Happy New Year!

Mummy Confession: I often find myself unsure of the date, and now that’s even more difficult with a new year to remember!!
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Time seems to fly by, especially as a parent. Even so, sometimes we seem to wish those short moments away because of how difficult they may be at the time. Other times we may find ourselves longing to be back in the places where our lives may have seemed simpler and easier, or hang on to the years where we know everything will rush by so very quickly.

I recently read a post by Sara Wallace from a few years ago on how to enjoy every moment when not every moment is enjoyable, and it resonated with me. In her Blog she says, “There are a lot of people waiting to be content, waiting for the current stage to be over…But if we can’t learn to be content in our current stage, we won’t be content in the next one either. When it comes to contentment it isn’t about what’s next – it’s about what’s now.”

This is so applicable to us mothers as we may yearn for potty training to be over, the children to start helping a bit more around the house, or even just longing to be back at a stage where everything seemed simpler (like when the children weren’t invading the pantry, or we could get ready in 5 minutes). We need to first be content with where we are, and as we do that, it will overflow into all the other parts of our life. It is so much easier to have enjoyable moments, even amongst the chaos, when our hearts are content. This is a splendid reminder as we start a new day and especially a new year.

Let this year be a chance for renewal of joy, a lesson in contentment, and a reminder that life’s moments are just that, small brush strokes on a much larger canvas.

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