sleeping bag, or separately.

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(Check out the full review, giveaway, and where to buy here.)

Henry & Grace Ultrafine Merino Coverall Made from ultrafine Merino wool, this beautiful button up Coverall is a great pyjama or underthing for those cold winter nights (and cooler days). The timeless striped pattern and choice of colours make it a perfect clothing piece for your baby or a unique gift for a loved one’s precious bundle. The merino has proven to be warm yet breatheable, so perfect for winter, even for little ones who tend to overheat easier. Henry & Grace also makes other babywear and maternity wear in fine merino style.

(Check out the full review and where to buy here.)

Sleeping And Swaddle Bags

Bamboo Bubby BagThis innovative bamboo sleeping bag is a one size fits all for babies suffering with eczema and the scratching that comes along with it. The completely enclosed sleeves don’t allow for baby to sneak little fingers out, and adjust to several different sizes. The adjustable sleeve opening and mitten sizes suit from size 000 (0-3 months) through size 2. The material is thin and breatheable, which is perfect for eczema babies, even in the cold winter nights. Bamboo Bubby also makes pyjamas for toddlers, children and adults, as well as scratch resistant sleeves, onesies with scratch resistant sleeves, blankets, and sheets.

(Check out the full review and where to buy here.)

Sleepy HugsThis revolutionary product for babies and toddlers offers to help the transition from swaddles to sleeping bags. With a double zip and varying weights for different seasons, this sleeping solution is great for babies who may be struggling to adjust to a world outside of sleeping in the comfort of a swaddle.

(Check out the full review, coupon code and where to buy here.)

Baby Dee Dee Sleep Nest Teddy– This sleeping bag is soft and fluffy, perfect for a chilly winter’s night. With a 2.5 tog rating, bubs can be layered in winter, or use the sleep nest alone for spring or autumn weather. It is quilted for extra warmth and has a filling of polyester. With shoulder snaps and top to bottom zip, it’s easy to get baby in and out of this cosy bag and keep the zipper out of baby’s face. Baby Dee Dee make footed sleeping bags as an option for older babies and toddlers. Baby Dee Dee also makes other cotton and quilted pyjamas, sleep bags, and bedding for babies, toddlers and children.
(Check out the full review, discount, and where to buy here.)

Zipadee Zip A swaddle transition product created for helping babies transition from a swaddle to sleeping bag, the Zipadee-zip also makes a great sleep wear option for winter. Offering resistance, yet enough freedom to move in the night, this sleepwear is great to keep baby cosy during cooler months. The zipadee-zip is great for babies with eczema, as it protects the fingers from escaping and scratching their sensitive skin! The simple single zip makes it easy to put on and remove. All of the adorable designs available add to the appeal of this sleepwear. Sleeping Baby also makes other baby/toddler clothing and sleepwear, teethers, sleeping mats, and necklaces for mothers.

(Be sure to check out this one and the giveaway associated with it! Ends August 9th!)

(Check out the full review, giveaway, and where to buy here.)


Baby Dee Dee Footless Cotton Long Sleeve Easy-Zip- These Footless pyjamas ar great for winters, whether it be days or nights. The Footless design allows for the pyjamas to last longer, not limited by baby’s foot size. The in-between-the-leg zipper design allows change time to be easy, and is unlike anything I have seen before on a sleepsuit! The cotton material makes for a great year round pyjama, cosy and breatheable for night time sleep. The Baby Dee Dee Footless Cotton Sleepsie is easy to put on, and has a classic look for nighttime. Baby Dee Dee also makes other cotton and quilted pyjamas, sleep bags, booties, and bedding for babies, toddlers and children.

(Check out the full review, discount, and where to buy here.)


Be sure to check out all of the ones you love, and I hope you have found something to help get you and your precious one through the winter!

baby dee dee Sleep Nest Teddy: Review & Coupon Code

Mummy Review: Along with the Sleepsie, I was also sent the Sleep Nest Teddy, which is a fluffy and warm sleeping bag that cocoons baby or toddler for a winter’s night.

