Mum & Bub Product Box: Perfect For New Mums!

Mummy Confession: I have been working FOREVER on this it seems, and the time has FINALLY come to release it! 

As a new mum (and even the “experienced” mum that I am now, I love finding new products to try! I love samples and ways to get to try new things! So, I have worked my little butt off in the recent months collaborating with several brands you may or may not know to include them all in a product box available for mums. Now, it’s not free (and I’m sorry, because I can’t afford to pay for all the packing and postage myself as before this I haven’t made any money from this blog), but I have tried to keep the cost minimal and still within reason to try a lot of GREAT brands!

This box includes products and sample sized products and a couple helpful magnets with CPR instructions and helpful phone numbers!

I have included sizes relevant to newborns and infants in this box, as I know new mums (or mums of new babies) often struggle with the overwhelming choice out there on products of every kind! I would love to have included every single brand available for you to try, but I have included great brands nonetheless that I think look amazing! If you like this idea, and for some reason we sell out quickly, let me know and I can try to organise for this again! (If you are a brand which would like to participate in possible future boxes, please feel free to contact me as well!)

Now, without further ado, I introduce the brands and products included in this box, as well as where you can purchase yours today! Be sure to share with any friends who may want to try as well, since there are only 50 total boxes available this time around! These aren’t in any particular order necessarily, and if you want more information, feel free to check out the brands themselves which are linked on their products (and some of the products I have tried, reviewed, or written about previously as well).

The Mum & Bub Product Box is SOLD OUT, CLICK HERE
to see our gift pack & hamper range now available at Bubsessed

or find some free and cheap samples on our list here

Tsuno: Website//Facebook//Instagram

Tsuno Natural Bamboo Overnight Pads (1 Natural Bamboo Overnight Pad included)

Wotnot Naturals: Website//Facebook//Instagram

Wotnot Baby Wipes, Wotnot Normal Facial Wipes & Wotnot Oily Facial Wipes (1 of each pack containing 5 wipes included)

Huggies: Website//Facebook//Instagram

Huggies Ultimate Infant Boys and Infant Girls Nappies (2 packs total, 1 of each boy & girl containing 2 of each nappy included)

I’ve done a review of the Huggies Ultimate nappies with Mumma Morrison here

Mater: Website//Facebook//Instagram

Mater Newborn First Weeks Nappy and Mater Newborn Nappy (1 of each included)

I’ve done a review of the Mater nappies with Mumma Morrison here

Cherub Baby: Website//Facebook//Instagram

Cherub Baby reusable baby food pouch, ice block pouch, and breast milk bag (1 of each included)

I’ve done a feature on the Cherub Baby reusable baby food pouches, ice block pouches and breast milk bags here

Difrax: Website//Facebook//Instagram

Difrax Natural Soother (1 Soother included)

I’ve done a review of the Difrax B to B breast pump here (though that’s not the product included, it’s a great one to check out!)

Ecoriginals: Website//Facebook//Instagram

Ecoriginals Newborn Plus nappy and Wipes pack (1 nappy and 1 wipe included)

I’ve done a review of the Ecoriginals nappies with Mumma Morrison here


Johnson’s Top-to-toe Sensitive Touch Baby Wash (1 50ml bottle included)

Moo GooWebsite//Facebook//Instagram

Moo Goo Mini Moo Bubbly Wash (1 10ml bottle included)

Jak OrganicsWebsite//Facebook//Instagram

Jak Organics FACE Wipes (1 pack of 25 wipes included)

Nuby: Website//Facebook//Instagram

Nuby Pacifier & Teether Wipes (1 pack of 48 wipes included)

Joonya: Website//Facebook//Instagram

Joonya Eco Baby Wipes (1 pack of 80 wipes included)

Weleda: Website//Facebook//Instagram

Weleda White Mallow Face Cream & Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream (1 of each 1.5ml sachet included)

CPR Kids: Website//Facebook//Instagram

CPR Kids Magnet with CPR Instructions (1 magnet included)

Sarah has done a guest post on the blog about why parents need to know first aid and CPR here

Rite Aid: Website//Facebook//Instagram

Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Discs (2 Hydrogel Breast Discs included)

I have done a review of the Hydrogel range here (and these will be included in an upcoming hamper for mums, too!)

Australian Breastfeeding Association: Website//Facebook//Instagram

Australian Breastfeeding Association Magnet (1 magnet included)

Pregnancy, Birth & Baby: Website// Facebook

Pregnancy, Birth & Baby Helpline Sticker (1 Sticker included)

Health Direct: Website// Facebook

Healthdirect Magnet (1 magnet included)

This Brand Has Included Discounts

Frankly Eco: Website//Facebook//Instagram

$10 off Voucher included valid until December 2018

Frankly Eco have a beautiful range of plant-based skincare. We currently use the lovely smelling bath wash and moisturiser for our bub who has sensitive skin!

^Information sourced from associated brand’s website

4 thoughts on “Mum & Bub Product Box: Perfect For New Mums!

  1. Simone says:

    This looks awesome!
    It is a big job finding the right product for you child. My youngest had such sensitive skin it was so much trial and error getting it right. This sort of box would have been a lifesaver and great to see some “new~to~me” brands being represented. Great job!

    • mummyconfessions says:

      Thanks Simone! There are just so many brands out there! Even now, there are new products I’ve found that have come out since I first became a mum!

  2. Mim says:

    Congratulations lovely – you’ve worked so so hard to create a wonderful and helpful product for new mums! x

    • mummyconfessions says:

      Thank you Mim! I hope others will enjoy these products!

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