A Christmas Eve Box All Ready For Gifting!

Mummy Confession: Great Ideas pop into my head at all hours of the night. This was one of them!

Since my children were babies, we started the tradition of giving a box of goodies at Christmas Eve for them to unwrap and enjoy.

Included in our box followed the something you WANT, NEED, WEAR and READ principle and anything that suited those categories was fair game! We usually packed some Chrisfmas pyjamas (I’m a sucker for them) and a relevant book, along with some things they were asking about and anothe they would use.

Well, just a bit back, I figured I would love to provide this same product for mums and dads, or aunts, uncles and others who knew some little ones who they could spoil during Christmas. I followed the concept of the Christmas Eve Box and included a range of toys, books, and other useful things for babies through to around kindergarten age. You don’t necessarily need to give it on Christmas Eve, and you can do so much more with it, or create a tradition from year to year!

(Unfortunately, these boxes are no longer available this year, as our supply was exhausted. However you can find some other great options for hampers here)

There are options for just the box kit to decorate and fill yourself, or fully loaded versions for babies through to around kindy aged children!

I’ve included several products which I know and love along with some others that I envy children for having. There is a range of different items to include, and you can customise your own box if you wanted to include more or less, or even pack one box for several children!

You can create your own box with the custom option and add in extra tags if needed, too!

Each box comes with a Plaque reading “Twas the Night Before Christmas” (created by Personalised Keepsakes) for you to take photos with or include in the unboxing of your gift. You have the choice of Wooden tags by Personalised Keepsakes or Cardstock Rectangular Swing tags created by Paper Love Cards. Also included is a decal choice between the “Christmas Eve Box” decal in white by Paper Love Cards, or the “Christmas Eve Box” with stars by The Design Room (There will not be personalisation offered though, so your child’s name will not be included)

Decal by The Design Room for Christmas Eve Box. Photo Credit: The Design Room; Used with permission


If you are choosing a box with products inside, you can either get a custom box and choose your items, or select from the WANT, NEED, and READ categories with guided choices. The toys and book do not come wrapped, so you can leave it as it is, or wrap them up for more fun!


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