((Be sure to stay tuned if you love this product! There are exciting things in store! And check out the coupon if you want your very own!))
Disclosure: This product has been provided in exchange for a feature and review, however all opinions are my own, and I only feature products I love. See the full disclosure policy for details.

This super fluffy and cosy sleeping bag is a super warm option for winter. Boasting a 2.5tog rating, it is sure to keep your baby, toddler or child comfortable all through the night. The soft look alone makes it appear great for winter, but it’s also quilted and filled with polyester to make for a nicely insulated winter sleeping bag.

About the Brand: baby dee dee was created by a mum who desired to have a sleeping bag like a cocoon for her baby who had trouble sleeping. She created the Sleep nest sleeping bag, and went on to create other products that help baby’s sleep.

~My Experience~
My baby didn’t fit this one, so it was reviewed by my sassy and chatty bub. I was surprised at how large this sleeping bag was, though! My child who wears a 4-5T is actually small enough to fit into this product! I was expecting my 2-3T sized child to fit this, which she did, with room to spare. I found the sizing quite generous and the sleeping bag itself fluffy and warm. My kids were big fans, and kept telling me how they loved the faux fur and cosy feeling. The snaps and zips worked well and it was overall a great product to use with my toddler.


The Material~ The lining is 100% cotton and filling is 100% polyester. It is super soft faux fur on the outside and quilted to keep bub warm. My children who can talk told me they loved how soft it was and loved the warmth!

The Design~ The fluffy and quilted design make this sleeping bag super cosy and warm!

The Zipper and Snaps~ The top to bottom zipper is great for changes and keeping the zipper out of baby or toddler’s face, and the snaps on the shoulders make it really easy to remove or put on.

Sleeveless Design~ In order to regulate temperature, the bag has sleeveless designs, so you can put a cotton sleepsie or other pyjama underneath. The sleeveless design makes it easy to remove, adjust, and put on baby.

Tog Rating~ This Sleep nest is rated 2.5 tog which is good for autumn and winter weather. Layer with long sleeves for extra cool weather.
They also make sleeping bags (and footed sleeping bags) in 1.2tog and .6tog for warmer weather.

Sizing~ We received a 18-36 Months size sleep Nest which is perfect I found for a child around a size 2-4. My middle and older child both fit into this, and my older child wears around a size 4-5T. It is fairly large in size, so I would probably need a size 6-18 Months for my smallest child (who fits in a 12-18 Months size).
The Sleep Nest comes in sizes 0-6 months, 6-18 months and 18-36 months.

Cost&Where to buy~ $38 on baby dee dee Website or local retailers

Baby Dee Dee has even provided a link for those who would like to save 20% off their purchase! Click here to check it out!

–Worldwide Delivery Available!–

Other Products~ Sleep Nest Sleep Bag, Sleep Kicker, Quilted Footie PJs,  Long Sleeve Footless PJs, Short Sleeve Footless PJs, Sleep Quilts, Bedding Sets, Blankies, Sheets& Pillow Cases, and Booties.

Social Media~ Follow baby dee dee on baby dee dee Website

Facebook: babydeedeesleep

Instagram: @baby_deedee

Twitter: @babydeedeesleep

Mummy Confessions Scale for Winter Sleep Wear-
Easy to put on: 5/5– The snaps and zips make it easy to put on either with unzipping or unsnapping.
Stays on: 4.5/5- The looser fitting vest for the top isn’t too loose on the proper sized child, and it stays on well, yet it gives room to move a little.
Easy to change baby in: 5/5 – Simple enough with the downwards zipper to only take out what needs to be changed. If they are taller, it may be a little more difficult.
Easy to take off: 5/5- Easy to unzip or open the snaps to take off. The two methods (both snap and zip) make it extra easy to remove.
Keeps baby warm in winter: 5/5- Super soft faux fur and quilted material means super cosy and warm. My oldest didn’t want to take it off.
Baby likes it? Baby was a bit too small for this size, but the children who wore it loved it.
Material: 5/5 –Super soft and warm, and perfect for cold nights. My children commented on how they love the faux fur.
Sizing: 4/5 – It does tend on the large side, but it was perfect for my children who wear size 2-3 and 4-5, and wasn’t too baggy for either. It’s great that it lasts for such a long time!

