Pregnancy, Baby, and Beyond Resources

Always consult a health professional if you have questions about yourself or your baby. Here are some helpful numbers and websites for you and your journey! For other forums and resources to connect with parents, see my Pregnancy and Parenting Communities post.

Hot Tip: Keep a 24hour pharmacy number on hand to check about various dosage and medicine questions! (Ie. “Is it ok for my 2 year old to take such and such if he has taken such and such at this other time?”)

For Australia:
Always  call 000 for life threatening or emergency situations

1800 882 436 : Pregnancy, Birth, and Baby Hotline – A 24/7 phone line to call in and ask questions about pregnancy, birth and baby.

1800 022 222 : Health Direct – A 24/7 phone line to call and inquire about symptoms/health questions and the actions you should take. I have used this number countless times for myself, my children, and my husband. They will advise as to the best course of action (ie. doctor’s visit within a certain time, visit Emergency, or they have sent an ambulance our way once because of the situation). This is a great resource for any person, not just babies and parents, but for any medical issues, especially if you are unsure about visiting Emergency. Website has a symptom checker and more information.

1300 22 4636 : Beyond Blue – Depression and Anxiety Support

1300 227 434 : Karitane Care – Hours vary for phone line. Help on various parenting issues including settling babies, nurtrition, and parenting strategies. Various clinic sites open as well.

1300 272 736 : Tresillian Care – 7am-11pm Phone line for help on various parenting issues including settling babies, nutrition, and parenting strategies. Various clinics open as well.

13 11 14 : Lifeline – A 24/7 support line for personal crisis or if you are thinking about self harm or suicide. Please call for support.

13 11 26 : Poisons Information Hotline – Information line in regards to things touched, ingested, or questions about if something is poisonous. (Website link is NSW page, hotline is all Australia)

1800 050 821 : Family Relationships Australia – A government site with information about family relationship issues.

Other National Free Call Numbers Listed on Pregnancy, Birth and Baby’s Website here.
And Beyond Blue’s Website here.

For  Worldwide:

Click for a list of Lifeline and Suicide Hotline Numbers to get support.

Unfortunately I am unable to compile a list beyond Australia, so please email me if you have any further resources that would be useful for parents in the US or U.K.! Thank you!