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My Laundry Room: The Vortex of Doom

Mummy Confession: This is my Laundry Room. The never ending vortex of doom.

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It just keeps piling up. The job that’s never done. And it’s funny. All of the kids are sick now, plus one teething (ie “don’t you dare put me down or leave me alone, and you can forget about an easy sleep.”) and one toilet training (ie. “I’m big and I won’t thoroughly soak my bed linens every night…”). This means the laundry is constantly piling up and never-ending.

As a matter of fact, just after waking this morning, my baby coughed quite a bit and then threw up all over my face and chest. He did the same yesterday. What does that mean? More laundry.

Rather than look at this insane pile and be completely overwhelmed (which I am every time I open that door), I’ve decided to try to think positively about what this room means.

Here are three reasons why  when my laundry room is overflowing, it’s a good thing:

1. It means I can take care of my family. My kids. My husband. I am so thankful for them all. And doing their laundry means they are (other than the minor cold) healthy and home. Safe and secure.

2. We have.  We have clothes. We have towels. We have blankets. We have a roof over our head. We have a sanitary place with clean water to wash clothes. We have what we need.

3. My kids are learning, reaching milestones, and growing. Yes, there will be some set backs and wet bets, but soon enough she will be accomplishing far more than I can imagine.

So regardless of the laundry that just keeps growing, I can be thankful, grateful for the things we have. And hopefully this thankfulness will stay with me until the sickness passes, and I conquer the vortex of doom.

How can you look at seemingly negative events or things in your life right now and be thankful?

My Little Love Heart: Review

Mummy Review: I’ve always loved boutique styles, and having something that is a unique style! I also love supporting local businesses and mums, so this is a win, win!

Disclosure: Some of these products were given to me in exchange for my honest opinion. I liked them so much, I bought more .

My Little Love Hearts is a boutique style shop for a range of accessories for babies, handmade in Australia. Their line of products includes bibs, hair bows, and teething rings. I have reviewed the products below which I have received and also purchased a couple more, in addition to the lovely presentation of how it arrived in the parcel!
Firstly, though, I just wanted to give some insight into the maker of these great products and what inspired her to create this brand, as well as her aspirations and personal favourite items. 🙂
(I will also be editing this post and putting better photos in once my little model will stand still)

What inspired you to start My Little Love Heart?

My interest in baby apparel and accessories, specifically bandana bibs, began after my daughter Natalia was born. As she was prone to reflux we started to go through a large amount of baby bibs. I found it very difficult to find products of the highest quality with modern and stylish patterns so I started making them myself.

What is your favourite product?

I would have to say I have three favourite products, firstly the Love Heart Teething ring as this is my own idea and design, it also represents what my brand is all about ! The second would have to be the bandana bib, this would be my most popular item and I love the feedback I get from customers. The third favourite would be the burp cloths, as they use the most fabric I really get to enjoy the detail on the wonderful patterns.

Are you working on anything that you’re excited about (new product, new styles, new designs, etc)?

Last month we just finished our first collaboration with Perth designer Megan Isabella Designs. She has developed the Succulents and Cactus print exclusively for My Little Love Heart. We love that it is a print that boys can wear as there are very few options for the little guys these days. We will also be adding 2 more fabrics in the coming months, once again something for the boys !

What is a goal you have for the future of your business?

I enjoy making these products and would love to increase the export side of the business through retail outlets around the world, especially my birth country of Colombia. It would be an amazing feeling walking into a shop in another country and seeing my products sold there.

This is the beautiful parcel I received from My Little Love Heart. I must say, the care that went into this presentation is lovely!

Need a nice gift? Your order comes nicely wrapped and ready to go (See photo at the top of the post)! this attention to detail is such a great touch!
Bandummy, my little love heart, handmade, Australian, bib, baby products, baby bib, bandana bib, quality

Regular Bib
The Bibs made by My Little Love Heart are made in two sizes and has two plastic buttons to adjust to a proper size as well. Backed with towelling, it’s not thin and soaking through easily. I would say my baby is a medium level drooler, and I haven’t had an issue with it soaking through too quickly. Obviously, I take it off during naps, and let it dry.