Overall Rating of baby dee dee Sleep Nest Teddy 4.5/5-
Overall, this is a great sleeping bag for baby or toddler, and my children were warm  and comfortable inside. My kids didn’t have trouble walking in it since it allowed a lot of room (however, baby dee dee does have the Sleep a Kicker which has feet for children who are walking). My children only had good things to say about this and loved the faux fur, and I loved the quilted bit that kept them warm. The sleeveless design makes it so Baby or toddler doesn’t overheat, and we didn’t have any problems with that either.

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Woolbabe Sleep Suit: A Review

Mummy Review: When I first think of wool, I think itching, scratching and discomfort. Apparently fine merino wool provides the warmth, but none of those other uncomfortable feelings!

Disclosure: I was gifted the Merino/Cotton Sleepsuit in exchange for a review. However, my opinion and any recommendations are my own. Please see my disclosure policy for further information.

Before I came to Australia, layering up seemed to be the main way to keep the winter chill off my back. Since moving to Sydney, I’ve heard so much about merino wool and clothing made out of this warm, yet cool for hotter weather, material.

When I think of wool, the one thing that came to mind was itchiness. So surely for my eczema baby, this wasn’t an option. However, after reading a few articles, it seems that the finer merino wool is a great material for babies with eczema and other sensitivities.

About the Brand: Woolbabe is a brand creating comfortable, merino blend sleeping bags, sleepsuits, pyjamas, and swaddle wraps. Their cotton/merino blend is perfect for winter time, especially those night hours when everything gets a bit chilly. They’ve based a company on products that help keep baby cosy. We all know when baby is cosy, everyone sleeps better!

~My Experience~

I was provided with the Cotton/Merino Sleepsuit to try with my baby, and I must say, when I took it out, it was so soft and not too thick. It didn’t feel itchy or scratchy, and I love that it has a two way zip for nighttime changes. I’ve actually put pants over top for the daytime, so baby won’t dirty up the suit, because he currently crawls everywhere! It kept him warm without working up a sweat, and the sizing was perfect. All around, I was impressed with the suit.


The Material~ 30% merino/70% cotton jersey fabric.
The material is soft and warm. Yet, it didn’t make my baby sweat in the night, which is common with his normal pyjamas.

The Design~ The Simple stripes pattern is a favourite of mine, and you can’t go past this classic look!
The sleepsuit is available in Piha (the navy/grey colour shown on my bub),  Rata (Red), Tide (Minty Green), Pebble (light grey), and Dusk (Dusty Rose)

The Zippers~ The two Zippers are great for changing Baby! I love double zips, because they make changing baby a whole lot easier! If you need to remove the whole outfit, no matter which side you have unzipped, it is easy enough to meet them in the middle and remove the suit and not mess up the whole baby in the process.

Long Sleeve Design~ With an eczema prone baby, long sleeves are a must, as he scratches constantly. In winter especially, it helps to keep everything warm and cosy in addition to preventing painful scratching. I love the open foot design, as it lends itself to be used longer, not only when baby’s feet are too big.

Sizing~ This Sleep Suit seems to run true to size. On my baby it’s a little big, which is how most 12-18 Months sizes run on him.
The Sleep Suit is available in sizes 6-12 months through 4 years.

Cost&Where to buy~ $49.95 & Only available in Australia and New Zealand through The Sleep Store or select Woolbabe stockists.
https://www.thesleepstore.com.au/ (Australia)
https://www.thesleepstore.co.nz/ (New Zealand)

Other Products~ Sleeved and Sleeveless Sleeping Bags, Merino/Cotton Pyjamas, Merino/Cotton Gowns, Merino/Cotton Swaddles, and Merino/Cotton Sleepsuits

Social Media~Follow Woolbabe and The Sleep Store on:

