Aussie Farmer’s Direct: A Ready to Prepare Dinner Option

Mummy Review: I recently discovered that Aussie Farmers Direct has a meal option for delivery! After discovering a coupon for a free meal, I had to try it!

Disclosure: I discovered a voucher which allowed me one free meal through Aussie Farmer’s Direct #chooseyourown , and this is how I have obtained this product to review and feature. All the opinions and recommendations are my own. I never recommend something I haven’t tried or wouldn’t purchase myself. This post includes referral links. This means I make a commission off of qualifying purchases, but it does not effect the amount you pay. See the full disclosure policy for details, or why I disclose, here.

Aussie Farmers Direct has already had a service running for the delivery of fresh fruits, vegetables and grocery items, but they have recently added a meals section to their website.  In addition to this option, they also offer Weight Watchers options for meals.

This works like some of the other meal subscription services, where you pick and choose your meals, but with the option to select once off options, or to have it recurring. The same option is available for their groceries, vegetables and fruit options. You are free to choose how ever many or few items you want to order. It comes in a pre-packed portioned amount of ingredients with a recipe for your convenience. You can even choose the bestsellers set or simple & fresh 4 meals options.


This is what happens while I cook….the kids help

Where to buy
: Aussie Farmers Direct Website

How it arrives: In a cardboard box with ice packs

What you need: Refrigerator space for the ingredients and pantry basics like salt, pepper, etc.

What is in the box? The packaged ingredients (though it may come differently should you order more than one meal, I’m not entirely sure) and a recipe card.

How long it is good for? I’m pretty sure the ingredients had use by dates on them. See website for further questions.

Sizes Available? Varies by meal choice. Between 2, 4-5, and 8 person serves.

Delivery Area: Check website for delivery areas.

How far in advance to order: By noon the day prior to your delivery day (which varies according to your area)

Pickup delivery available? No.

Specific dietary plans available? There are a variety of choices to cater to many diets. They offer Weight Watchers boxes as an option as well.

Cost? Price Per Serve? Prices start around $27 for meal selections, though you can always order by the ingredients on their website as well. Prices per serve would vary by the meal choice, so it would be a large variation.

Plans available? Not so much a subscription service as a you choose service. You can choose the frequency to be once off, weekly, or fortnightly.

Frequency? As stated above, you can choose to have deliveries once off, weekly, or fortnightly.

Self-renewing or manual? See above in plans and descriptions. They will only self-renew if they are weekly or fortnightly choices.

Delivery days range? Big or small? Delivery days range by the area you live. See website for details.

Variety of food? There is a large variety of food to choose from that suits all sorts of diets and needs. Weight watchers fresh box is also available.

Groceries/Fruit available as well? Yes! Aussie Farmers Direct offers a range of fruits, vegetables and groceries. You can get nearly everything in one place.

Coupons or savings available? Using the code APPLES25 will save you $25 on your order (though it may be first orders only)

Need to be home for delivery? You do not need to be home, but leave instructions with your order for delivery.

Aussie Farmers Direct Website//Facebook//Instagram

My Experience

Price (4/5)

As with other options, the price is a little higher than you would find in your average grocery store, however all food is sourced from Australian farmers, as the name would suggest and it was fresh. The convenience and delivery obviously come in to play with the price, so it ranges fairly average when you consider this. It isn’t the cheapest option, however you can always select cheaper meal options if you desire a cheaper range of meals.

Delivery: (5/5)

The cardboard box was delivered by one of their Aussie Farmer’s people who messaged me before delivery and asked if there were any instructions or questions about delivery. It was also a great reminder to me about the order, so I’m definitely impressed with this! It arrived in a well-insulted cardboard box (I think it had ice packs as well) fairly early in the morning. Everything was packed nicely in the box and the recipes were included in the box as well.

Storage: (5/5)

All of the ingredients were separate anyway, so easy to put in the fridge or pantry for future use. I only received one meal, so I’m not sure if everything is sorted according to meals, or if you need to sort it yourself for that. But, easy to store just as any other shopping you would do yourself.

Preparation: (4/5)

Preparation was easy and pretty much according to the directions of the recipe card included. I’m not used to preparing kale (this was the first time for me), so there was a little learning curve for me there. Everything else was fairly straightforward and to be expected with something you need to prepare yourself.

Portion/Size: (4/5)

The portion size was fairly decent, however this was the 4 person serve. So, I wouldn’t want to order the smaller serve, as we would probably have only received one steak for two of us. Size is probably similar to other subscription services, so order the 4 person size if you are big eaters like us.

Taste: (3/5)

I was surprised, but this meat didn’t have a great taste to it. Maybe it’s again because you were supposed to top it with a sauce that I didn’t want to make, but I expected a porterhouse steak to taste a bit nicer. I’m guessing it was a once off, since all of the other ingredients and produce was good and tasty. (And we have had Aussie Farmers Direct meat as a part of a holiday meal before with other family members who ordered it themselves.) Possibly a different meal would have offered a better taste, too.

Leftovers: (3/5)

We had leftovers, but only with the kale and cauliflower, so not much left over. If you ordered for two people, you probably will have just enough to eat (and maybe be a little hungry), but the four person serve didn’t leave too much to be eaten. Zero waste for food though is always good.

Disposal/Removal of Packaging: (5/5)

It is easy to recycle the recyclable components of this parcel and there isn’t a ton of packaging to manage either. Easy to dispose and recycle.

Overall: (3.5/5)

Overall, Aussie Farmers Direct does a great job of delivering and offering a variety of foods, fruits, vegetable and now meals delivered straight to your door. Huge win with getting nearly everything in one place! The variety is huge as far as choices go, so there are plenty of things to choose from. This also helps if you want to get more than the 4-5 meals in a subscription service, as this will provide more than just those select days. I can imagine it would be a great help to families who want fresh ingredients but can’t get out to get it all themselves. Sadly, I was disappointed by the taste of the steak, though, and didn’t expect it to be bad after having had a good experience with them previously, and this is only one meal I had to judge everything from. (This is why the lower score overall, because taste is very important.) I would possibly order from them again to see if it was a once off, and to be able to have my meals and ingredients delivered to my door, and get some new ideas.

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