What To Do With Leftover Baby Food (and recipes!)

What can you do with leftover or unwanted baby food? Here are some solutions (and recipes)!


BBox: Innovative Solutions to Feed Your Baby & Toddler

Mummy Confession: Innovative products, especially for kids, always get my attention. Even more so if they are great products! Disclosure: The products in this post have been provided in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and recommendations are my own. I do not recommend anything that I do not love myself. Please read my disclosure policy for more details, or why I disclose here. Honestly, I’ve been checking out and their great range of innovative tableware and utensils for some time now. Firstly, because I love everything to do with babies and toddlers, and secondly, I love innovative Read More


Meal Plan Monday: Week 2

Yum! Week two of the meal plan is full of great recipes and ideas for your family’s table! Feel free to contact me with your favourites to appear in coming weeks of Meal Plan Monday (form can be found on this page.) Thank you to Kidgredients again and Mellie and Lou for your great recipes of inspiration! If you’re like me and  new to the meal plan thing, you may wind up skipping or swapping some days, and that’s ok! But, it has really helped me out with my picky child with trying new foods! Don’t forget to tag #cookingwithMPM if Read More


Mealplan Monday: Week #1

Hello everyone! This week starts up a new series in my Blog, Meal Plan Monday! Every week, on an ongoing basis, I will be posting 5-7 recipes from myself and others for the week ahead. I know I could use some ideas for the repetitive rotation of meals in our household, and maybe some of you are the same? I hope to provide some delicious recipes for you to try and share! If you wish to share a recipe, feel free to use the contact forms to send a message, or use the contact information on the “About The Blogger” page, with Read More


Starting Solids: A What You Need Guide

  Mummy Confession: I have a love/hate relationship with introducing solids. I love this adventure, because it means my little bitty baby is growing well. I hate a little bit that it spoils bub’s somewhat “easy” fix for sustenance. (Solids don’t replace milk or formula, but are an addition.) In the beginning, there is no menu to plan, no food to buy or prepare, dishes to wash (besides bottles and the like) and no disgust for the food I cook. When babes are little they get what they get, and they don’t complain. It’s adorable to watch them immerse themselves in Read More