Facebook: The Sleep Store & Woolbabe

Instagram: @thesleepstore

Twitter: @thesleepstore

Mummy Confessions Scale for Winter Sleep Wear-
Easy to put on: 4.5/5 – not too difficult at all, just trying to manoeuvre my little one’s left leg can be fun, because he’s a roller!
Stays on: 5/5- nice and loose but not super baggy, and he can move freely without getting it caught on anything
Easy to change baby in: 5/5– the zipper is great for access, despite my baby putting up a fight every change
Easy to take off: 5/5– super easy and not too much fussing around,  even if you unzip the bottom and they need the whole thing off!
Keeps baby warm in winter –5/5 for sure!
Baby likes it? Baby keeps nice and cosy in it, and it doesn’t upset his eczema prone skin. I say he likes it!
Material: 5/5 – warm and yet doesn’t make my baby sweat
Sizing: 5/5 – great sizing options from 6-12m through size 4 (and they have separate pyjamas as well through to 8 years)

Overall Rating of Woolbabe Cotton/Merino Sleep Suit: 5/5
I’ve already washed this sleep suit a few times, and it has done well, so long as you take care to use quality wool wash and wash according to the directions, then it should be fine. Baby seems to do well in it and stay cosy, just like the brand intends! It can be worn for sleep or just around the house, or under other clothing if really cold. He does itch a little, but honestly, that’s his eczema more than the wool. It has helped regulate his temperature and he hasn’t been sweaty at all. He tends to be a hot baby, so this is a great thing for him! I would highly recommend it as an item in your baby or toddlers closet this winter!

Congratulations to Amara Ransley for winning a Woolbabe Cotton/Merino Sleepsuit of your very own in our Facebook Competition!

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Zipadee-Zip: Review & Coupon Code

Mummy Review: When I saw this innovative swaddle solution, I had to check it out! This transition swaddle allows bubs the freedom to move, but still stifles the startle reflex that disturbs sleep for baby.

**The competition has concluded for this great product, and Sleeping Baby has provided a coupon code to save $5 on anything on SleepingBaby.com. Check it out in the “where to buy” below**
Disclosure: This product has been provided in exchange for a feature and review, however all opinions are my own, and I only feature products I love. See the full disclosure policy for details.

How many mums have had trouble transitioning baby from a swaddle to other sleep options? I can think of a few, and this is an option for someone from newborns to those between sleeping bags and swaddles. It does a great job of keeping the hands warm and cosy as well as prevents scratching.

About the Brand:  Sleeping Baby is a brand created by a mum and dad who were inspired to create a swaddle transition because of the lack of sleep in trying to get their baby to transition out of the swaddle. This is an issue for a lot of parents, so she created a website and started to sell the Zipadee-Zip and branched out to creating other products.

~My Experience~
The first night I used the zipadee zip, I was impressed with my baby’s sleep. I love that his hands stayed covered, and the size (6-12 months) fit him perfectly with a little room to spare. The thickness was good for middle of the range seasons (and you can layer up if it’s especially cool. The zipadee zip let my baby have free range movement but still snuggled enough to stay asleep a bit better than when he’s kicking the blankets off of himself at night. In the colder weather I prefer him to stay warm and covered, so it was a great option for his sleep! The zipper seems very sturdy and it wasn’t too hard to get it on or off, even with him being asleep.


The Material~ 55% cotton / 45% modacrylic (good for year round). Sleeping Baby also makes zipadee-zips out of a fleece-style polyester in autumn/winter and a lighter polyester material for spring/summer.

The Design~ The woodland creature design is just darling and I love it! There are so many designs to choose from on their website, so you won’t be limited in your options! I love the varying colours and styles!

The Zipper~ One Zipper makes it simple to get bubs in and out without fussing about how to do it. The zipper is very sturdy and zips from bottom to top, and has a cover to prevent the zipper from getting in baby’s face.

Enclosed/Long Sleeve Design~ Perfect for my eczema baby, it prevents scratching and helps to make him feel a bit more secure by stifling that reflex, yet gives him the ability to manoeuvre around a bit and even stand up. The sleeves aren’t too baggy, though, and his hands stayed comfortably in the ends, rather than him being able to squirm his arms out of them.

Resistence for Baby’s arms~ The zipadee-zip is intended to be used as a transitional swaddle, so there is a little resistance provided in the way the sleeves are designed, to help baby feel safe and secure.