I recommend the cactus and succulent pattern for its pure awesome look. I was overjoyed to receive this bib, and it sure is helping us have less wardrobe changes during the day, while still maintaining a fashionable look. I have gotten a ton of compliments on this bib, and just adore the pattern!

Bandummy, my little love heart, handmade, Australian, bib, baby products, baby bib, bandana bib, quality, teething ring, teething
Baby boy’s outfit of the day, paired up with his super cute bib!

Bandana Bib
I love the style of the bandana bibs! For my boy especially, it makes him look even more handsome, and covers him under and around the neck. It is also backed with towelling and  keeps his neck dry. This is good, because my bub’s neck is particularly sensitive as he is prone to eczema. The bandana bib also comes in two sizes and has two buttons for adjustment within the size. My little one was lucky enough to try one out in the lovely feathered pattern. I have washed it a few times, as the drool is strong with my baby, and I have no complaints. It’s still just as cute and great for bubs to wear!

Bandummy, my little love heart, handmade, Australian, bib, baby products, baby bib, bandana bib, quality, teething ring, teething
My model wasn’t being cooperative, but this bib matches nearly everything!

This particular style I have never seen before, and I think it is quite innovative in its design! After finding this style online, I had to order one! Bub is always losing his dummy (pacifier to those not fluent in Aussie) and this design allows me to keep it close. The best part is not needing an extra dangly bit to clip on, hoping my baby won’t rip it off minutes later. You can also attach teething toys!
It works best with dummies or teething toys that have a bit of space, and just fits one of my bubs preferred pacifiers. Bubby was putting his own dummy back in easily, and I didn’t have to search the whole house for it!

Bandummy, my little love heart, handmade, Australian, bib, baby products, baby bib, bandana bib, quality, teething ring, teething
Snaps for different neck adjustments and the snaps to clip a pacifier or toy

Only one issue I would have with it is that, obviously, I cannot attach any other pacifiers that my babe prefers to it, as they would need a string attached to lace through the hole (which is a simple fix, anyways). Otherwise, this is a totally brilliant idea, and I’m stoked to have this in his wardrobe!
Bandummy, my little love heart, handmade, Australian, bib, baby products, baby bib, bandana bib, quality, pacifier, dummy, paci

Bunny Teething ring
These eco-friendly Beech Hardwood teething rings are particularly lovely to look at, and I think the patterned moustache pattern makes it so cute! It comes in this handy little bag, so a beautiful little touch I appreciated! I’ve always loved this style of bunny ear-ed teething rings! I had to order one for my little man, as he is experiencing the dreaded teething, and everything is in his mouth. This ensures that he’s not crawling around and shoving things the other kids have left out in for amusement, but playing and chewing on this instead. Even better, his bandummy easily clips on to this, so it’s not getting lost! Little man is still getting used to it, but so far seems to be enjoying this one!
Bandummy, my little love heart, handmade, Australian, bib, baby products, baby bib, bandana bib, quality, teething ring, teething Bandummy, my little love heart, handmade, Australian, bib, baby products, baby bib, bandana bib, quality Bandummy, my little love heart, handmade, Australian, bib, baby products, baby bib, bandana bib, qualitySo, all in all, I am stoked about these products, and I hope you have even found something to admire. As you may know, I just love talking about great baby products, so out of these, I would highly recommend the Bandummy if you have a bub with a pacifier or teething toy they are attached to. Help baby and help yourself by ordering one today! Tell them Mummy Confessions sent you!

Feel free to check out My Little Love Heart online here, or follow them on social media!
Facebook Page: My Little Love Heart
Instagram: @MyLittleLoveHeart
Twitter: @mylittlelovehrt


Teething: Where Sleep Goes To Die.

Mummy Confession: I despise teething.

With every ounce of my being, I abhor the teething stage. My poor, helpless child, who has no idea about what is going on, is in pain. He can’t tell me about it. All he does is cry. No apparent reason for this, but as I open his mouth, I peer in and see them. It looks different than yesterday, and two spots are starting to resemble parking spots for his first pearly whites. Surely he is too young for this treachery?

