Ecoriginals Nappies: A Review

Ecoriginals: The Great Australian Nappy Review 2017

Most Skin-Friendly Nappy

Disclosure: We were provided these nappies to trial in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are our own. Each nappy brand has been trialled for four days to treat each brand consistently.

//About Ecoriginals Nappies//

Sizes Available: (Newborn first weeks {2-4kgs} coming mid 2017!) Newborn Plus (4-6kg), Infant (5-9kg), Crawler (7-13kg), Toddler (10-15kg), Walker (14-20kg)
Design: Plain White design with Ecoriginals logo
Cost: 96 pack = $69.95 (.73/nappy); 120 pack = $83.55 (.69/nappy); 144 pack = $144.00 (.66/nappy); 288 pack = $169.95 (.59/nappy)
Cost Per Nappy: 66 cents to 59 cents per nappy

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Material: Backsheet: Cellulose spun from woodpulp; Topsheet: Cellulose spun from woodpulp, polypropylene; Leak guard: 100% certified compostable film; Absorbent care: Chlorine free woodpulp from FSC certified sources and compostable SAP; Elastic: Rubber free lycra; Glue: Resin and wax (no formaldehyde); Tabs: Paper and polethylene^
Where to Buy: Ecoriginals Website, Select Retailers
Features: Hypo-allergenic, breathable, mostly plant based ingredients, more landfill friendly, world leading 100% compostable packaging, free from chlorine, dioxins, phthalates, fragrances, latex and heavy metal, 100% free from GMO materials^
Other Products: Ecoriginals Nappies Monthly Subscription Boxes, Ecoriginals Nappy Deals, Ecoriginals Wipes, Gift Certificates.


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Review: Mummy Confessions (See Mumma Morrison's review here)
For each of the nappies in this review, both Amanda and Fi trialled them with their sons (for their profiles and an idea of how the nappies sat with each child, read Amanda’s Profile HERE)

How does it fit?

I found the Ecoriginals to fit very well. It was snug around the waist and legs like expected. The fit seemed to have a lot more coverage than other nappies, which I loved. It rose up the back a bit higher than other nappies as well, which is great.

How long does it last?
It lasted normal intervals in the day just fine (every 4 hours or so), and even overnight it performed well.

Is it good during the daytime and overnight?
It is a great nappy during the day and holds the heavy wetting my bub does very well (for 4 or so hours at a time). I was surprised at how well they performed overnight as well. It lasted the whole night without any leaks (for around 12 hours).

What is the value like? Is it worth the cost?
Buying them in the 288 pack, or doing a monthly subscription, the value is good for an Eco nappy, which I’ve found tend to usually be more expensive than non-Eco variety Nappies. I love that Ecoriginals have made Eco nappies more affordable.

Is it easy to put on and take off?
Easy to put on and take off. The tabs stick well to the nappy and are easy to manage.

Are they easy to dispose of?
Yes, they are easy to dispose of, and their impact on the environment is a lot less significant as they are an eco nappy.

Summary of the Ecoriginals Nappies
The Ecoriginals Nappies felt so soft and fit nicely. They covered my baby very well, and seemed to do a bit better all around in the whole coverage. I loved how the size fit him, and the nappy overall seemed to work great for his sensitive skin. It seemed to work very well for keeping him comfortable and less red. The simple white design was just a classic nappy look. They seemed to absorb well and did very well during the day and even through the night. I had no wet leaks, but I did have one soiled leak out the leg once. That is fairly common for my baby though who tends to wait a couple days to do number twos. There was also a slight wet odour if the nappy was used overnight, so for 12 hours or so, but it wasn’t significant enough to bother me or bub. I would highly recommend this nappy for anyone looking for a well priced eco nappy that performs well.


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