Panda Child Carrier: Lightweight for You, Comfortable For Them

Today, my hubs is taking over to do a review on the Panda Child Carrier. I happened upon the Panda Child Carrier when doing some searching for new things in the baby and toddler world, and thought it would be great to share with you! While I’m not much of a hiker, and I don’t do well with too much weight upsetting my balance (see: small people problems). The hubs agreed to do this one and give his input on this new and innovative (and pocket-filled) Carrier for babies (from 7 months old) toddlers up to around 4 years (20kg). And now, I will let him do the talking!

(I have also embedded their video at the bottom of this post if you would want to see the Panda Child Carrier in action.)

Disclosure: This carrier was trialled and returned. We were not compensated for this post or review. All opinions are honest and our own.

Hubby Confession:I’m not Amanda

About the Panda Child Carrier

Age Range: 7 months-approximately 4 years (20kgs)

Carrier Type: Backpack/Hiking Toddler/Child Carrier

Weight of Carrier itself: 2.8kg

Features: 7 pockets, up to 15 litres of storage space. One large unde-seat pocket, 2 mesh pockets in either side, pocket for A4 documents, pocket on sunroof, small pocket on the back, pocket for wallet/keys, etc, and a pocket for a hydration system such as the camelbak hydration system.

Available to buy: Available for purchase on Australia wide

The Panda carrier, where do I begin? When we first took it out of the box, I thought it looked much like a hiking backpack. Big, rugged, lots of straps and a ton of pockets for carrying all of those things your child probably won’t need. Then I put it on and that’s where things got interesting. After a few adjustments, I had it the way I wanted it and it felt good!

We had the Panda Child Carrier of 30 days to try out. I was actually very surprised when I put it on, it  felt robust and well put together.  You’d expect that kind of quality for something made in Europe (Czech Republic). There was no loose stitching, the buckles and clips were quality and did I mention all the storage options? After a few adjustments, I had it exactly the way I wanted it and it felt pretty good, with most of the weight focused on the hips. The well padded hip brace was comfortable and did’t restrict movement all that much, which meant I could walk for a few hours before needing to take a break. Although, you may want to take a break every hour or so because your child will appreciate it, and so will you. Being used as a human mule does take its toll.

How to Carry:

The Panda Child Carrier is good to use straight out of the box. Delivered right to your door, you just unpack it and make the adjustments to your proper size. I chose to put it on as I would a normal backpack. From there I made my adjustments to the hip brace and shoulder straps. The height adjustment on the back cushion can be done before or after you put the carrier on but you may need someone to help you after you’ve put it on as it just makes it easier. Before I get ahead of myself, your child should go in their seat before you put the Panda carrier on. You’ll preferably need to use a table or something that’s not ground level unless you like lifting heavy objects, in which case, don’t worry about tables or raised platforms. Your other option is to have someone help you put the child into their seat after you’ve settled into the carrier but this may not always be the best option as it can turn into a circus if your child is being temperamental. When your child does fall asleep, their head will also be kept inside the carrier and won’t just bop around which is great for them and your peace of mind.


As far as adjustability goes, your options are pretty well sorted. You can adjust the shoulder straps, hip brace, back cushion (the part that separates you from your child), sternum strap, height adjustor for your back and shoulders, seat position for your child, their harness, and the side straps on the child seat to adjust the closeness to your back. So as you can tell, you have options that will mean you can have a carrier that will fit you comfortably no matter your height or stature, which is excellent for long walking trips where your child will most likely fall asleep. The carrier sits your child away from your back, allowing for air to circulate for both of you to be more comfortable. The hip brace and shoulder straps are very well padded and are comfortable to wear, even on long hikes.

Pockets, Pockets, and More Pockets:

Storage is not an issue here. There are pockets everywhere and they come in very handy. Do you hate having your phone, keys or wallet in your pockets on long walks as much as I do? The Panda carrier has you covered there. There’s a in built pocket on the right side of the hip brace for all of those things which is convenient because you won’t have to take it off or spin it around to reach a pocket that’s right on the back. That gets old and very inconvenient when your child is asleep but you need to pay for some ice cream or a snack if you take it for a walk in a city environment. The under seat pocket is also very large (15 litres) and can also come in very handy if you need to fly somewhere. It gets treated much like a pram during flights but with the extra storage space, you can get some extra things tucked away and no one will be the wiser. For every day use however, this means that you can have extra nappies, wipes, tissues and water all contained within the carrier. Speaking of water, there’s an option to have a Camelbak style water system that zips in just between the back cushion and the child seat. A great option for those of us that enjoy long walks in nature, or anywhere really. All up there’s 7 pockets available for storage. And if you know kids, you’ll know how important that is.


The over head sun shade is a brilliant idea. It pops in just behind the child seat to provide them with some good shade from the sun. The sun shade comes included with every carrier and is an absolute must when walking outside. Your child also has stirrups they can put their feet into (the reason I got the “horsie” remark). This means that their legs won’t just dangle everywhere and they won’t get pins and needles when they sit in there for long periods of time. The kickstand that is inbuilt with the carrier allows for easy placement on the ground whenever you need to put the carrier down, and there is a handle on the top of the carrier.

There’s also an option for a rain cover for liquidy days. This can be purchase separately, ($40) and wasn’t reviewed, but it is something to keep in mind if you’re outside a lot. The Panda Child Carrier also tries its best to keep your back cool on those hot days with their Air Comfort technology. The chin pad where your child sits is also washable, which is a great inclusion by Petr (Panda Child Carrier inventor). My son was a big fan of the Panda picture on this point of the carrier, which helped him to adjust a bit to the carrier itself.


While I understand that the price may be a deal breaker for some people, as it does cost a bit. BUT they have the option of a 30-day trial, which you are able to return the carrier if you are not satisfied for your money back. This is obviously subject to terms and conditions, but I haven’t heard of other carriers with this option. They do offer afterpay as well, so that can be a good plan to help space out payments if the once off payment is a bit high.


I actually liked the Panda Child Carrier. From the build quality, to the storage, to all the adjustment options and of course the comfort level. I have tried other carriers, we all have at one point or another, but this was different. It performed very well and didn’t let up even with heavy use. The Panda Child Carrier is a quality carrier from start to finish which  made good on all it’s claims. It weighs in at 2.8kg and feels like a lot less once adjusted so it sits on your hips just right.  Our kids loved sitting in it and never complained. They were so comfortable they fell asleep on more than one occasion. The carrier is a fantastic inclusion for those active families with young children that like to spend time in nature or walk outdoors a lot. I recommend trying the Panda Child Carrier! It has many great options (and so many pockets) for active parents with little people.

Peace Out!

Where to Buy:
Cost: $390.00
Please note that there is a 30 day trial period available, Please feel free to check that out by clicking here.

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