Bambo Nature Nappies: A Review

Bambo Nature Nappies: The Great Australian Nappy Review 2017

Biggest Size Range

Disclosure: We were provided these nappies to trial in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are our own. Each nappy brand has been trialled for four days to treat each brand consistently.

//About Bambo Nature Nappies//

Sizes Available: Premature -Size 0 (1-3kg), Newborn-Size 1 (2-4kg), Mini-Size 2 (3-6kg), Midi-Size 3 (5-9kg), Maxi- Size 4 (7-18kg); Junior- Size 5 (12-22kg); XL- Size 6 (16-30kg)
Design: Simple Cute Bear print (or other animal on various sizes) on front of nappy
Cost: 30 pack = $23.95 (.80/nappy); 180 pack = $127.95 (.71/nappy)
Cost Per Nappy: From 71 to 80 cents per nappy
Material: See manufacturer for details
Where to Buy: Hello Charlie Website or Select Retailers
Features: Eco Nappy, Hypoallergenic, Size indicator, Super soft, Super absorbent, thin & perfect fit, breathable, flexible, fully recyclable packaging, recyclable by a specialist nappy recycler, able to incinerate these nappies as well, as there are no environmentally harmful ingredients in the nappies to be released into the atmosphere.
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Other Products: Bambo Nature Nappies, Bambo Nature Training Pants, Bambo Nature Wipes (& Skincare products in the US)


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Review: Mummy Confessions (See Mumma Morrison's review here)
For each of the nappies in this review, both Amanda and Fi trialled them with their sons (for their profiles and an idea of how the nappies sat with each child, read Amanda’s Profile HERE)

How does it fit?
The Bambo Nature Nappies seemed to fit pretty well. They were thin and seemed to contour to bubs legs and waist. The tabs held well and kept the nappy on, as well as make it adjustable.

How long does it last?
This lasted well as a day nappy, and did ok at night. I did have a few leaks with  poo out of the legs, however this tends to be a normal thing for my baby. It did have a leak of wet as well once.

Is it good during the day time? Overnight?
It was good during the day (but not as well for soiled nappies) and overnight it did alright. I felt I needed to change it in the night, as baby would be fussy if not changed.

What is the value like? Is it worth the cost? The cost is expensive. It’s a fairly high priced nappy in general. However, the impact on the environment is a lot less, as it is an Eco Nappy. If you are looking for just a general use nappy for the day time that is friendlier on the environment, this may be worth the cost.

Is it easy to put on and take off?
It was easy to put on and take off. The tabs were a little difficult at times, but no real issues.

Are they easy to dispose of?
Yes, it was easy to dispose. One highlight with this nappy for disposal options is that they are recyclable by a specialist nappy recycler and you are able to incinerate these nappies, as they have no harmful ingredients to the environment.^

Summary of the Bambo Nature Nappies
Overall, I found this nappy to perform decently during the day with minimal leaks. It did tend to leak around the legs when soiled for my baby, too. This nappy is on the upper end of the scale for cost. However, it is an eco-nappy, which means it is having less of an impact on the environment. The material is also good for eczema prone or sensitive skin, which is beneficial to someone trying to find one that is less irritable. I did however find the tags a bit fidgety at times, but they held just fine when used or closed for disposal. I think a huge highlight for this nappy would be its environmental impact and ease of disposal.

^sourced From Bambo Nature’s website

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