FAQs For Mummy Confessions’ Store & Products

Below you can find some of the common questions and answers for the Mummy Confessions’ store. Feel free to email admin@mummyconfessions.com if you have any further inquiries.


How long will it be until I receive my order? Products have shipping information listed on their product pages, as various products may be in stock or available for preorder. The Mum & Bub Product boxes have around a 2-5 day processing time before they are shipped, and shipping may take up to two weeks depending on your location and selected shipping method. We try to ensure our products are shipped out in a timely fashion, but they are subject to third party shipping, which may vary in delivery times.

I want my order quicker, how can I make sure it gets here sooner? Please contact admin@mummyconfessions.com BEFORE you place your order to discuss whether it is possible to express post your item. This will come at an additional cost and may not be available  for every product (especially preorder products).

I have an issue I need to discuss about my order? Should you need to contact us, please email admin@mummyconfessions.com for enquiries and we will answer you as soon as we can.

I want to see other products available on Mummy Confessions! Please let us know what you would love to see here, and we will try to see if we can make it possible! We love great products, and spreading the word about new things, too!

Where can I find discounts for my order? Mummy Confessions will have some offers going from time to time, but it is best to sign up for our newsletter, follow us on social media, or otherwise to see if there are any great deals! At different times, different places will have different offers ūüôā

About the boxes:

The Mum & Bub Product Box:
This is a compilation of full sized products along with samples given by various brands. You will pay a small cost that covers shipping and packing costs. This box includes some sample sized products as well as some full sized products. There is also a survey included to see what brands and products you love. This box is limited to just 50, so you will need to get in quick to have one of your own!

Mummy Care Box Range:
These are a compilation of my favourite products for breastfeeding and pumping mothers. Orders are processed in a timely fashion, however the stated time on the product description will need to be followed.. Please allow until the stated time at your order to receive it. There are varying sizes of choices for your convenience. There may be more options as time goes on, but for now, there are two sizing options: the compact essentials and the ultimate hamper.

What products will be included in the Mummy Care Box?
The products I will be including are hydrogel breast discs, heating/cooling packs, breast shells, muslin wraps, flannelettes/cloth nappies for burp cloths, a silicone breast pump, a water bottle, ¬†in addition to some other creative touches depending on the box choice. These boxes will come ready to gift to yourself or someone else and get all of the great products in one spot! Everything included is listed on the product page itself. I’ve included these, as they have been my personal favourites for breastfeeding and pumping.

Why aren’t breast pads included in the Mummy Care Box?
I do not have any breast pads included at the moment, as I know some women use disposable and others use washable pads, so that is why I have left them out for purchasing. Plus a whole pack is generally a bulkier item. After I get some more feedback this may change. So, let me know if you would like to see an option for this in the future! For the meantime, there is an option to sample some of the different brands of breast pads in the disposable market here.

How many samples are included in the Mum & Bub Product Box? (You can see the list & purchase it here)
There are full sized products and samples from 14 different brands, as well as some great coupon codes from additional brands and a brilliant magnet with CPR instructions from CPR Kids. You can see the full list and photos on the product page. The sizes for this box include newborn and infant sized nappies, so should you have a baby a little older, the sizes cannot be adjusted.

Why does the product box cost me money?
As Mummy Confessions doesn’t currently make much as far as profits go (as a matter of fact, we’ve probably spent more on marketing and getting up and running than we have made!), we cannot offer this for free. We are trying to keep the cost to you as low as possible for this particular product. The cost of the box is actually less than the cost of the actual products inside, though. Products inside would cost you over $50 to order yourself, plus relevant shipping costs.

Do you include environmentally friendly products in the Mum & Bub Product Box? Is there an environmentally friendly box option available?
At the moment, we have included several eco-friendly brands in this box, however the box has not been limited to this criteria. Should there be demand for something like this, it can be worked out in the future.

I missed out on the Mum & Bub Product Box! How can I get one now? Will they be in stock again? The Mum & Bub Product Box is a once off opportunity  with a limit of 50 boxes. Should you have missed it PLEASE let me know, and going by that, I may organise for another set to be made available. Be sure to subscribe if you would like updates on future products!

How should I use the products included in either the hampers or the product box?
Please use the products as directed on their packaging and contact the brand with any questions on how to specifically use them if there are any further queries. I have included little tips and hints that have helped me, but it isn’t required for you to use the products in these ways. Using the products contrary or against their recommended use may void any warranties and can possibly result in damage to the product or to yourself. Please keep these products out of the reach of children as well. They are not intended for use by children.

Will you be adding options for purchasing extras in the future?
As I get in contact with different brands, there is a possibility to add more extras. Please let me know what you like, and what you would like to see to help me figure out which options to provide?

How can one obtain this box?

For the Mummy Care Boxes: Preorders will open online. Just order when you wish and the boxes are all processed once a month.

For the Mum & Bub Product¬†Box: Mothers who would wish to access the box are able to purchase them online. There is a cost to help pay for shipping and packing costs. In the terms and conditions, there is a ‚Äúlimit one box per household or address. Individuals may not purchase more than one box‚ÄĚ condition to apply. Should you purchase more than one, you will only receive one, and your money will be returned for additional purchases.

Terms and Conditions: To find the terms and conditions for the website as well as the products, shipping and everything else, click here.

Any concerns or issues can be addressed to admin@mummyconfessions.com or to the brands themselves for a quicker response (because if I don’t know an answer about the products, I will have to ask the brand as well). Sample box is limit one box per household or address. Individuals may not purchase more than one box. Should more than one be ordered, you will be refunded and transaction will be declined. This is done so more individuals have access to this box, and individuals who will actually benefit from this sample box will have access to the box.