Spectra S2 Double Electric Breast Pump: Time-Effective and Efficient Pump

The Spectra S2 (Double Electric Breast Pump): An Overview and Review

Most Time-Effective Breast Pump

Disclosure: This pump was received in exchange for my honest opinion. As always, I give my honest opinion and I do not recommend products that I don’t love myself. I have also registered to become an affiliate of Spectra, so this post contains affiliate links that mean I make a little back if you should purchase using them at no extra cost to you. See the disclosure policy for more details. Or why I disclose here.

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Open or closed system? Closed.
Single or double? Double. Can be used as single or in conjunction with Freemie collection cups.
Battery operated, plug in, adaptor? Mains powered. Plug in only.
Manual or Electric? Electric
Varying shield sizes? What are they? Comes with a 24mm breast shield. You can purchase 20mm, 28mm, and 32mm breast shields separately.
Soft or hard? Hard, but you can purchase silicone massagers to go over top of the shield if needed.
How many phases? 2 phases
Does it adjust speed/suction? Yes.
Price? $299AUD
Where to buy? Rental Available? You can purchase from Spectra’s website or select retailers. Rental isn’t available on their website, however there are Spectra pumps listed on Tree Hut Village for hire

Features? Super quiet, closed system, night light & timer, powerful adjustable suction and speed, letdown mode, 2 year warranty
Other products? Other breast pumps (S1, Dew, M1, and Spectra 9), Milk storage bags, various shield sizes, cooler kit and tote bag, and extra parts for the Spectra pumps.
Compatible bottle system? It comes with Spectra bottles and slow flow nipples, however, there are no faster flowing nipples or different size bottles.
Adaptors for other bottle systems? You are able to purchase breast shields that have a wide-neck base and bottle adaptors

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My Experience


Ease of use? It is quite user- friendly and easy to figure out. The adjustable levels of speed and suction make it a lot easier to get a comfortable session.
Easy to clean? The parts come apart easily to clean, and they are easy to put back together.
Easy to store? The size is a bit large, so you will need to ensure you have sufficient space when packing away.
Easy to put together? I did need to use the instruction manual to ensure that the cases on the back-flow protector were facing the right direction, as they look similar on either side. You just need to pay close attention here. The air cap is also takes a little to take off the nozzle, but that ensures the suction stays well flowing.
Parts come apart? Yes, the parts come apart well enough to clean. You will need to get a good straw type brush to clean out the breast shield to ensure it is properly cleaned.


Quiet? Generally more quiet than a majority of the pumps.
Quick? It is very time-efficient at pumping. It did the job very quickly.
Comfortable? It was comfortable, and in order to keep the pump comfortable, you need to check your breast shield size and ensure the pump is on the right suction levels.
Suction is sufficient? Yes, suction is great and adjustable. The vacuum range is 0~320 mmHg and Cycle length 38-54 RPM
Portability? It is rather large, however the motor is very light. It has a handle for convenience.
Volume? 160ml bottles included with the pump, and breast milk bags are available for purchase that hold 200ml.


This pump was very efficient and time-effective! It did the job a little quicker than other pumps, and the suction was adjustable as well as the expressing phase (massage and expression modes). The shield size was right for me, however they do offer other shield sizes for purchase if this one does not suit you. I love the nightlight feature on this pump, because it makes it great for mums who may be exclusively pumping or pumping at nighttime, and there are two brightness levels for this. The space for a water bottle on the pump also comes in handy, as mums need to drink plenty of water! I had a slight bit of difficulty removing and placing the air cap when I wanted to use the single pump option, however it wasn’t too hard, just took a little longer as it was tight (which is good, because it’s helping the pump work more efficiently). I also took a little longer to put the pump together because I wanted to ensure the upper and lower cases from the back flow protector were on the right directions.
I found the  as far as the size goes, it is a little big, however it is very light. It shouldn’t be too difficult to pack away given enough space. The only thing about the S2 to consider besides the size would be that you need a power source when using it, as it does not go on rechargeable batteries. You may be able to use an adaptor for the car or otherwise. I have also found the mums in the Spectra Mums group on Facebook to be very helpful, and the customer support is great should you have any questions!


  • The S2 is mains powered, so you will need to plug it in for use
  • The motor for the S2 is fairly large, however it is not heavy
  • Spectra does not have extra nipple sizes for the bottles, or larger bottles, however you can get a bottle adaptor.

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