Bare Bubs Nappies: A Review

Bare Bubs Nappies: The Great Australian Nappy Review 2017

Cheapest Nappy All Around

Disclosure: We were provided these nappies to trial in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are our own. Each nappy brand has been trialed for four days to treat each brand consistently. This post contains affiliate links which means I earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

Bare Bubs is sadly no longer selling and restocking anymore ūüôĀ therefore I would recommend trying either Babylove or Huggies Essentials which tend to be around the same price point and offer delivery services from

or read about the other brands Mummy Confessions has reviewed here

I discovered Bare Bubs nappies online by chance, and thought they looked interesting, so  I emailed them to ask if Mumma Morrison and I could add them to our Great Australian Nappy Review and they agreed!

//About Bare Bubs Nappies//

Sizes Available: Small (3-8kg) Night& Day Nappies; Medium (6-11kg) Night & Day Nappies; Large (9-14kg) Night& Day Nappies
Design: Bare Bubs Echidna as seen on logo
Cost: Small 288 pack = $67.50 (.23/nappy); Medium 288 pack = $76.05 (.26/nappy); Large 288 pack = $82.65 (.28/nappy)
Cost Per Nappy: 23-28 cents per nappy
Material: See manufacturer for details
Where to Buy: The Bare Bubs nappies have been discontinued however I have created a newborn box with the few packs I have left here.
Features: Ultrasoft Cover, Resealable Velcro Tape, Super Absorbent Core, Leak Guards, Breathable Backsheet, and Wetness Indicator
Other Products: Currently Bare Bubs just has nappies available.

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Review: Mummy Confessions
For each of the nappies in this review, Amanda trialled them with her son (for the profiles and an idea of how the nappies sat with each child, read Amanda‚Äôs son’s Profile HERE)

How does it fit?
With an elastic across the back and legs, it contoured well to my baby’s shape and fit comfortably. It fit well and moved well with him. It did sit a little bulky on bub at times, but this had no effect on how he moved or how well it absorbed anything.

How long does it last?
It lasted very well through the day (so 5 hours or so at a time) as well as 12 or so hours overnight with no leaks. I found it to be very reliable both night and day.

Is it good during the day time and overnight?
It did well both during the day time and overnight for my heavy wetter. I had no leaks of any kind while we trialled these (and only the random one after). They fit my baby well, and I think that is a big part of performance.

What is the value like? Is it worth the cost?
Definitely! The value is amazing, and the performance is great. I would say that they are worth the cost by far, as they work well, yet don’t cost too much.

Is it easy to put on and take off?
Given my squirmy baby, they were just as easy as other nappies to get on and take off. The tabs worked well and weren’t too fidgety , and it was easy to open and secure in place.

Are they easy to dispose of?
I found no issues with disposing of the nappies. The tabs held well and they stayed together.

Summary of the Bare Bubs Nappies:

Let me say first of all, I was first impressed by the cost (or minimal cost) of these nappies. Compared with all of the nappies we have trialled, these cost less than even the most inexpensive on the list. I was curious to see how they performed, and I was impressed! I have had absolutely no leaks with these nappies from daytime or nighttime use, and the material seems soft and great for my baby’s sensitive skin! The elastic across the back isn’t too tight and it seemed to fit my baby well and move with him. Not to mention, the adorable Echidna logo on the nappies is just super cute! Even the large size has a wetness indicator, which comes in handy for mum, dad, or someone who may not change too many nappies. The tabs faired well and weren’t fidgety and held the nappy closed and stuck when disposing. Overall, I was quite happy with these nappies and would recommend you try them at least once.

I can say I am super sad these have now been discontinued : (

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