Meal Plan Monday: Week #8

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Wow! Nearly two months of meal planning! I have to admit, I’ve been pretty bad at it, and have done meals from different days and missed some, but I’m getting better! I hope you are getting some good recipes and ideas for your table here! Let me know what sort of meals you are looking for, and I will try to find some!

This week, along with SEVEN new recipes for dinner, I am adding a Soup, Salad & Dessert of the Week! Even more goodness! Be sure to share with everyone you know so they can get some delicious ideas, too!

Featuring  Biscuits and Grading, Miss Food Fairy, My Fussy Eater, Good Food Week, Easy Peasy Foodie, and Family Capers!

Tag #CookingwithMPM if you use these, so we can see your tasty creations! Enjoy!

Steak and Mushroom Risotto; Photo Credit: Bicuits and Grading

Monday: Steak and Mushroom Risotto from Biscuits and Grading

Vietnamese Pork Skewers; Photo Credit: Miss Food Fairy

Tuesday: Vietnamese Pork Skewers from Miss Food Fairy

Spicy Asian Chicken Tacos ; Photo Credit: Miss Food Fairy

Wednesday: Spicy Asian Chicken Tacos from Miss Food Fairy

Sausage & Butterbean Casserole; Photo Credit: My Fussy Eater

Thursday: Sausage and Butterbean Casserole from My Fussy Eater

Baked Barramundi with Potatoes and Cherry Tomatoes; Photo Credit: Good Food Week

Friday: Baked Barramundi with Potatoes and Cherry Tomatoes from Good Food Week

Hungarian Beef Goulash; Photo Credit: Easy Peasy Foodie

Saturday: Hungarian Beef Goulash from Easy Peasy Foodie

Chicken Pot Pie with Leek and Mushrooms; Photo Credit: Family Capers

Sunday: Chicken Pot Pie with Leek and Mushrooms from Family Capers

Soup, Salad &a Dessert of the Week:

Healing Chicken Noodle Soup; Photo Credit: Miss Food Fairy

Soup of the Week: Healing Chicken Noodle Soup from Miss Food Fairy

Salad, meal Plan, meal. Plan, monday
Brown Rice Salad; Photo Credit: Good Food Week

Salad of the Week: Brown Rice Salad from Good Food Week

Apple and Cinnamom Cake; Photo Credit: Easy Peasy Foodie

Dessert of the Week: Apple and Cinnamon Cake from Easy Peasy Foodie

17 thoughts on “Meal Plan Monday: Week #8

  1. Andrea says:

    I have yet to do any kind of meal planning, period! Good for you!

  2. Kell @ All Mum Said says:

    We meal plan every week. Have done for years now. It makes it so much easier to know what to shop for.
    Thanks for linking up to #MummyMondays at All Mum Said.

  3. Kendel says:

    Oh my, chicken tacos! YUM. I think I need to steal that recipe and make it one night! I am notoriously bad at meal planning, but I need to start if I’m going to get this baby weight off my body! Eeep.

  4. Anna says:

    Your food looks so good. I do meal plan as well and i must say it’s a life saver for us. Great job on your meal plannning.

  5. Amanda says:

    Very cool idea for organizing your blog. I honestly don’t know where to start, but those Vietnamese Pork Skewers caught my eye.

    • mummyconfessions says:

      Thank you! ? Those sKewers do look tasty, don’t they?! (Sewers definitely wouldn’t be….?? so thank you for pointing that out!)

    • mummyconfessions says:

      I wish I could say I was better at it! It really does help!

  6. Jocelyne says:

    All of these recipes look so amazing! OMG I will have to try them. Especially the salad of the week. 🙂 -Jocelyne from

    • mummyconfessions says:

      Don’t they?! My mouth is watering while I compile all of the options!

  7. Marie, Mamma's Cooking says:

    Meal planning is such a savior during busy weeks! Knowing what is for dinner really helps take the stress out of the week 🙂

  8. Holly says:

    I need to be better at meal planning! Thanks for the ideas!

  9. Miss Food Fairy says:

    Oh wow Amanda! Love the look of all these recipes. Thank you for sharing my recipes with everyone, hope you all try them & enjoy them – they’re all delicious and wonderful 🙂 Great weekly meal plan to help with busy families x

    • mummyconfessions says:

      Thank you for letting me share! Hopefully I can get on top of my Meal Planning game!

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