The Great Australian Nappy Review of 2017: Mummy Confessions

The Great Australian Nappy Review of 2017
A Collaboration with Mumma Morrison

The Nappy: First Things First

Every new mum wonders about the range of nappies out there, and which ones are “the best” for their little bundle of joy. We re-evaluate as they grow, and may try different types to see if there is one that suits our bub best. It’s one of the things mums need to use. It’s the first item we put on baby.

There are so many brands out there, and nappies only come in generally big purchases, so it is usually impossible to conduct a review on your own across various brands without having a stockpile of useless nappies. How do you figure what brand may be good for you?

Mumma Morrison and I have been there, so we wanted to take a little of the guess work out of choosing a nappy and give you our experiences as well as an overview of each particular brand!

We contacted several brands in order to try and review their nappies to bring you a comprehensive look at a great range of nappies available for Mums, Dads, and Carers. We have trialled 9 different brands of nappies with 11 nappies in total, including two nappy-pants. (This was edited to reflect two further brands reviewed after initially posting this review.)

Please note this review was conducted in 2017 and while some brands have not changed, we do know that some brands do change, for the better or the worse, as time goes on. It is always smart to check with parents who are currently using various brands of nappies for their input on favourites and how they work with their babies.

To find nappies that deliver (or ideas on how to get nappies at all hours of the day) check out this post!

If you’re after a list of places to find nappies that deliver, check out this post!

We do understand that some people’s experiences with these brands may differ, so we offer our personal experiences with them. Children may vary in their use of nappies (i.e. girls vs. boys, heavy vs. light wetters, good sleepers vs. intermittent nappers), so we are basing our review solely on our experience.

We have tried to summarise each brand and our experiences with it with the help of our little assistants. Included in each overview is our baby’s profile, and the host’s personal review and experience with the nappies as a summary. Within each brands review is our a further detailed description and personal review on each particular brand and how we found it in areas of cost, value, fit, and use. We have linked to each other’s experience in each review, giving you the chance to see two different perspectives.

Feel free to add your own comments of how you have found a particular brand, as we value your experience as well, and you can help others make the decision for their baby!

//Little Prince’s Profile//
baby, nappies, nappy review, baby boy, boy, child, toddler
Sex: Boy
Weight: 10.7 kg
Height: 78cm
Build: Pretty chunky, lots of squish
Sleeps through the night? No. Wakes every 2 hours or so.
Mobility: Crawling, cruising, sitting, & practising walking.
Eating: Breastfed and some purées.
Changeability: Crocodile death-roller and despises any change of nappy or clothing
Nappy habits: Fairly decent wetter during the day, heavy wetter at night, & one giant soiled nappy in the mornings (sometimes every other morning…it’s a doozy).
Nappy changes happen every 4-5 hours and possibly once or not at all overnight.

//The Brands//
(Costs are based on the standard shelf price for a Toddler size pack)

The classic go-to for any parent who has a baby- the nappy. These disposable nappies range in cost and performance as well as fit. Nappies have tabs which fasten to keep the nappy closed and in working order, making it easy to adjust to the size around the waist needed for each baby. The review can be found in the end column for each nappy brand. Click on the columns to sort by category (like cost, etc).

