Dinner On The Table: A Ready to Cook Dinner Option

MummyReview: I didn’t think I would have the chance to try Dinner On The Table (as they didn’t deliver to my area) until I wound up at the Baby & Toddler Show in Sydney. I was truly impressed with all that Dinner On The Table works to achieve and I hope you will read a little about it, too.

Disclosure: I was provided this meal in exchange for my honest opinion and experience. However, all the opinions and recommendations are my own. I never recommend something I haven’t tried or wouldn’t purchase myself. See the full disclosure policy for details, or why I disclose, here.

There are many options out there for ready to cook and serve meal services, but this is one in particular that I love because of the impact they are making in society as they help women living with disability and their families. Dinner on the Table helps your family by providing meals, and they are helping others at the same time, too. For more information on this, you can check out their website here.

Dinner on the Table is a service delivering food to busy families in the Sydney and gifting meals for families living with disability as well as composting veggie scraps with The Hills School kitchen garden. They are helping so many people in so many different ways, and I loved hearing about all of the good being done through this business! Not only can you get your family some tasty meals, save some time shopping and cooking, but you can help those in need through your purchases.

About Dinner On The Table:

Where to buy: Dinner On The Table Website (Click any meal to start)

How it arrives: Styrofoam box packed with icepacks with meals inside.

What you need: Fridge or freezer space.

What is in the box? Pre-made frozen meals. Ready to cook.

How long it is good for? Good until marked date (which is a good number of months.)

Sizes Available? Small size serves 1-2 adults, medium serves 2-3 adults, and large size serves 3-4 adults

Delivery Area: Select Sydney suburbs. See if they deliver to your postcode here. (They are working on expanding the delivery area.)

How far in advance to order: Order by 8am on your day of delivery (which is on indicated days)  the same week. Last minute delivery (ordering by 3pm for same day) is available in the Hills district only.

Pickup delivery available? No. Delivery only.

Specific dietary plans available? Gluten free and low sodium meals are available.

Cost? Price Per Serve? Meals range from around $14 (smaller meals) to around $34 (larger size meals). Minimum for delivery is $65-$85 total depending on the day. Delivery fee varies from $10 to free depending on the amount ordered.

Plans available? Order as you need. No subscription.

Frequency? As you order.

Self-renewing or manual? Manual

Delivery days range? Big or small? They have designated delivery days (checking your post code will tell you when they deliver).

Variety of food? There is a good variety of food to choose from, and new menu items are added each week.

Groceries/Fruit available as well? They offer pantry extras for an additional cost. Currently it is a small selection.

Coupons or savings available? Not currently.

Need to be home for delivery? No. You don’t need to be home for delivery, as it is delivered in a stryofoam box with icepacks

Dinner on the Table Website//Facebook//Instagram

My Experience

Price (4.5/5)

The price is decent, considering you have to do no work to prepare the meal and the amount is a good portion for the recommended amount of people served. Obviously, it is a higher cost than buying and preparing everything yourself, but all of these meal service options are that way, as they make dinner a little easier. I also place value on the fact that they are helping women in need through their customers’ purchases. You can’t get any better than helping others in need while helping your family, too.

Delivery: (N/A/5)

As I picked up this one at the Baby & Toddler Show while I was in Sydney, I did not experience an actual delivery. However, the fact that it arrives in a Styrofoam box with ice is a great option for keeping everything insulated until you can get it sorted. They tell you to use the same box again for future deliveries. I am a little disappointed in the delivery area, as they don’t currently deliver to my area, but that will hopefully be changing soon!

Storage: (3.5/5)

Storage may be a little tricky if you get several meals, as they will need to be stored in the freezer (and my freezer is small). Just be sure you have adequate storage space should you be ordering several meals, especially larger sized meals! They come in very handy containers to store, though, so no fault to that. They just take up a bit more space than typical groceries.

Preparation: (5/5)

These are the easiest to prepare as far as anything goes. You just remove from the pack, preheat the oven and you’re off. Cooking is sorted. I have to say, I did cover my meal so it didn’t burn (as mum I can be highly distracted). Super easy preparation. No work on my part at all!

Portion/Size: (5/5)

I believe we received the large size portion which serves 4-6 adults, and we had leftovers! This is pretty big, because any other meals even serving 4 adults, we seemed to lack leftovers. I even gave the kids some of this meal, and we still had leftovers after that. Winning for portions, and I would go for the same size with every meal for our big dinner family.

Taste: (5/5)

Beautiful taste, especially for a frozen meal. I can honestly say, I didn’t expect this to taste like a fresh meal, but it did. My husband thinks it could use some salt, but that is easily remedied anyways.

Leftovers: (4/5)

We had leftovers firstly! Lasagna is good to eat into the next day, so it’s a good option for leftovers as well. The portion sizes suited our family well (and mum’s belly for the next day, too).

Disposal/Removal of Packaging: (N/A/5)

Not quite applicable in this situation, as I didn’t need to do anything with a box. They are delivered in a styrofoam box which is returned and reused with each delivery, though, so I think that works out pretty well for everyone’s bin space! There isn’t too much food packaging either, so not too much to dispose.

Overall: (4,5/5)

The taste, preparation and portion size are all great with Dinner On The Table. Add to that a great cause to help others, and you have a winning combination! There is really not much to say as far as the negatives. Only one thing, that it doesn’t quite deliver too far yet at the moment, so I have no way to get my hands on these great dinners in the super near future. Plus, it does take some space to store, as would any frozen food, but to save a bunch of time shopping and cooking, maybe it’s worth buying another freezer just to have for these dinners? I would recommend having these on hand should you ever want a night off. Let them do the work for you!

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