TwinkleBotts Nappies: A Review

TwinkleBotts Nappies: Nappy Reviews 2018/2019

A Brilliant Option For Sensitive Skin


Disclosure: We were provided these nappies to trial in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are our own. Each nappy brand has been trialled for four days to treat each brand consistently.

//About TwinkleBotts Nappies//

Sizes Available: Newborn (3-6kg), Infant (6-11kg), Crawler (10-15kg), Toddler (12-18kg)
Design: Koala Design on front and white nappy otherwise
Cost: 30 pack = $20.10 (.67/nappy)
Cost Per Nappy: Between .60 and .67 per nappy (newborn sizes are less expensive than larger sizes)
Material: Cotton, viscose, corn based bio film and the softest top sheet which is also of a natural fibre ^
Where to Buy: On their website at
Features: More natural materials used for sensitive skin, biodegradable materials used.
Other Products: Various sizes of nappies from newborn to toddler.


Review: Mummy Confessions
For the nappies in this review Amanda has trialled them with her son. This review was completed in 2018.
His profile has changed a little since the other nappies have been reviewed.
Sex: Boy
Weight: 12.9kg
Height: tall for his age
Build: A little chunky, some squish.
Sleeps through the night? No. Wakes every 4-6 hours or so.
Mobility: Anything and everything.
Eating: Solid foods mostly like normal kids, but breastfed a few times a day.
Changeability: Sits still a little bit, but squirms some.
Nappy habits: On and off fairly decent wetter during the day (holds it all in and wets a nappy after a change). Soiled nappies once a day or every other day, but it’s a doozy when it happens.
Nappy changes happen every 4-5 hours and possibly once or not at all overnight.

How does it fit?
This nappy fit well for my toddler who is on the larger end of the typically “toddler” nappy sizes currently. He is a bit in between sizes for most brands, but the TwinkleBotts nappies seem to fit perfectly and have enough elasticity to fit him without being too tight. He is probably about “average” with his body build, and the legs and waist are sufficient in size. This nappy has a higher weight limit for the toddler size, so it’s possible that it will be the last nappy size we will need before toilet training.

How long does it last?
This nappy easily lasted from nappy change to nappy change (around 4-6 hours depending on his drink intake). He did wear it overnight as well, and we only had one issue with leaks (however the nappy itself wasn’t soaked, so I think it may have been a bit of a random occurrence that happens with any brand of nappies) and one issue with an overloaded nappy which should have been changed sooner.
We had no issues with rashes as well which can happen over night especially in nappies if bub is fairly wet.

Is it good during the daytime and overnight?
Yes, it is good for both daytime and overnight. I did need to do a change overnight at some points, but this is typical now with any nappy. During the day time it lessened his nappy rash which can happen with a lot of the nappy brands out there, even if he is changed often.

What is the value like? Is it worth the cost?
These nappies are definitely worth it, though they are possibly more expensive than a “typical” nappy, they are more eco friendly and seem to do better for sensitive skin. The more natural ingredients means that they are kinder on the skin. I know I have trouble finding nappies to keep down the nappy rash, but these do well.

Is it easy to put on and take off?
Yes, they are easy to put on and take off. The tabs aren’t fiddly and are easy to manage. No issues with how they work. They stayed securely whether it was throughout the day or wrapping the nappy up for disposal.


Are they easy to dispose of?

They are simple enough to dispose of, and a bit more environmentally friendly as well. The use of some biodegradable and natural materials helps with this. The tabs keep well and wrap easily to help secure the closed nappy as well.

Summary of TwinkleBotts Nappies
Overall, I found the TwinkleBotts nappies to be very good. The outer and inner portion of the nappy is very soft and it seemed to work well for my bub’s sensitive skin. It lasted well in he daytime and overnight and we only had a few leaks which is typical with most nappies. The design on the nappies is simple and cute, and they are a bit friendlier on the environment than most nappies. I would recommend trying these for babies who may be in the more sensitive range who have had reactions to other brands, or are getting into the bigger “toddler” range, as these fit a bit bigger than the typical “toddler” sizes (more similar to a “walker” size). The elastic at the back is very good at holding but not too tight that it creates marks. I only had issues with leaks a couple times, but this can be typical for overloaded nappies for us, and it wasn’t an issue when we changed regularly. I recommend checking this brand out, to support a small Aussie business, and a family who has worked to create a nappy more friendly on the environment and sensitive skin.

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