Joonya: Eco & Biodegradable Baby Wipes

Mummy Confession: I love finding new brands, especially ones which are safe for baby and better for the environment. Even better that they deliver to your door!

Disclosure: I was provided these wipes in exchange for my honest opinion. This post contains affiliate links by which I receive commissions from qualifying purchases.

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There’s a newer Australian baby wipes brand available and they’re offering a great product that is safe to use for baby, non-toxic and biodegradable all contained in 100% recyclable packaging. AND they plant one tree for every order that goes through their website! Brilliant!

I love finding products like this, because while I’m not well versed in everything eco-friendly I always enjoy finding brands which are natural and better for my baby. Joonya offers several options for purchasing, trying to make it easy and affordable to buy eco-friendly products that are safe for baby.

Joonya offers the service of delivering wipes straight to your door where you can choose how often they are delivered, or you can order a once off delivery or gift for a friend. You can choose from 12 or 24 packs or you can even order just a trial pack.


I tried the Joonya wipes with my littles over the last weeks and I had to keep my kids from running away with the packets once I opened the box! The kids love deliveries and get stoked when the delivery man drops off a parcel.
As far as wipes go, they were gentle, smelled great, and did a really good job getting everything clean! It’s amazing that they do well as a wipe in addition to being biodegradable. There were some smaller details that stood out to me about these that differ from other brands of wipes. The simple fact that the tab that seals stays attached a bit better than typical wipes packets was great, and meant that (unless my kids got a hold of them), they were easy to peel and stayed wet. The harder bit that opens to seal the packet was also a bit more durable and easy to work with than I’ve found other brands, too. The packet is even stylish and colourful (so a bit easier to find when needed)!

All in all, I know we enjoyed the wipes! I’ve even included them in some hampers over at Bubsessed. And, they now have nappies available on their website, too!

I recommend giving this Aussie brand a go, as I think you’ll love them, too! They’ve even given me a code to save $20 on your first 24 pack bulk order* using the code JOONYA20 .
*Coupon is valid for first time customers only when purchasing the 24 pack bulk order only. Not valid for sample pack or 12 pack orders.

What baby products have you discovered lately?

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