Swaddles, Sleep Suits, Sleeping Bags & Pyjamas: A Comprehensive List to Most of the Brands for Aussies

Mummy Confession: I love trying products, comparing them and trying to let others know what great options are out there for their child. So much the same when talking about sleep wear. I also like making lists of all products in a certain category…so here is the fruit of my labour!

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, nor have I tried all of the following options (though I am happy to should a brand wish to send one for evaluation!). This post contains some affiliate links by which I earn commissions from qualifying sales. Word links are mostly Australian Amazon or other Aussie sites and photos are for US Amazon.

This list has been updated as of February 2019

Swaddles, sleeping bags, sleep suits, pyjamas…there are SO many options when it comes to sleep wear for babies and toddlers. Where do you start?

There are a few options out there, depending on what your baby prefers. I will list the ones I know of, as well as the lovely options you have. I recommend checking out reviews of these products before purchase, and asking questions if you have any regarding sizing, tog ratings, materials, or anything else relevant. ( I will try to add to this list as I gain knowledge about any of the following, but you can click through to find more information about each brand listed.)

Before I go on too much, a helpful area may be checking out my sleepwear post from last year which covers a few other options.

Many of these are tog rated to reflect how you should layer your baby according to the temperature. The GroEgg2 is also a perfect companion to these sleeping options, as it tells the room temperature, and the light changes to reflect the temperature without you needing to guess or wake baby to check.
(Are you having trouble getting bub to settle or sleep? Check out my post here on different tips to settle bub or get bub to stay asleep) or if you’re beyond exhausted , here are some resources for pregnancy, babies and beyond.

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Swaddles/Swaddle Bags
Sleeping Bags/Sleep Sacks/Sleepbags
Sleep Suits/Sleep Pyjamas

Swaddles/Swaddle Bags– For younger bubs who need a little more snug or enclosed sleep system

(Now, this doesn’t include all the brands of muslin and jersey wraps, as that list alone would be massive!)
These options vary (you can check out my post on the different styles of swaddles available here), but several of the brands which make sleeping suits or bags have swaddles available as well. Swaddles or swaddle bags are recommended for babies who cannot yet roll.

Sleepy Hugs

Baby Loves Sleep: Sleepy Hugs (both enclosed sleeve and in-and-out sleeve options) and Koala Hugs– A transitional and swaddle sleeping bag swaddling baby arms up, and the Koala Hugs is a swaddle option which you tuck bub’s hands into pockets to easily swaddle.
Available in various weights for the seasons and all-seasons.
Read my review of the enclosed sleeve Sleepy Hugs here
Price: From $54.95 for Sleepy Hugs & $49.95 for Koala Hugs

Baby Studio: Swaddle Wraps & All-In-One Swaddle Bag– Wrap bub’s arms or leave them out with the velcro wrap
Available in 100% cotton
All-In-One Swaddle Bag- Bubs arms are covered and mittens roll over
Price: Around $29.95 for Swaddle Wrap & Around $39.95 for A-I-O Swaddle Bag 

Bebitza: Swaddle Wraps & BeSwaddle– The Swaddle wraps are made from bamboo which is super soft and has antibacterial properties. The BeSwaddle is a swaddle wrap with feet! If bubs has problems with swaddles with the “sleep sack” style bottoms, this would be a great option to try!
Price: Swaddle Wraps- Around $25.95ea/$34.95 double pack & Around $34.95 for a BeSwaddle

Bubbaroo: Joey Pouch Swaddle Wraps & Transitional Swaddle Bags– Joey Pouch Swaddles snap and zip up after wrapping the inner portion around bub. Swaddle Wraps Transitional Swaddle Bags have zippers near the shoulders for arms to be in or out.
Price: Swaddle Wrap around $35.95AUD and Transitional Swaddle Bags around $39.95

