Rite Aid Hydrogel Products: A Breastfeeding Must-Have

Mummy Confession: Those first days of breastfeeding we’re always a huge adjustment for me as a mum and my newborn bub, but also for my body.

Disclosure: I have received the hydrogel serum from Rite Aid in order to compare it to the hydrogel breast discs that I already know and love. My opinions and recommendations are my own and I wouldn’t recommend something I don’t love. See my full disclosure policy here or why I disclose here.

The Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Discs are available as a part of the Breastfeeding Product Pack over at Bubsessed.com.au (and the compact version, too). They are one of my favourite products for breastfeeding and expressing!

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The Hydrogel Breast Discs and Hydrogel Nipple Serum by Rite Aid


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Those initial newborn days were so painful in regards to breastfeeding, as many mums could tell you. But, there were products that made those days so much more bearable and even sped up the healing process. One of those products that I was fortunate enough to have from my first child onwards were the Rite Aid hydrogel breast discs. Two words come to mind when I think of these- sweet relief.

Cool feeling for sore and cracked nipples.

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The Rite Aid hydrogel breast discs come individually packed and sealed.

The Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Discs are individually wrapped flexible discs that gently adhere to your nipples with the hydrogel serum already coated onto the discs. These can be worn in between feeds, especially when you have a cut, graze, or just sore nipples while adjusting to the breastfeeding life. Since your nipples aren’t used to this whole exercise, these discs are a huge relief! I found them such a help in those first days of being a mum where it was so hard to adjust to breastfeeding! And oh my goodness were they amazing during the cluster feeding that literally lasted for hours straight.

My body was sore and damaged, and the hydrogel breast discs helped me to keep going and provided relief and healing between bubby’s feeds!

Rite Aid sells these in packs of 12, and they are available at many chemists, grocery stores, baby stores, and a few other places. I’ve found them to be one of the top recommended products for mums planning to breastfeed or pump, and I will be including them in my upcoming product- a hamper of my favourite breastfeeding and pumping products for mums! One great thing about them is that they aren’t very costly, so just trying them out isn’t a big expense if they don’t turn out to be your favourite (though, I’ve heard from many other women that they have been a life-saver. Or rather, a nipple saver perhaps?).

It wasn’t until after my third child where I was actually told to put them in the refrigerator for even better relief! Big helpful tip right there!

The Rite Aid Hydrogel Nipple Serum I hadn’t actually tried until recently, but I wish I had seen it before! Much like the breast discs, this serum aids in healing cracked and sore nipples. It doesn’t feel as cool as the breast discs initially, but it provides relief and has the same mixture that makes the hydrogel breast discs so great! There is no need to stick this product on, however you may want to wear a breast pad so it can work better and not rub off on your clothing. This comes in a 15ml bottle with an easy applicator and is available at many pharmacies and some other stores. You don’t need to use a whole lot of it, and again, it isn’t very costly, so it really is worth checking out if you need something for relief after feeding your hungry little bub.

I would highly recommend these products (and do recommend them) for any new mum who either breastfeeds, pumps, or experiences nipple tenderness or soreness! My personal favourite of the two is the discs because of the extra cool feeling they provide. They are honestly one of my top favourite items for breastfeeding! I’ve mentioned them before in my list of things mums need if they are breastfeeding or pumping (here). So, if you happen to know a mum who could use these, do her a favour and buy them!

Rite Aid also makes ranges of other products for mums and babies, oral hygiene, and personal care. Ranging from cotton buds to thermometers and even dental hygiene, they cover many product ranges. They have recently redesigned their breast pads which were also a favourite of mine when I needed to wear breast pads as they were inexpensive and great at doing their job!

Rite Aid products are available at various stockists, which you can find a summary of on their website (here).

Rite Aid Australia’s Website// Facebook// Instagram

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