“Do You Want Any More Kids” Is a Loaded Question Now

Mummy Confession: While I would love to think that this is a simple yes or no, ever since the eventful past months, this is now a loaded question

Now, I’m not one to discuss intimate details of my marriage, especially in regards to whether we are trying for children or if they were “planned,” but I figured it is pretty relevant to my most recent adventure to discuss the potential for kids, and it seems many people are pretty interested to know whether our family will be growing in the future. It’s simply a loaded question at the moment, and here’s why…

I will admit firstly, that as I waited in the emergency room for over 9 hours to be seen by a doctor, one of the first things that crossed my mind was if my hopes of any future children would be completely ripped away.

When I was in agony at home and waiting for hospital staff to take blood and just give me some answers, my self-diagnosing brought me to possible ectopic pregnancy. This already had me thinking, “what if I can’t ever have another baby?”

It’s probably not a secret that I adore my littles and, my goodness, I love babies! The thought of my littlest being my last child hurts a little. I didn’t prepare myself for savouring moments in the pregnancy with the mindset of enjoying my “last” pregnancy moments, so it’s a bit of mourning those lost opportunities in a way.

Once it was discovered that I have a medical condition that makes me prone to clotting (the degree of this is unknown, though) and the placement of a stent in my vein, I knew that another pregnancy would likely mean I would be deemed “high risk.” It may be more complicated to go through pregnancy again, because I would likely need to be on blood thinners (*shiver* needles!) for at least a portion of my pregnancy. I have even heard of some ladies who need to start on them once they intend to start trying for a baby.

The fact that pregnant women are more at risk of developing blood clots and DVTs also came to mind.

Before this whole incident, I have had uneventful pregnancies for the most part besides enduring through hypermesis, acid reflux and easily pulled muscles at times.

Now, these things definitely create a long-winded answer for anyone asking if my husband and I would want more children in the future. (I think many believe 3 is a crowd already!)

I’ve had a talk with my doctor and he has since confirmed that pregnancy would be met with a “high risk” label, along with a course of blood thinners throughout a pregnancy as the beginning. So, if you’re wondering, it’s still not quite an easy answer, and nothing that needs to be decided on urgently either.

For now, I recover.

For now, I heal.

For now (and the foreseeable future), my answer is simply, “I don’t know”


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