Huggies Ultimate Nappy Pants: A Review

Huggies Ultimate Nappy-Pants: The Great Australian Nappy Review 2017

Most Adjustable Nappy-Pant

Disclosure: We were provided these nappy pants to trial in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are our own. Each nappy brand has been trialled for four days to treat each brand consistently.

//About Huggies Ultimate Nappy Pants//

Sizes Available: Toddler Nappy Pants (9-14kg), Walker Nappy Pants (14-18kg), and Junior Nappy Pants (16kg+)
Design: Various Mickey Mouse designs
Cost: $17 for 29 nappy pants or $33 for 56 nappy pants
Cost Per Nappy: 59 cents per nappy pant
Material: outer cover: soft non-woven material; absorbent layer: mixture of wood pulp and polyacrylate crystal; inner cover: polyethylene; dry touch layer: polyester, polypropylene; liner: gentle balm; leak guards: non-woven material, non-toxic adhesive; leak guards: synthetic elastic; refasten-able sides: composite non-woven fabrics and stretch film; graphics: non-toxic ink for; small filaments of hot melt adhesive
There is no latex used at all in the manufacturing process.
Features: Easy on pull up style, dry touch layer (instantly absorbs wetness), aloe Vera and vitamin e, unique resealable sides, up to 12 hours of protection, motion flex technology (moves with your baby, flexible sides), and gender specific designs with targeted absorbency.
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For each of the nappies in this review, both Amanda and Fi trialled them with their sons (for their profiles and an idea of how the nappies sat with each child, read Amanda’s Profile HERE)

How does it fit?
It fits great! I was a little concerned about the gusset not being out enough to catch leaks or soiling, but it contours to baby and moves well with him. I love the ability to adjust if bub is a little smaller and reseal.

How long does it last?
This one lasted the night with no issues! It was a bit more difficult to change baby if I decided to overnight, but it worked fine at night, too. He wore it for 4-12 hours.

Is it good during the day time and overnight?
This nappy-pant worked very well during daytime, providing me with the peace of mind that they wouldn’t leak. Nighttime, I was a little hesitant to use it, however I was surprised that it didn’t leak for me. The changes were a little more difficult at night, though.

What is the value like? Is it worth the cost?
Compared to various other products on the market, the cost tends to be a little higher, but the performance matches. I would say if you are after a nappy pant that lasts and is reliable, it’s worth the cost.

Is it easy to put on and take off?
If you have a baby who stands or stands assisted, it’s brilliant! I found it easy to put on and take off. The tabs adjust if your baby is a bit big or small for the pre-set size, and I love this option! When it was soiled, however, I don’t recommend standing Baby up and pulling the nappy down, but laying flat like a normal nappy change and unfastening the sides.

Are they easy to dispose of?
Actually yes! The way the re-adjustable tabs work, you can manipulate them to adhere to the nappy and contain the mess! You can even seal up the sides again and throw away like that, too (however, all wipes and mess won’t be contained that way).

Summary of the Huggies Ultimate Nappy Pants
Overall, I was highly impressed with the Huggies Nappy-Pants! I didn’t expect a nappy-pant to last as well overnight and handling soiled business as well as they did! This nappy pant is great for overnights (however, I would opt for the Huggies Ultimate nappies overnight between the two of them), and the re-adjustable tabs are a great innovation. Even the disposal is much easier than other options for nappy-pants out there because of the tabs. The designs are cute, and the targeted absorption works for my boy very well. The cost does run a little higher than other products on the market, but I found this one to be reliable for preventing leaks of all sorts, so the cost is justified. If you change bub overnight, however, I wouldn’t recommend using this solely because of the difficulty putting it on a sleeping baby (but if you have a very awake child to put it on, go ahead). I even used these for my recently day-time toilet trained child for just in case moments, and it held a decent amount of accidents.

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