Embe: Embe 2-in-1 swaddle– This swaddle allows you to just swaddle the arms down after wrapping or to enclose the legs, too. Pretty nifty! We have some available for preorder here, too.
Price: Around $49.95AUD

Ergo pouch: Ergococoon Swaddle & Sleep Bag – A swaddle sleeping bag with arm snaps to transition to arms out.
Available in 0.2, 1.0, and 2.5 tog ratings
Price: Around $59.95 AUD

Halo: Halo Sleepsack Swaddle– This sleepsack swaddle allows for wrapping baby’s arms or leaving them out, making it a sleeping bag, swaddle, and transitional swaddle.
Price: Starting around $36.95

Love To Dream: Swaddle Up & Swaddle Up 50/50– This is also available in a hip harness-friendly swaddle- Swaddles the arms UP rather than down at the side, so baby can self soothe. 50/50 transitions from arms up to no arms.
Price: Starting around $39.95 & $49.95

Nested Bean: Zen Swaddle– A weighted designed swaddle made to help soothe bub by the light weight on the chest area to give comfort.
Price: Around $29.99USD plus post

Merino Kids: Cocooi Babywrap– Merino baby swaddle which you can tuck baby’s arms in the pockets and wrap bub snugly.
Price: Around $119AUD

Sleeping Baby CoZipadee-Zip – An enclosed swaddle which allows bub access to their hands while stifling the startle reflex
Read my review of the Zipadee-Zip here
Price: Starting around $32.95USD plus post

Zipadee Zip


SnugBags: SnuggleUP Swaddle, the SnugPodand the Snugpouch Transition Swaddle Sleep Bag SnuggleUp Swaddles are merino swaddles that are snug and warm. They are all zip up swaddles.
Price: Around $59-$79NZD

Snuggle Hunny Kids: Snuggle Swaddle Sack– Easy one piece sack for smaller babies with no velcro, wrapping or zips involved.
Price Around: $44.95AUD

Summer Infant: SwaddleMe & Swaddle Pod– SwaddleMe is a velcro swaddle which lets you wrap one side and then velcro the other shut to snugly wrap bub. The Swaddle Pod is a zip up swaddle.
Price: From around $20AUD 

Tommee Tippee (Formerly “The Gro Company”): Grobag Easy Swaddle, Original Grobag Swaddle and Grobag Snuggle– The original grobag swaddle is an easier wrap swaddle, the Grobag easy swaddle is a zip up swaddle and the Swaddle Grobag is a transitional swaddle with a zip up and buttons on the arms to allow for arms to be in or out.
Read a little about the Swaddle Grobag here.
Price: Starting around $29.95AUD 

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Swaddle Grobag


Woombie: Woombie and Woombie Convertible (transitional swaddle)
Price: Around $36.95AUD

Sleeping Bags– For bubs of all ages who prefer a free-er feeling, or blanket like feeling without the blanket coming off

Sleeping bags or sleep sacks are a fully enclosed blanket option for babies and toddlers. Perfect for babies and toddlers who like a looser feeling option (and generally babies and toddlers who cannot walk yet, though some toddlers and babies still use them when walking). This option can be long, short, or sleeveless. Some brands offer compatible options for their sleeveless sleeping bags, such as the Grosuit, or Love to Dream or Ergopouch arms to be worn with the sleeping bag.

Aden & Anais: Muslin Sleeping Bag– More for cooler weather, the muslin sleeping bag is made of the same material as the muslin swaddles for a more breathable material.
Price: Around $39.95AUD

baby deedee: Sleep Nest Sleeping Bag (Lite, Fleece, Teddy, and Normal)- The Sleep Nest range is super cosy and has snaps over the shoulders and zippers for easy changing and removal.
Read my review of the Sleep Nest Teddy here.
Price: From Around $25.99AUD plus post 

baby deedee Sleep Nest Teddy


Baby Studio: Sleeping Bag with or without arms– The Baby Studio Sleeping Bag offers options with and without arms in various tog ratings for all seasons.
Price: Around $49.95+AUD

