The Post Holiday Drama: How to Clean Up After Christmas

Mummy Confession: I absolutely love the holidays, but I abhor the cleanup. We’re all in that post Christmas daze around our house, and it seems each step of getting through those post holiday dramas has to do with cleaning. All the extra new toys and thingamajigs received from those we love now need to find their place. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the cleanup. I would love my house to be neat and tidy. This never seems to happen, though, because, well, kids exist. I’ve heard it said, “if you love cleaning up after parties you never attend, Read More

Screen Time: Our Favourite Entertaining and Educational Apps for Toddlers

Mummy Confession: My kids get way too much screen time most days. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a commission off of qualifying purchases. See my disclosure policy for details. It wasn’t always this way. As a first time mum, my oldest didn’t interact with much technology until after a good year and a bit. We didn’t need TV, tablets, phones and whatever other gadgets are out there. She was content to play with blocks and cars. Let me tell you though, that all went out the window when my second was born. Desperate for Read More