Why Motherhood Is Bittersweet

Mummy Confession: I often refer to motherhood and parenthood as something “bittersweet.” Sometimes it seems more one way than the other, but it’s always been that touch of both for me personally.

These are my thoughts on the matter, do you feel the same?

Being a mum is bittersweet. (Being a parent, really)

We love watching them grow and seeing what they become and how they learn, but at the same time we wish they would stay little forever.
We wish they would love snuggles and kisses and enjoy our company every single day, and give those random hugs and surprise “I love you”s and the sweetest things they do that make you forget all the bad things that day. We cherish the times when kissing boo boos can chase the pain away, and mum or dad can do practically anything. We love being entrusted with so much.
…and at the same time…
We wish they would stop needing us SO much and giving no alone time, peeping into the bathroom or screaming desperately every time you disappear from their sight. We yearn for them to understand that their tiny tumble or bump against a wall isn’t a life threatening condition. We long for some beginnings of independence.

We want them to stay small, but oh how we can’t wait until they’re big.

It’s such a roller coaster of everything flying by too quickly and the hours crawling by painfully at the same time.

There are such conflicting emotions and feelings, all wrapped up in our day-to-day experiences.

This is parenthood.

Take a moment to just “wow” at how far they have come and what they have accomplished
and be in awe of who they are now
and all they will become
when it feels like they’re growing too fast.

It’s amazing to be a part of investing in who they are now and who they will become.
It’s a blessing to watch them grow in every sense of the word.
And yes, it’s heartbreaking at the same time because so much time has passed already and they’re not your tiny little baby anymore.

But that’s ok. That’s life. That’s motherhood.

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