Bamboo Bubby: Bamboo Bubby Bag– An eczema friendly bamboo sleeping bag good for a long time! Enclosed sleeves means bub can’t scratch and you can adjust the size to their age.
Price: Starting Around $83.95AUD for 1 or $149.95AUD for two

Bubbaroo: Platinum Joey Swag Sleeping Bag– A super cosy zipper and studded sleeping bag for children up to 6 years old.
Price: Starting around $54.95AUD

Ergopouch: Sleeping Bag and Sleep Suit Bag– Ergopouch has a sleeping bag as well as a sleeping bag that transitions into a sleep suit with two legs.
Read a little about the sleep suit bag here.
Price: Starting around $59.95AUD for the sleeping bag and starting around$64.95 for the sleep suit bag

Ergopouch Sleep Suit Bag

Halo: Sleep Sack– Wearable blanket for baby without arms.
Price: Starting around $21.95AUD

Love to DreamLove to Dream Sleep Bag– Different ranges of sleeping bags with and without arms ranging from snugger fit to a little looser fit.
Price: Starting around $49.95AUD

Merino Kids: Gogo Bag– The standard, duvet, and sherpa weighted merino sleeping bags are great for winter and regulating temperature.
Price: Between $199-$249AUD for varying weights of merino

Nested Bean: Zen Sack– This Sleeping Bag has a slightly weighted part on the front made to help soothe bub into sleeping.
Price: Starting around $37.99AUD

Skeanie/Uh-Oh:Baby Sleeping Bag– Cotton sleeping bag which comes with or without arms
Price: From Around $39.95AUD

Slumbersac: Sleeping Bag– For all seasons and with or without sleeves, Slumbersac has a wide variety of sleeping bags for babies and kids.
Price: Starting around $50+ with options for bundle packs as well (on their website here)

Snugbags: Organic Cotton & Merino Sleeping Bags: For a range of seasons without sleeves
Price: Around $159-$209 AUD

Snugtime: Cosi Bag– This sleeping bag is with or without sleeves available in a few different tog ratings.
Price: From Around $64.95AUD

Tealbee:Sleep Sack– With and without sleeves, this sleeping bag has adorable designs
Price: Around $39.99AUD plus post

Tommee Tippee (Formerly “The Gro Company”): Grobag Sleepbag– The Grobag Sleepbag is a simple sleeping bag without arms to keep bubs warm.
Read my review of the Grobag here (original grobag).
Price: Starting around $49.95AUD

The Sleepy Company: 365 Sleep Bag 2.0 or 3.0– A truly innovative sleeping bag with the ability to use one for several seasons! The 365 4-in-1 is two sleeping bags which can be used independently or zipped up together for extra warmth! The long sleeves are removable and the mittens flip over, too.
Price: Starting at $150AUD 

Woolbabe: Woolbabe Merino Sleep Bag– This sleep bag is a merino cotton blend for cosy nights with or without sleeves.
Price: Starting around $149.99AUD 

Sleep Suits– With legs rather than just the bag bottom. Perfect for bubs who walk!

Baby Loves Sleep: The Cosy Toddler is a sleeping suit with sleeves on hands and feet which can be opened or closed (similar to their hands in and out sleepy hugs). A great pyjama for toddlers who don’t love the sleep sack, but like a more roomy pyjama!
Available in .7tog and soon to release for winter weighted styles.
Price: Around $69.95 for Cosy Toddler

baby deedee: Sleepsie– The Sleeps comes in short and long sleeve varieties with both enclosed and open feet. The great thing about these pyjamas is that they have a between the legs zip for easier nappy changes!
Read my review of the baby deedee Sleepsie here.
Price: Starting around $30AUD plus post 

baby deedee Sleepsie


Bamboo Bubby: Bamboo Bubby Soothe PJs– Eczema friendly enclosed sleeved pyjamas with tops and bottoms made of bamboo fabric. The brilliant thing here is that they go through adult sizes!
Price: Starting around $42.90AUD- $141.95AUD