Nappy BrandSizeSizeTotal CostCost Per NappySamples Available?See Review Here
Babylove Cosifit Most Affordable NappyToddler (9-14kg)75 pack//$27; 36 pack//$1636-44 cents per nappyFree Sample Available HereBabylove Cosifit Review
EcoriginalsMost Skin Friendly NappyToddler (10-15kg)96 pack//$69.95 (.73/nappy); 120 pack//$83.55 (.69/nappy); 144 pack//$144 (.66/nappy); 288 pack//$169.95 (.59/nappy)59 to 73 cents per nappySamples Available for Purchase HereEco Originals Nappy Review
Huggies Ultimate
Most Reliable PerformanceToddler(10-15kg)58 pack//$3357 cents per nappyFree Sample Available HereHuggies Ultimate Nappies Review
Best Daytime NappyToddler (10-15kg)24 pack//$13.99;96 pack//$50.3652-58 cents per nappy
(See review for discount!)
-Mater Review
Pampers Baby Dry Cutest Character Designs Baby Dry Maxi Size 4 (8-16kg)120 pack//$5646 cents per nappySamples Available for Purchase HerePampers Baby Dry Review
Pampers Simply Dry
Thinnest Feeling NappySimply Dry Maxi Size 4 (7-18kg)70 pack//$33.5047 cents per nappySamples Available for Purchase HerePampers Simply Dry Review
Pampers Active Fit
Most Surprising PerformanceActive Fit Maxi Size 4 (7-18kg)64 pack//$39.9562 cents per nappySamples Available for Purchase HerePampers Active Fit Review
Thank You Nappy With the Softest FeelMover & Shaker {Toddler} (10-15kg)72 pack//$3346 cents per nappy-Thank You Review
Bambo Nature Biggest Size RangeMaxi {Size 4} (7-18kg)30 pack//$23.95; 180 pack//$127.9571 to 80 cents per nappySamples Available for Purchase HereBambo Nature Review
Tooshies By TomMost Affordable Eco NappyToddler (10-16kg)108 pack//$60 56 cents per nappySamples Available For Purchase HereTooshies By Tom Review
TwinkleBottBrilliant Option for Sensitive SkinToddler (12-18kg)30 pack//$20.1067 cents per nappy-TwinkleBott Nappies Review

As an alternative to nappies, nappy pants are built for the squirmy little lads and ladies that may be difficult to pin down for a change. They do make it easier to change standing up (barring any poo-splosions), and offer a great alternative to nappies with regular tabs. They do tend to run a little more expensive, but sometimes the easier change is worth the extra cost!

(Costs are based on the standard shelf price for a Toddler size pack.)

Nappy Pant BrandSizeTotal CostCost Per Nappy PantWhere to BuySamples Available?See Review Here
Huggies Ultimate Nappy PantsToddler(10-15kg)56 pack//$3359 cents per nappy pantColes, Woolworths, Pharmacies, and other locationsFree Sample Available HereHuggies Ultimate Nappy Pants Review
Babylove Nappy PantsToddler (9-14kg)28 pack//$16.99; 56 pack//$2748-61 cents per nappy pantColes, Woolworths, Pharmacies, and other locationsFree Sample Available HereBabylove Nappy Pants Review

Mummy Confessions Top Choice:

As far as nappies and nappy-pants go, it was a tough decision to narrow it down to just one nappy! I was conflicted about many of them because they performed well, were great for my baby’s skin, or were the most affordable overall. I’ve chosen nappies based on all of those things in the past, and will keep trying different kinds to ensure I pick the optimal choice for my baby. However, I had to chose one based on cost, value, fit and use. For those combined reasons, I’ve selected

Huggies Ultimate Nappies

We chose this for my Little Prince for the following reasons:

  • The absorption and containment of wet and soiled nappies exceeded the performance of every other nappy. Not even a leak out the legs (which is common).
  • The nappy is soft and gentle on my baby’s skin. Which, for an eczema prone baby, this is important.
  • It seems to be the sturdiest nappy and holds the most amount of wetness compared to the others.
  • It is generally affordable comparatively, the value of the non-leaking performance is paramount.
  • The back guard to prevent poo-spolosions. Enough said.
  • The targeted absorption is amazing.
  • Wetness indicator is nice (not essential for the older babies, but great for newbies.

Which nappy did Mumma Morrison choose for her little Starfish? 

Thank You brand nappies

This, as indicated above, is a personal preference. I realise different nappies will work for different babies, and four days isn’t a load of time to try them in every situation. Please feel free to let me know which ones you prefer and why. What works for your baby best? Which nappies are you curious about? I hope you enjoy reading about our experiences with these nappies, and honestly hope it helps someone out there to save a little money and a little anxiety over choosing the right nappy for their baby!

^ information sourced from the associated companies’ websites

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    • mummyconfessions says:

      Thank you! I hope it helps someone!

  1. Patricia says:

    I had no idea what a nappie was so I learned something new today!! We have always had success with Huggies!

  2. Jalisa says:

    We loved using Pampers. We first started with the snugglers then went with Baby’s Dry. They both worked great.

  3. Amber says:

    We like the pampers for baby stage and huggies for pull ups. Great break down on pricing!

  4. Lisa says:

    Where was this post 8 years ago?!? Lol. I always had good luck with Luvs with my skinny babies!

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