Teething is the bane of existence for any infant or toddler and their mother. It turns our sweet cherubs into psychotic beings. Some are lucky to have a child barely effected by the milestone, but I have never been in that position. Below, I have compiled a bit of my tool belt for teething essentials for the soothing of baby and the sanity of mum (and anyone in baby’s life).

The following contains affiliate links. (See disclosure policy.)

1. Washcloth, damp and frozen.
Give baby this to chew on and help soothe those sore gums. Everyone has to have something like this around the house, so no need to buy. (Obviously just make sure it is clean and monitor use.)

2. Kids Munch Mitt
Now, I haven’t personally used this one, but I have heard from mums first hand that this is an excellent product. Especially for the littles who can’t quite grasp toys as easily, this if perfect. It’s available on Amazon and even ships to other countries!

photo source: Amazon.com

3. Teething Toys
These are a no-brainers, and the range for these toys is endless! From the Nuby Teething Keys to the Banana Teether to the infamous Sophie the Giraffe (just keep this one out of water to reduce risk of mould), you can find these fairly decently priced in many stores. Heaps of mothers I know have used these specific toys, and if you look for others, just be sure they are made by a reputable brand, and preferably have a high recommendation from others. (I check Amazon for reviews on everything!)

4. Munchkin Fresh Feeder
Not just for weaning and solids! This is an excellent tool for a teething baby! If your baby is eating solids, pop in a cold or frozen fruit or frozen yoghurt. How to freeze? Use an ice tray. Simple! For the babies not on solids yet, freeze a cube of breast milk or formula And put a bib on baby and let them have at it! Just be sure to monitor any consumption of food, especially the frozen things, using them only for short periods of time.

5. Bibs . Lots of bibs.
The dribble is real for a lot of babies! None of mine have had it quite as bad as my current tiniest! Thicker or plastic-backed bibs are your best bet for avoiding soaked clothing! The Nuby teething bib is also an excellent product, as it has an attached teether at the end of the bib, so it’s easy to reach and use for baby!

6. A sense of humour
Poor little bubs, and poor mama! A little laugh has a lot of power in dealing with the stress of teething, and will help take your baby’s mind off of the pain! Look into some funny YouTube videos, memes, or Pinterest boards. Put a hilarious movie on after a long day.

7. Teething gel/tablets
There are so many options for various gels, tablets and elixirs for teething! Many are natural. So much more than just a smudge of whiskey on the gums for relief!

8. Baby Paracetamol or Ibuprofen
Desperate times call for medicine! If bubs is truly inconsolable, use a pain reliever in accordance with the instructions. If you would take it for the pain, these little ones need it more!

9. Nappies and Nappy Rash Cream
Teething can see nasty rashes and explosions of epic proportions. Be sure your nappies (diapers to you Americans) are stocked, and find a good rash cream and barrier cream. I highly recommend Sudocream for Aussies, as its thick and stays on! From Americans, I have heard good things about Boudreaux’s Butt Paste

10. A nice bath
If your child enjoys baths, they can be an excellent way to calm down and distract from teething. They are also a helpful way to wind baby down for the night and help them sleep.

11. A good wind-down for mum and any associated party
A good book, a glass of wine or hot cocoa, or whatever you go to is for relaxation- do it! Take a nice bath, or just get out into the fresh air to take a minute to breathe! Make sure anyone else who is under the same roof has something for them, too. Teething is rough on everybody in baby’s proximity! Chocolates for the kids to help out and give peace for a minute is well received (like there’s any doubt).

Teething, teething toolbox, where sleep goes to die, baby teething, teething toys, help me my baby is teething

Honourable Mentions include a Amber teething necklaces and essential oils. It’s best to consult a professional first and use only as directed. Refrain from using necklace while baby is unattended or sleeping.

I really hope this helps someone out there, as these products have had their place in helping me or people I know. What products, tips and tricks do you have for teething babies and toddlers?