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munchkin, win, prize, review, baby products

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munchkin, won, prize, review, baby products

Its been a long time coming, but we won these as a part of an Australia Day Giveaway with Munchkin, so I thought it would be great to tell you about them and what we thought. This has not been sponsored by Munchkin and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Munchkin, sippy cup, cup, toddler product, product review

Click Lock Bite Proof Sippy Cup

This great sippy cup has been thrown, dropped, tipped, and knocked over multiple times in the period that we have owned it. So far, it has stood the test of time! This cup comes with 100% leak proof guarantee, and I will say that I have never known a cup to have that guarantee as of yet.

The Click lock means it makes an audible “click” when it is properly put on, so better than trying to thread and turn, hoping it has locked enough to prevent spills. The plastic form is easy to grip with the bumps on the outside, and it’s easy to tip and sip. It’s fairly easy to clean, and no parts to have to disassemble. Another great thing about this, is that you can buy replacement spouts for this cup, to continue using for a longer time! This cup is also top-rack dishwasher safe according to the Munchkin website.


Bathtime Duck

The first thing I noticed about this duck that is different to any other I have bought is that the hole in the bottom is sealed. Sealed! To those who have experienced mould issues with bath toys, this is a huge bonus on a small toy! No need to hot glue this one closed, or worry about health issues because of hidden mould.

The sealed part at the bottom is actually a temperature gauge, too! It says “HOT” when the water is too hot, or stays blue if it’s cool enough. Sure, it doesn’t squeak or spit water, but honestly the whole draw of this is that it’s a duck. My bubs loves just splashing around with this toy and chewing on him. I was super impressed about the sealed hole, and it’s dual purpose! This was an instant favourite in the house!

Munchkin, munchkin brand, product review, duck, rubber ducky, bath, bath time, baby bath White Hot Duck Tub

This inflatable bath for bubs is so great for my baby keen to sit, splash, and not fill up the entirety of the bathtub. Not to mention, it’s especially adorable, easy to deflate and pack away (unlike those giant baby baths), and simple enough to put into the big bath or keep out separately. My small bathtub easily accommodated this squishy yellow bath, and it’s honestly perfect for the stage we are in right now. I should have used it sooner, as it would have saved my arms and back reaching over the tub to keep my baby upright.

Munchkin, munchkin brand, product review, duck, rubber ducky, bath, bath time, baby bath

My baby is about the size of a one year old, and fits perfectly inside, but he’s not squished. It’s cushioned and the bottom of the inside is textured, so it makes a great transition bath between the big tub and baby bath, or just use it as a baby bath! There is a suction cup on the bottom for securing it in place in the tub, on the floor, or sticking it to the shower wall for storage if you don’t want to deflate it.

IMG_3758     IMG_3755
This also has the “white hot” blue dot that turns white and indicates “HOT” if the water is too warm for baby. My bubs loved splashing around in this, and I can tell this will be a favourite! One negative is that it doesn’t come in a size big enough for me to fit ?

Munchkin, munchkin brand, product review, duck, rubber ducky, bath, bath time, baby bath
Textured lines for grip, plug for easy emptying, and “white hot” blue dot for temperature gauge

Fresh food feeder, munchkin, munchkin brand, baby food, food safetyFresh Food Feeder

I had a similar one for my first baby, and love the concept of this product! Put in various fruits, foods, cooked vegetables, or even a cube of breast milk for those pesky teething problems. It’s great for the exploration of new foods with the security of knowing they can’t swallow giant chunks. It’s easy enough to clean, and no parts to take apart, or places for food to get trapped that I can tell. It also comes with a plastic cover so you can contain the mess, or bring it with you for later.

My baby loved the simple grip, and though he’s not big on any food at the moment, he enjoyed testing the flavours and squishing the mesh to get a proper feel for the food inside. Obviously this is not a mess-free product, but it is a lot less messy than handing your child a banana (trust me)! I also, again, love that it prevents bub from taking sizeable bites that could see them choking. We intend to use this for our fruits and cooked veggies as bub explores the world of food. Pair with a quality bib for best results!

Fresh food feeder, munchkin, munchkin brand, baby food, food safety

Miracle 360 degree Cup

Amazing! This isn’t your typical sippy cup. I used to have another brand with a similar idea, which claimed to be no-spill and foolproof, but my then 9-month old managed to flip it upside-down and soak the carpet. Totally unimpressed mother. I have since been skeptical of any of these so-called “just like a cup, but no-spill” since. Let me tell you, this cup has been tossed around, flipped upside-down, and it hasn’t spilled! Not a drop! I am really astonished with whatever technology went into this cup, and my kids love it! There is now fighting over it, because it is that cool.

The great part about this cup is also that they can drink from any side of it, like a normal cup, so it gives great practise for little lips, without the worry of water everywhere. It is fairly easy to clean, and is top-rack dishwasher safe according to the Munchkin website. This cup also comes in a handled form and stainless steel (which looks pretty neat). Pretty cool options to have, and a good quality. So, plenty of options for toddlers of all stages!

Snack catcher, munchkin, munchkin brand, toddler products, review, product review

Snack Catcher

I had one of these with my oldest, and still use it to this day. I purchased it in the US while I was out that way, so it is essentially the same. I’ve found this one to be great, because spills always happen with little ones when they grab a fistful of snacks from anywhere. It’s a little hard for the smaller toddlers to get their hands into, but in that, it seems to lessen the amount that they can grab (and therefore spill) out of my child’s hands as she grabs her snack.

The top keeps it inside during a bumpy car ride, and the handles are great for kids to keep a grip on it. If I happen to put it into the nappy bag, it stays contained within reason (obviously crumbs can escape and I don’t recommend tipping it upside-down and shaking it furiously). It does stay fairly spill-proof besides that though! So much better than an open plastic container! And no need to pass back and forth for me to open it up for them. The lid is fairly easy to remove, and I haven’t (yet) had the issue of my child removing it, which is great. Easy to wash, and top-rack dishwasher safe, according to the Munchkin website.

These products were all great, and my kids have loved every one of them. I would definitely recommend these to anyone in the market for products along these lines, especially that inflatable duck tub…the best! I will say I am jealous of the range on the United States website for Munchkin products, and I hope to be able to find a lot more of it in stores or online!

I hope this helps someone who may be eyeing products and wondering what they are all about. Munchkin has a great range, and I would say these are some very awesome products!
Feel free to check out their website with all their great products here. This is a US website, and I don’t believe they ship to Australia, though, but most of these products can be found in grocery stores, department stores, or baby stores.

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