Sizing~ This 6-12 month (medium) size fits perfectly and gives no room for escape! He probably won’t fit too long in this size, but the next one may be a bit looser. He wears a 12-18 Months size at the moment, so sizing may be slightly generous.
This is available in a small (3-6 months), medium (6-12 months), large (12-24 months), and extra large (24 months +)

Cost&Where to buy~ $33.95-$36.95USD (but deals for buying more than one) on the Sleeping Baby Website

**Sleeping Baby has provided a coupon code ZIPPYMUMMY which will save you $5 on any SleepingBaby.com purchase (with no expiration date)!**

–Worldwide delivery available!–

Other Products~ Zipadee-Zip, Flying Squirrel PJs (For toddlers and children), Snoozie Mat, Trendy Teethers, Sheets and change mat covers, Zippy Onez, Baby Yoco, and Teething Necklace for mums.

Sleeping Baby even offers various ways to donate to parents in need by purchasing Zipadee-Zips for a cause! You can either purchase one for yourself (and 10% of the purchase goes towards helping families in need, or choose to donate your purchase to a family in need). Feel free to check out their page for the different ways you can help!

Social Media~ Follow Sleeping Baby on: Sleeping Baby Website

Facebook: SleepingBabyIncHomeoftheZipadeeZip

Instagram: @zipadeezip

Twitter: @Zipadeezip

Mummy Confessions Scale for Winter Sleep Wear
Easy to put on: 4.5/5– The central zipper allows for easy access and easy to put on.
Stays on: 5/5– Given you purchase the proper size, it stays snug, doesn’t get in baby’s face, and baby can’t wriggle out of it. The 6-12 month size was perfect for a cosy fit for my baby.
Easy to change baby in: 4/5 –With only one zipper, it can be a challenge, but easy enough with the location of the zipper. You do need to unzip the whole thing to do this, though, which may disturb some babies.
Easy to take off: 4.5/5– Very simple to remove with the one zipper. No issues with taking it off, as Baby is keen to have his legs free in the morning.
Keeps baby warm in winter – 4.5/5– Provided you layer if you have a lighter zipadee-zip, it will keep bubs cosy and warm. They do offer fleece type material if the winters are especially cold.
Baby likes it? Baby seems to like it! He doesn’t like the fact that he can’t stand too well in it, but it’s not meant to be worn during the day, and he sleeps well in it, so I would say that matters far more.
Material: 5/5 – Bubs didn’t sweat while wearing it, so it seems like a great blend of material. He didn’t seem to itch more with it either, so good for his more sensitive skin.
Sizing: 5/5 – The 6-12 month size fit beautifully and offered a cosy and snug sleeping space for my baby, and I didn’t have to worry about it being too baggy or him taking it off.

Overall Rating of Zipadee-Zip: 4.5/5
I love the thickness, material, design and the whole idea surrounding this transitional swaddle! It seemed to keep my bub nice and cosy. It’s great for his eczema, and the sleeves prevent him from escaping and scratching his sensitive skin. The freedom to move around also means he wasn’t waking up crying because he couldn’t move. It’s a great overall option for Babies, especially for those with eczema or transitioning from a swaddle, or having trouble sleeping at night.

**Congratulations to Angie Cleppe who was chosen as the winner of the Zipadee-Zip in our Facebook Page competition!**

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Henry & Grace Sleep Suit: A Review

Mummy Review: I’m a big fan of small businesses and good quality clothing. Henry & Grace has beautifully made fine merino clothing perfect for keeping warm in winter.

Disclosure: This product has been provided in exchange for a feature and review, however all opinions are my own, and I only feature products I love. See the full disclosure policy for details.

When I saw the Henry& Grace coverall appear on my Instagram feed, I was a huge fan of the colours! It looked like a warm and cosy gift to give a mum-to-be as something unique for her precious baby! I wasn’t wrong to think this adorable piece of babywear would be a great winter pyjama for a cosy sleep!

About the Brand: Henry & Grace is a brand which creates ultrafine merino maternity and baby clothing. Based in Australia, Henry& Grace sources their merino wool from a single farm in Gostwyck, NSW. The ultrafine merino wool is soft and great for keeping baby and mama warm and cosy.

