Samples and Free Stuff for Babies/Mama

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Actual Samples from this list

There are several companies out there who give samples away, some are listed on their website, whereas others you will need to call or email to ask if they do free samples. It never hurts to ask! So, if the company isn’t listed here, find their contact details and give them a ring or shoot over an email to ask kindly for a sample of their product/s! If you know of any I have missed, please leave information in the comments or Contact Me.

Disclosure: This post contains some affiliate links and ads which by making purchases through them, I can earn a Commission. This doesn’t effect the price you pay in any way. Feel free to read my disclosure policy for more details.

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This list is accurate as of September 1, 2017

Australia (Click words for links)

Check out here for a list of Giveaways for Aussies going on each month! (Click image to see them)

All Mum Said

Bounty Bag Program- Free Mum-to-be, New Mother, and Daycare Bags. See website for details and places to collect. Sign up for the Bounty Rewards Program, too for surveys to earn money towards gift cards and other incentives.

Huggies – 50 Free Photo Prints when you sign up for the Huggies Club
(the members here can also enter to win various competitions, and are emailed if Huggies wants people to trial their nappies)

Free Sample of Pull-Ups and sticker chart when you enroll in the School of Toilet Training

Free Sample of Huggies Ultimate NappiesUltimate Nappy-Pants, Regular Nappy Pants, Swim Pants, or Dry Nites

Snugglers- Free Sample of Snugglers Nappies

Babylove- Free Sample of Babylove Nappies, Nappy Pants, or Sleepy Nights Pants

Gaia Skincare Products – Free Samples of Pregnancy/New mum, men’s, women’s and baby skincare products if you fill out the form, then SEND A PRESTAMPED envelop to the address listed on the page.

Bepanthen Trial Kit- Free Bepanthen Trial Ointment Kit

S26 Gold Toddler/Junior- Free sachet sample of formula for toddlerJunior formulas

Blackmore’s Toddler Milk Drink- Free Sample Toddler Milk Drink

Oli6 Dairy Goat Formula Mix- Free Sample Toddler Milk Sachet, or $2 infant or follow on sachet

Chemist Warehouse– when ordering online, there is a free sample section with your $30+ purchase. You’re welcome.

Cherub Baby- Free Sample Pack of Products

Nice Pak Baby Club- Free Samples of Products for the first 100 people to sign up each month

Not quite free, but $1 samples of various Baby Organics Products

Not quite free, but you are able to purchase Nappy samples for the different brands such as Pampers (click “samples” on side bar), Ecoriginals, Bambo Nature, Tooshies by Tom, and Bare Bubs  along with other Eco nappies here.

(and if you’re after a good concise review of 11 Aussie nappies, be sure to check out The Great Australian Nappy Review!)

Affiliate Ad- but seriously, underwear for your time of the month…review to come!


Samples for Mum
U By Kotex- U By Kotex Sample

Carefree- Carefree Sample

Poise Pads- Sample Pads

Tena Pads- Sample Pack of Pads

Depends- Up to 2 Samples available

Palmer’s Australia- Free product samples of either face, body, or mother care.

Black Box Australia- Free to sign up for now, if you qualify, free samples to try and review shipped to your door!

United States
Walmart Baby Box- Free samples box, you pay postage

Enfamil Baby Formula- Join Enfamil Family Beginnings and receive belly badges for free

Similac Baby Formula- Join Similac Strong Moms and receive coupons and other helpful things up to a $400 value

Honest Baby Company- Trial Baby Formula (just pay $7.95), Diapers and Wipes Bundle (just pay shipping) or Essentials Bundle (just pay shipping), but be sure to unsubscribe within a week from their monthly subscription if you do not want to receive them monthly (not free).

Parents in New Jersey only- Sign up for a free Baby Box, after watching a video. For others, the box is available at a cost for the moment.

Samples for Mum
Poise Pads- Free Starter Pack

Sephora- 5 Free Beauty Samples with any purchase



Baby Box- Register to be a recipient of the newest intitive in Canada for the Baby Box

Enfamil- Free Starter kit with signup to Family Beginnings

There is also something out there for Nestle Baby, but I am not sure which site is the legitimate one to look at from over here. So, be careful when submitting your information


Pampers- Free Sample of Baby Dry Pampers and coupons

Do you know of more free samples for mums and bubs? Let me know here: