baby deedee Sleep Nest Teddy: Review

Mummy Review: Along with the Sleepsie, I was also sent the Sleep Nest Teddy, which is a fluffy and warm sleeping bag that cocoons baby or toddler for a winter’s night.

Disclosure: This product has been provided in exchange for a feature and review, however all opinions are my own, and I only feature products I love. See the full disclosure policy for details.

This super fluffy and cosy sleeping bag is a super warm option for winter. Boasting a 2.5tog rating, it is sure to keep your baby, toddler or child comfortable all through the night. The soft look alone makes it appear great for winter, but it’s also quilted and filled with polyester to make for a nicely insulated winter sleeping bag.

About the Brand: baby deedee was created by a mum who desired to have a sleeping bag like a cocoon for her baby who had trouble sleeping. She created the Sleep nest sleeping bag, and went on to create other products that help baby’s sleep.

~My Experience~
My baby didn’t fit this one, so it was reviewed by my sassy and chatty bub. I was surprised at how large this sleeping bag was, though! My child who wears a 4-5T is actually small enough to fit into this product! I was expecting my 2-3T sized child to fit this, which she did, with room to spare. I found the sizing quite generous and the sleeping bag itself fluffy and warm. My kids were big fans, and kept telling me how they loved the faux fur and cosy feeling. The snaps and zips worked well and it was overall a great product to use with my toddler.


The Material~ The lining is 100% cotton and filling is 100% polyester. It is super soft faux fur on the outside and quilted to keep bub warm. My children who can talk told me they loved how soft it was and loved the warmth!

The Design~ The fluffy and quilted design make this sleeping bag super cosy and warm!

The Zipper and Snaps~ The top to bottom zipper is great for changes and keeping the zipper out of baby or toddler’s face, and the snaps on the shoulders make it really easy to remove or put on.

Sleeveless Design~ In order to regulate temperature, the bag has sleeveless designs, so you can put a cotton sleepsie or other pyjama underneath. The sleeveless design makes it easy to remove, adjust, and put on baby.

Tog Rating~ This Sleep nest is rated 2.5 tog which is good for autumn and winter weather. Layer with long sleeves for extra cool weather.
They also make sleeping bags (and footed sleeping bags) in 1.2tog and .6tog for warmer weather.

Sizing~ We received a 18-36 Months size sleep Nest which is perfect I found for a child around a size 2-4. My middle and older child both fit into this, and my older child wears around a size 4-5T. It is fairly large in size, so I would probably need a size 6-18 Months for my smallest child (who fits in a 12-18 Months size).
The Sleep Nest comes in sizes 0-6 months, 6-18 months and 18-36 months.

Cost&Where to buy~ $38 on baby dee dee Website or local retailers

–Worldwide Delivery Available!–

Other Products~ Sleep Nest Sleep Bag, Sleep Kicker, Quilted Footie PJs,  Long Sleeve Footless PJs, Short Sleeve Footless PJs, Sleep Quilts, Bedding Sets, Blankies, Sheets& Pillow Cases, and Booties.

Social Media~ Follow baby deedee on baby deedee Website

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Mummy Confessions Scale for Winter Sleep Wear-
Easy to put on: 5/5– The snaps and zips make it easy to put on either with unzipping or unsnapping.
Stays on: 4.5/5- The looser fitting vest for the top isn’t too loose on the proper sized child, and it stays on well, yet it gives room to move a little.
Easy to change baby in: 5/5 – Simple enough with the downwards zipper to only take out what needs to be changed. If they are taller, it may be a little more difficult.
Easy to take off: 5/5- Easy to unzip or open the snaps to take off. The two methods (both snap and zip) make it extra easy to remove.
Keeps baby warm in winter: 5/5- Super soft faux fur and quilted material means super cosy and warm. My oldest didn’t want to take it off.
Baby likes it? Baby was a bit too small for this size, but the children who wore it loved it.
Material: 5/5 –Super soft and warm, and perfect for cold nights. My children commented on how they love the faux fur.
Sizing: 4/5 – It does tend on the large side, but it was perfect for my children who wear size 2-3 and 4-5, and wasn’t too baggy for either. It’s great that it lasts for such a long time!

Overall Rating of baby deedee Sleep Nest Teddy 4.5/5-
Overall, this is a great sleeping bag for baby or toddler, and my children were warm  and comfortable inside. My kids didn’t have trouble walking in it since it allowed a lot of room (however, baby dee dee does have the Sleep a Kicker which has feet for children who are walking). My children only had good things to say about this and loved the faux fur, and I loved the quilted bit that kept them warm. The sleeveless design makes it so baby or toddler doesn’t overheat, and we didn’t have any problems with that either.

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