~My Experience~
My bubs was super cosy in the ultrafine merino coverall, even if it was a little big for him. He did manage to wriggle out of one sleeve because he probably would have been better with a size smaller. I love how soft the suit was, and that it let my bubs feel warm, yet not sweaty because of being too hot. It kept him the perfect temperature for cooler nights. It would probably suit my slightly older child for sizes a little better. Gorgeous colours, and love the options for the other colours as well. I think it would make a brilliant gift or keepsake for someone special. A lovely gift for something a little different.


The Material~100% ultrafine Merino (15 micron). So rare, it is only 0.5% of Australia’s total wool production. Mules free. Sourced from a single farm – Gostwyck.^ It really is super soft and beautiful material. I love the feel and apart from the normal itching my baby does because of his eczema, it didn’t make him uncomfortable at all.

The Design~ Stripes always win with me, so the lovely colours just make it better! This coverall also comes in Ebony/Natural (Black/Ivory-like), Natural (just plain Ivory/White), Sweet Blush/Ivory (Pink/Ivory), and Duck Egg/Gentle Grey (Minty-Green/Light Grey).

The Buttons~ They make the suit look lovely! Buttons are a love-hate with this baby, as he just does not sit anywhere near still to change, but I absolutely love buttons on coveralls. These silver snaps looks brilliant with the colours of the suit!

Long Sleeve & Ribbed Cuff Design~ I always love long sleeves for winter, especially for a scratchy baby. The long sleeves are a must for my eczema prone baby. I love the way you can roll the cuffs over or lengthen them. It gives it a bit more longevity.

Sizing~ I found it seems to run a little big compared to similar size pyjamas, and it does stretch a bit.
The Merino Coverall is available in sizes 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12-18 months.

Cost&Where to buy~ $62.70AUD on Henry & Grace’s Website

–This item ships worldwide!–

Other Products~ Long Sleeve Bodysuit, Short Sleeve Bodysuit, Singlet Bodysuit, Coverall, Layering Tshirt, Hoodie Jacket, Leggings, Beanies, Wraps, Blankets, and Maternity Dresses, Tops, Leggings and Scarves

Social Media// Follow  Henry&Grace on: Henry & Grace’s Website

Facebook: HenryandGraceMerino

Instagram: @henry_and_grace

Twitter: @HandGmerino

Mummy Confessions Scale for Winter Sleep Wear-
Easy to put on: 3/5– it is a tad difficult to put on, just with buttons and an insanely squirmy baby. He does not sit still well for any change.
Stays on: 5/5– a little baggy, but it does stay on well. I’m pretty sure I just needed a size smaller.
Easy to change baby in: 4/5 – it’s easy enough to unbutton only the part you need to change. My babe is particularly challenging, but it just takes a bit of focus to get him still.
Easy to take off: 4.5/5– buttons do take a little longer, but simple enough to take off.
Keeps baby warm in winter : 5/5 – Definitely keeps bubs warm, but not sweaty! Perfect material for winter, or underneath clothing during the day.
Baby likes it? He doesn’t care for the buttons, because it means he has to stay still for longer, but the material was great and warm but didn’t make him sweaty at night!
Material: 5/5 – Completely gorgeous material! So soft and I love the colour! The ribbed portion is also brilliant, and makes it last a little longer!
Sizing: 5/5 – Sizing is good, though (in my opinion) it runs a little big, it will just last longer. It’s stretchy a bit, too. Hopefully it lasts long enough so it’s not a fight to get on!

Overall Rating of Henry&Grace Merino Sleep Suit: 4/5
The only reason this doesn’t get a full 5 is because buttons and my baby probably don’t mix. It’s super tough to get any clothing on him, so having to button it up made it a bit tougher. If you have a baby who doesn’t death roll like a crocodile and scream their lungs off every change, then you should be fine. I absolutely love the buttons and the whole look and feel of the suit, and I prefer buttons over zips for the aesthetics, but my baby doesn’t care for aesthetics. He is a firm believer that clothing is an awful, awful thing to have to wear. He looks absolutely gorgeous in this suit and this colour! I still would recommend this Suit, especially if you want something adorable and nice for a special bub.

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