Cashback Websites: Get Money Back For Shopping Online!

Mummy Confession: I love cashback websites and I recommend them to everyone who does any portion of their shopping online! Why? Because it’s free, and you get money back!

Disclosure: This post contains referral and affiliate links. However, I never recommend things I do not love. I have used all of the sites provided below.

In this day and age, there’s a chance you will be browsing and buying online. Before you do that, please read this! (If you would like other ways to save or make a little cash back, check out this post with more options.)

There are several cashback websites out there which allow you to basically click through from their page and earn a percentage back on your purchase. Not every store is online with them, but you may be surprised to find some of your favourite stores!

Last year, for Christmas, I made over $100 back through shopping online through Cashback websites (and probably could have gotten more if I remembered just to click through (ugh)! A simple login and click through helped me that much! So, why not do it? We could all use a little savings!

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Screenshot of my cash back with Cash Rewards


I have used a few Cashback websites, so I can recommend these based on experience (click through the name to see the website):

Cash Rewards– mostly Australian websites, includes some other countries, too.

Shopback– mostly Australian websites.

Rewards Central mostly Australian websites and also a survey website.

Rakuten (formerly Ebates)– US stores only.

Swagbucks-Mostly US stores, but some Australian stores.

How Do I Start?
Sign up with a Cashback website and start shopping!

How do I Make Sure I Get My Cashback?
I usually get my cart loaded up before clicking through from a Cashback site, to ensure I don’t close the window or have too many tabs open and use the wrong one to purchase. Once I have competed my shopping and I am read to check out, I go to my Cashback website and click through and purchase. You should be fine to browse as well, but you need to be sure you don’t open too many tabs and forget which was the one you clicked through. Cashback sites usually have a certain time before you get your cash back, such as the return period for a website, or however long is specified on their website. Some even have a display of when your cash will be available.
Keep track of those dates, and send through an inquiry if the cash is not rewarded on time. I have had to do this a couple times, and it is usually resolved quickly.

How Do I Get Paid?
Depending on the site, you can get a bank transfer, PayPal deposit, or other method of payment. Each site should specify how you are paid, and if there is a minimum limit to cash out.


Step-By-Step Guide To Shop With Cashback Websites:

1) Shop at the store and load your cart up with things you need,

2) Go to preferred Cashback website. Find store.

3) See any coupons or promo codes and take note!

4) Click through and finish your shopping. Remember to only shop within the tab you have opened by clicking through the Cashback website.

5) Wait for validation period to pass and money to go into your Cashback account.

6) Get cash back by requesting it, either in bank deposit, PayPal, or otherwise.

7) Repeat for more money!

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I hope this makes sense, but feel free to ask questions if it needs a bit more explaining. It pays to check your cashback websites before shopping, during the holidays or otherwise! Do you need other ways to make a little money around the holidays? Check out my post here with several ways to save and earn a little extra (or how to be a product tester in Australia, here).

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