Teething: Where Sleep Goes To Die – Teething Essentials for Babies

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Mummy Confession: I despise teething.

With every ounce of my being, I abhor the teething stage. My poor, helpless child, who has no idea about what is going on, is in pain. He can’t tell me about it. All he does is cry. No apparent reason for this, but as I open his mouth, I peer in and see them. It looks different than yesterday, and two spots are starting to resemble parking spots for his first pearly whites. Surely he is too young for this treachery?

Teething is the bane of existence for any infant or toddler and their mother. It turns our sweet cherubs into psychotic beings. Some are lucky to have a child barely effected by the milestone, but I have never been in that position. Below, I have compiled a bit of my tool belt for teething essentials for the soothing of baby and the sanity of mum (and anyone in baby’s life).

Disclosure: The following contains affiliate links which means I make a Commission on qualifying purchases. (See disclosure policy.) Always consult your doctor before using medicines or alternative therapies with your child. Always follow instructions and dosages.

Having trouble getting baby to sleep or keeping baby asleep? I’ve written about those, too!

Always consult your doctor or a medical professional BEFORE using products such as medicines, teething gels and even natural remedies and products. 

1. Washcloth, damp and frozen.
Give baby this to chew on and help soothe those sore gums. Everyone has to have something like this around the house, so no need to buy. (Obviously just make sure it is clean and monitor use.)

2. Kids Munch Mitt
Now, I haven’t personally used this one, but I have heard from mums first hand that this is an excellent product. Especially for the littles who can’t quite grasp toys as easily, this if perfect. It’s available on Amazon and even ships to other countries!

3. Teething Toys
These are a no-brainers, and the range for these toys is endless! From the Nuby Teething Keys to the Banana Teether to the infamous Sophie the Giraffe (just keep this one out of water to reduce risk of mould), you can find these fairly decently priced in many stores. Heaps of mothers I know have used these specific toys, and if you look for others, just be sure they are made by a reputable brand, and preferably have a high recommendation from others. (I check Amazon for reviews on everything!)

4. Munchkin Fresh Feeder (Check out the review for the Munchkin products here)
Not just for weaning and solids! This is an excellent tool for a teething baby! If your baby is eating solids, pop in a cold or frozen fruit or frozen yoghurt. How to freeze? Use an ice tray. Simple! For the babies not on solids yet, freeze a cube of breast milk or formula And put a bib on baby and let them have at it! Just be sure to monitor any consumption of food, especially the frozen things, using them only for short periods of time.

5. Bibs . Lots of bibs.
The dribble is real for a lot of babies! None of mine have had it quite as bad as my current tiniest! Thicker or plastic-backed bibs are your best bet for avoiding soaked clothing! The Nuby teething bib is also an excellent product, as it has an attached teether at the end of the bib, so it’s easy to reach and use for baby! My Little Love Heart also has some great designs, and a bandummy Bib which even holds the pacifier for your bub!

6. A sense of humour
Poor little bubs, and poor mama! A little laugh has a lot of power in dealing with the stress of teething, and will help take your baby’s mind off of the pain! Look into some funny YouTube videos, memes, or Pinterest boards. Put a hilarious movie on after a long day.

7. Teething gel/tablets
There are so many options for various gels, tablets and elixirs for teething! Many are natural. So much more than just a smudge of whiskey on the gums for relief!
*There has been some controversy lately on ingredients in natural and not so natural teething gels in regards to the safety, so please consult with your health care professional BEFORE giving them to your child and ALWAYS follow dosage guides. There have been children hospitalised in the cases of overuse.*

8. Baby Paracetamol or Ibuprofen
Desperate times call for medicine! If bubs is truly inconsolable, use a pain reliever in accordance with the instructions. You would certainly take medication if you were in pain!
Only use medication under recommendation of and after consulting a doctor or pharmacist and follow instructions and dosage guides in accordance with the products you take.

9. Nappies and Nappy Rash Cream
Teething can see nasty rashes and explosions of epic proportions. Be sure your nappies (diapers to you Americans) are stocked, and find a good rash cream and barrier cream. I highly recommend Sudocream for Aussies, as its thick and stays on! From Americans, I have heard good things about Boudreaux’s Butt Paste

(Are you wondering which Nappies to use? Check out The Great Australian Nappy Review 2017 to see the review of several Nappy brands available!)

10. A nice bath
If your child enjoys baths, they can be an excellent way to calm down and distract from teething. They are also a helpful way to wind baby down for the night and help them sleep.

11. A good wind-down for mum and any associated party
A good book, a glass of wine or hot cocoa, or whatever you go to is for relaxation- do it! Take a nice bath, or just get out into the fresh air to take a minute to breathe! Make sure anyone else who is under the same roof has something for them, too. Teething is rough on everybody in baby’s proximity! Chocolates for the kids to help out and give peace for a minute is well received (like there’s any doubt).

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Honourable Mentions include a Amber teething necklaces and essential oils. It’s best to consult a professional first and use only as directed.  Do NOT use essential oils without consulting a professional as some oils can be dangerous for babies and children. Refrain from using necklace while baby is unattended or sleeping.

I really hope this helps someone out there, as these products have had their place in helping me or people I know. What products, tips and tricks do you have for teething babies and toddlers?



9 thoughts on “Teething: Where Sleep Goes To Die – Teething Essentials for Babies

  1. Isn’t it crazy that teething can cause diaper rash?! That should not be a thing. :/
    Great suggestions here! My youngest is getting teeth three and four right now and she loves a wet washcloth to naw on.

    • mummyconfessions says:

      It is crazy what teething does to them, all those crazy things going on! Glad your little one finds comfort in the cloth! And thanks! Teething is the end of all good sleep here, so that’s where my inspiration for the title came from ?

  2. My L.O. is working on tooth 7 and 8. We do lots of variety in teethers… currently she prefers straws bent into a triangle… She also gets meds at bedtime and if fussy about in the day. Frozen fruit and frozen peas are her favorite.

    • mummyconfessions says:

      Oh wow! That straw thing is a good one!

  3. I’m so glad my kids are past this stage now. Those fresh food feeders were a gift at the time though! Filled with cold watermelon or grapes ?

    • mummyconfessions says:

      So glad to hear you made it through! Hah! It’s made more terrible because the poor dears can’t understand what’s happening!

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