Marley Spoon: A Ready to Prepare Dinner Option

Mummy ReviewEver since I have seen Marley Spoon in the world of ready-to-prepare options for meal subscription services, I have wanted to try their range.

Disclosure: I was provided these meals in exchange for my honest opinion and experience. All opinions are my own. See my disclosure policy for details. This information was accurate in 2018.

Marley Spoon is among the known brands of meal subscription services out there, and I have heard great things about their services. I have been affiliated with them for some time now, but am excited to say I have finally tried this meal subscription service! I’m always after services that make life a little easier, and this is one that I am loving!

One thing I like about the readily sorted and set subscription packs that include ingredients to prepare is that should I decide I don’t want to use all of the ingredients, I don’t need to. For example, if the recipe calls for chilli and I’m not a fan, I can leave it out, or put it into my husband’s portion.

With Marley Spoon, please feel free to use (or not use) the affiliate link I provide in the “Where to buy” or “promo code” section, as it will get you $35 your first box with Marley Spoon. Read all about Marley Spoon and my experience below!

Where to buy: Marley Spoon Website (click “Start Cooking Now”)

How it arrives: In an insulated cardboard box with ice packs. Food is divided into meals in paper bags with designated expiry dates. Recipe cards arrive in box.

What you need: Refrigerator space.Pantry space if you plan to separate the food.

What is in the box? Pre-sorted ingredients for each recipe in your meal plan. Each ingredient is labeled. They are divided into designated paper bags by the recipe. Expiry dates are visible on each bag. Recipe cards are included in the box.

How long it is good for? Up to four days.

Sizes Available? 2 and 4 person options available.

Delivery Area: Check your delivery area with their website.

How far in advance to order: At least 6 days prior to your delivery day.

Pickup delivery available? No, delivery only.

Specific dietary plans available? Vegetarian Options for boxes are available as well as healthy choice options each week.

Cost? Price Per Serve? Meals range from $55 (2ppl/2meals) to $143.20/wk (4ppl/4 meals)
Two person box: 2 meals, $55; 3 meals $69.90; 4 meals $92 (from $11.50/serve)
Four person box: 2 meals, $84; 3 meals $114; 4 meals $143.20 (from $8.95/serve)

Plans available? Subscription only. Two and Four Person Boxes (with vegetarian option for both). Vegetarian boxes only have up to 3 meals delivered each week.

Frequency? Weekly.

Self-renewing or manual? Self-renewing until you postpone, skip weeks, or opt out.

Delivery days range? Big or small? See website for details. You select a delivery date and time from their available choices for your area. They have a choice five days of the week.

Variety of food? You choose from the menu of the week and have up until given date to change your choices.

Groceries/Fruit available as well? Yes, fruit box available for $24.90/Week for 3.5kg of fresh fruit.

Coupons available? Marley Spoon often gives discounts for first time customers

Need to be home for delivery? No. You select the delivery date and time, but can leave instructions for where to leave the parcel. Boxes are ok for 6-8 hours.

Spanish Style Beef: Recipe Inspirations by Marley Spoon



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My Experience

Price (4.5/5)

Marley Spoon is the most affordable ready-to-prepare meal subscription service which I have tried, so the price point is slightly below the average (and less with the voucher). For the time and effort it takes to plan and shop for meals, it can be worth it, and the value evens out. The ingredients were quality (with the exception of one squishy potato) and they had fresh ingredients for a fairly normal price for the service.

Delivery: (5/5)

It was delivered in the early morning hours if I recall correctly, so I didn’t sign for it, but it was perfectly fine where I designated it to be left. It was left for a few hours and the ingredients were still fine, as they packed it with ice packs (reusable!) and the meat was inside cool packs as well. Everything was portioned in paper bags and the recipe included in the box with any pantry extras listed I may need for the meals. I even got an email letting me know which pantry extras I may need in advance.

Storage: (5/5)

As they came in paper bags, sorted by the recipes included, I had the option to either stick the whole bag in the fridge or separate the ingredients (so, pantry items outside of the fridge, everything else in the fridge). I just left it in the bags so I didn’t get confused on what ingredients were to be used with the meals, and they were fine. Obviously this may require a little more fridge space than the typical grocery shop, but it can be easily unpacked for a lot more room. No different to food shopping. I’m just lazy.

Preparation: (4/5)

I found the steps easy to follow, and am always one to try to follow everything step by step if I don’t know the recipe. Preparation took about the indicated time on the recipe cards, and was as easy as making dinner can be with one child hanging off of your leg and the others running around whining. Obviously you need to cut, slice, and prepare all of the food, but it doesn’t take too much effort.

Portion/Size: (3/5)

We received the box for two adults, so I should have expected smaller portion sizes, as I’ve found most meal subscription services have smaller portions than I serve for dinner. Next time, I will order the 4 adults box knowing this. I’m sure this has to do with eating healthy, but my husband was still hungry after the meal was over.

Taste: (5/5)

These meals tasted amazing. I love the use of fresh ingredients and have found a new recipe with the Spanish Style Beef! I found the ingredients to be quality and fresh (save for one squishy potato,) I do also like that you can flavour the meals as you go, so you don’t need to add all of the spices if you require less.

Leftovers: (3/5)

There were no leftovers. For one, it was that good, and secondly, as I mentioned before, the portion size was a tad on the smaller side.

Disposal/Removal of Packaging: (5/5)

Cardboard is recyclable and some of the other plastics were labeled recyclable as well, so easily put into the recycling rather than the trash. Easy to dispose.

Overall: (4.5/5)

The only thing that disappointed me about this was the portion size. I’m not a huge eater, but my husband tends to be hungry after a day at the gym, so he could probably eat the whole portion size. With that in mind, just ordering the bigger size box would probably work well for us. I love that they alternate their menu every week (however being picky as I am, that can limit choices). They have a great selection of meals and offer options for vegetarians and a fruit box on top of meal subscriptions. My only suggestion is that they add some dessert! 🙂

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