Bonds: Wondersuit, Newbies Zippy, Roomy Suit, and others– Various sorts of materials and weights for various seasons. The well-known wonder suit has flip over mittens (up to size 00) and flip over feet on their wonder suits.
Read my rave about the Wondersuits here.
Price: Typically around $24.95-$39.99AUD (But there are often sales in stores and online)

the bonds wonder suit

Ergopouch: Ergolayers or Ergopouch Sleep Onesie
Price: Starting around $39.95AUD ergolayers and $44.95AUD for the sleep onesie

Tommee Tippee (Formerly “The Gro Company”): Grobag Steppee The Grobag Steppee is a sleeveless, footed pyjama with flippable feet.
Price: Around $54.95

Hello Night: Wearable Blanket Layer Set– The Hello Night Wearable Blanket is a merino sleep suit available in sleeved or sleeveless options in gorgeous prints and always footless (but they have adorable merino socks available, too!) The layer sets are made of 100% fine merino wool.
Price: Layers around $119.95AUD

Henry & Grace: Coverall– Henry & Grace has a range of fine merino maternity clothing as well as baby clothing. This coverall is a gorgeous, soft, and warm button down long sleeved (open footed) coverall for bub.
Read my review of the Henry & Grace sleep suit here.
Price: Around $65AUD

Henry & Grace Coverall

Living Textiles: Smart Sleep Sleeping Walker Suit Cotton top, quilted back and bottom, flip over grippy feet, and two-way zip for easier nappy changes. Comes in 2.5tog at the moment.
Price: Around $59.95AUD

Love to Dream: Sleep Suit- Vented underarms, flip over grippy feet, and a quilted bottom portion with cotton top portion and various togs for a range of seasons. Comes in sleeveless for warmer seasons and short and long sleeve for cooler seasons
Read a little about the Love to Dream Sleep Suit here.
Price: Starting around $49.95AUD

Love to Dream Sleep Suit

Nested Bean: Zen Footie PJ– The same gently weighted area on the chest for comfort in long sleeve and footed pyjama style.
Price: Around $34.99USD

Skeanie/Uh-Oh: Baby Buggy Bag– With sleeves and enclosed grippy feet, this sleep suit has a range of tog weights for any season
Price: Around $39.95AUD

Sleeping Baby Co: Flying Squirrel– An endless amount of designs available for this open hand and foot pyjamas (with fold over for both), which is baggy and various materials for different seasons.
Price: Starting around $34.95USD plus post

Snugbag: SnugnGo Snugbag with Feet: Able to use from ages 2-4 with cuffs to make the sleeping bag smaller for smaller children. Sleeveless and baggy.
Price: From Around $119NZD

The Sleepy Company: X-Tend Sleep Suit– A truly innovative sleep suit with the ability to use one for several seasons! With extendable arms and legs, hand mittens, removable sleeves, and a handy drop seat at the back for easy changes or toilet time. Comes in various togs, too, for changing seasons.
Price: Around $64.95-$74.95AUD

Tealbee: Dreamsuit– With or without sleeves for varying weather, this footless sleeping suit is adorable.
Price: Around $39.99AUD plus post

SnugtimeBlanket Sleeper– This sleep suit is available in a couple different weights with long sleeves and enclosed gripped feet.
Price: Around $49.95AUD-$59.95AUD

Slumbersac: Sleeping Bag With Feet– sleeveless sleeping bags with feet instead of an enclosed bottom for walkers.
Price: Starting around $34.95AUD+

Woolbabe: Sleepsuit– Merino-cotton blend sleep suit with long sleeves and legs (but open). Some styles are thicker for winter, too.
Read my review of the Woolbabe Sleep Suit here
Price: Around $69.95AUD

The Woolbabe Sleep Suit

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