Milk Bar New Zealand Single Electric Breast Pump: Portable Single System Pump

Milk Bar New Zealand (Single Electric) Breast Pump: A Review

Most portable single pump system

Disclosure: This pump was received in exchange for my honest opinion. As always, I give my honest opinion and I do not recommend products that I don’t love myself. See the disclosure policy for more details. Or why I disclose here.

The Milk Bar New Zealand Single Electric Breast Pump is a very portable electric pump that comes with a rechargable battery. With a light up display, letdown mode, and the ability to increase suction, this pump is fairly user-friendly and easy to use as well as portable. The charge on the battery lasts around 3 hours, which gets you a good amount of pumping sessions before recharging. The smaller motor also means it is easy to put in your bag for a trip away.

Where to find theMilk Bar New Zealand Electric Breast pump: The Milk Bar New Zealand website.
Where to find it internationally: If you contact Milk Bar New Zealand they are happy to discuss sending their products internationally.

Milk Bar New Zealand’s Website//Facebook//Instagram

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Open or closed system? Closed
Single or double? Single
Battery operated, plug in, adaptor? Battery operated. Rechargeable battery.
Manual or Electric? Electric.
Varying shield sizes? What are they? 22mm breast shield included with the pump. 25mm and 28mm are available for purchase separately by request.
Soft or hard? soft.
How many phases?  2. Just push the letdown mode once your milk starts flowing.
Does it adjust speed/suction? Suction can be adjusted with 9 different levels. The speed differs in the initial massage mode and the expressing mode. It returns to your last setting if it is put in standby mode.
Price? $299.00NZD
Where to buy? Rental Available? Milk Bar New Zealand website. Rental available upon request.
Features? Rechargeable battery, dust cap, countdown timer, expression mode, LED display, touch screen technology, one year warranty, closed system, memory function
Other products? Silicone Breast Pump, Breast Milk Bags, Breast Pads, and Maternity and Breastfeeding clothing.
Compatible bottle system? Yes, it comes with bottles. However, they are just the slow flow bottles and they don’t have other nipple sizes for purchase.
Adaptors for other bottle systems? Yes. There is an adaptor included.

My Experience


Ease of use? This pump was very user friendly, and easy to figure out how to use it.
Easy to clean? The pump came apart very well, so it was easy to get into every corner of the pump to properly clean it.
Easy to store? This pump was smaller than others, so very easy to store away (just be sure to protect the touch screen from something pushing the “On” button, because if it has a charge, it will turn on. I do love the dust cover for the shield, so you aren’t picking hairs off of the soft shield cover!
Easy to put together? Very simple, as all of the parts were easy to figure out where they went. Minimal instructions were needed.
Parts come apart? Yes, they come apart easily and well for cleaning!


Quiet? Fairly quiet. Not the quietest, but not too noisy.
Quick? This pump is a bit more efficient than other pumps, however it is a single, so it will take about twice as long to pump if you need to pump both sides.
Comfortable? I found the shield size was perfect for me, and it was soft, so it moulded well to my shape for comfort. It was comfortable to pump with it, too.
Suction is sufficient? Suction was great! The speed adjusts with the different modes (letdown mode and massage mode have two different speeds) and suction is adjustable up to 9 levels in both settings.
Portability? This is a very portable pump, as it is a rechargeable motor, and the motor itself is fairly small. You don’t need to plug it in for use, which is helpful.
Volume? The bottle included holds 120ml, so it is fairly small. You can purchase their breast milk bags which hold 180ml as well.


Overall, I think this was my first pump to grab when I would be going out the door, as it is so portable, and the batter recharges for use. So long as I properly charged it, it was no issue to just “grab-and-go” with this pump in my little cooler bag. It was very simple to figure out, and I loved the LED display and countdown timer on it to keep track of my time spend pumping. The battery charge also displays, and it is easy to sort out when the milk started freely flowing, to put the pump into expressing mode. It doesn’t have speed adjustment, however the massage and letdown modes have different speeds, and there is adjustable suction with both modes. It only comes with one bottle, so you will need to purchase other storage should you need it longer than one session, or for more milk. It is a little more time consuming than a double pump, but it is quite efficient, so it doesn’t take a long time to pump. Milk Bar New Zealand do sell a silicone pump alongside, so you can catch those precious drops that may leak when you pump from the other side. This also doesn’t have a bottle system with it, so if you need more than just a slower flow nipple, you will need to purchase those separately.


  • There is not a bottle system with the pump or other nipple sizes available for purchase
  • It is single pump. You may wish to purchase the Milk Bar New Zealand Silicone Pump along side.
  • There is one bottle included.
  • Speed is not adjustable. However, the suction is adjustable to 9 levels.

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