Difrax BtoB Breast Pump: A Unique and Hands-Free Pump

The Difrax BtoB (Single Electric Breast Pump): A Review

Most Discreet Breast Shield

Disclosure: This pump was received in exchange for my honest opinion. As always, I give my honest opinion and I do not recommend products that I don’t love myself. See the disclosure policy for more details. Or why I disclose here.

The Difrax breast pump is a single, hands free electric pump, making pumping a little more discreet. This is the most unique looking pump that I have seen, so I was keen to see how it worked! I’ve included a little about the pump as well as my personal experience with it below.

Where to find the Difrax pump: Kidslifestyle.com.au , or retailors Baby Mode, Baby Junction, or Baby Village.
Where to find it internationally: Difrax Website
Cost: $279.95AUD ($189 Euros)

Difrax Australia’s Website//Facebook//Instagram

Everything that comes with the Difrax Breast Pump


Open or closed system? Closed.
Single or double? Single.
Battery operated, plug in, adaptor? Both battery operated and plug in methods available.
Manual or Electric? Electric
Varying shield sizes? What are they? 3 shield sizes. Small, medium, and large.
Soft or hard? Hard
How many phases? 2 phases. You can switch phases manually, or it automatically switches after initial 3 minutes.
Does it adjust speed/suction? Yes, adjustable suction to 8 different levels.
Price? $279.95AUD
Where to buy? Rental Available? Kidslifestyle.com.au or retailers Baby Mode, Baby Junction, or Baby Village (in Australia). Various retailers elsewhere in the world can be found on their website.
Rental is not available.
Features? Discreet, hands free, two phase technology, 8 suction levels, timer, light.
Other products? Pacifiers, Baby bottles, Bottle warmer, Breast pump, eating & Drinking products, Comforting and soothing products, Sterilising and cleaning products, and baby care products.
Compatible bottle system? Yes, 170ml, 250ml, and 310ml bottles.
Adaptors for other bottle systems? The Difrax pump fits the Medela bottles in addition to the Difrax bottles.

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My Experience


Ease of use? It was easy to fit on once I found the proper shield size. They offer an instructional book to help you figure the proper size. Very straightforward and simple to figure out!
Easy to clean? It comes apart into several pieces so you can clean every nook and cranny. I would suggest keeping them in a container to ensure none of the smaller bits get lost. The only concern I have is how to properly scrub the tubing that has milk going through it. Difrax says the way to properly sterilise the tubing is by using their steriliser which has a special hook up to sterilise the tubing.
Easy to store? If you take it all apart, very easy to store. It will be simple to keep in smaller spaces.
Easy to put together? It did initially take a little time to put it together. However, after I got it sorted, it would be easy to remember how to do it again. The only challenge is that it is uniquely designed, so I haven’t put together a breast pump like this before, so I had to keep double checking to ensure everything was in the right spot.
Parts come apart? Yes, very well.

Light up display with timer and buttons


Quiet? It was about the same as you would expect from any breast pump. Not overly noisy, but not silent.
Quick? It took a little time to express, but more efficient than self-expressing by a bit.
Comfortable? Once fitted properly it was perfectly comfortable.
Suction is sufficient? The two phase expressing and 8 levels of suction left me with plenty of options for suction to the best comfort and efficiency.
Portability? If you take it apart, it is fairly portable. There is the option of using batteries or plugging it in, so you have options at least with that.
Volume? This pump comes with 170ml and 250ml bottle options.


I loved this pump and how it looks is quite unique! The bottle shape is different, too. I enjoyed the discreetness of the shield, and the ability to pump hands-free while I sat down to do some work. I love that you don’t need a pumping bra, or to hold the pump or shield while you pump, too! The automatic switchover to letdown mode was great to have,a s well as the option to switch it manually. The timer is also a brilliant addition, so you can see how long each session lasts. The bottles being available for the system is a bonus, as you don’t need to constantly be pouring milk out after pumping, and can feed baby directly from the bottles. I like the range of colours and sizes for the bottles, so you can purchase  the 170ml, 250ml, or 310ml versions to suit your baby. They have a range of nipples in various flows and shapes as well.
It would be great to have a double in this style, as I would be able to pump twice as fast rather than waiting to switch over. It did take a little longer than other electric pumps, however, plugging in the motor  improved the efficiency a little. Before you start to pump with this one, be sure that the breast shield is facing the proper direction and the motor of the pump (bottle and motor unit) is lower in elevation to the shield, so gravity is working with the pump.


  • The Difrax pump works a little better plugged in rather than battery powered.
  • Ensure the motor portion of the pump is below breast level for most efficient pumping.
  • Ensure the breast shield is facing the proper direction before pumping for best results.
  • You will need to purchase the Difrax steriliser to properly sterilise the milk tubing.

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