Christmas Meal Boxes & Hampers In Australia

Mummy Confession: I do love a good Christmas box, set for all the seasonal meals!

It’s that time of the year again, and if you haven’t already gotten one, you may be after one still–a Christmas box! Easy to figure boxes with all of the trimmings you need for your holiday meal! It’s getting down to the last minute, so I figured I would compile list of the ones I have seen around.

I have updated this post for 2018, so information should be correct. It’s always best to check with the brand though to be sure!

I’ve rounded up a few that I’ve found that look absolutely great and wanted to let you know about and listed them below, along with how much they cost and what comes inside! They come delivered to your door, so one less thing to worry about for those holiday meals! These are available in Australia (and there are some which are available in limited locations). I hope this helps!

Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link for Marley Spoon and referral code for Hello Fresh. This just means I earn a commission off of qualifying sales for those links and codes. However, this comes at no cost to you.

Marley Spoon Christmas Box^

Fresh ingredients for recipes you create, along with the recipe cards $249.95 (feeds 6 people):
Unsure of Availability until date
Find The Christmas Box By Clicking Here
What’s Inside:
-Chargrilled Serrano-Wrapped Asparagus with Artichoke Dip
-Mixed Tomato Salad with Marinated Goat’s Cheese and Pomegranate Molasses
-Baked Tasmanian Salmon with Summer Herbs and Dijon Mustard
-Classic Free-range Roast Turkey with Pistachio, Fig and Pear Stuffing with Lemon Thyme-Roasted Vegetables
-Orange and Maple-Pecan Christmas Trifle

Gourmet Dinner Service^

Prepared Foods that you just need to cook the meat and warm the bread and serve, no preparation required! (Check out my review of their regular meals here). You can either order the regular meals as you wish, or their special Christmas menu below.
Delivered up until 24 December (according to your delivery times indicated prior to checkout)

There is a whole menu to choose from individually, or four Christmas Hampers to choose from!
$213-$423 (serving 6-12 people depending on the hamper) but use code “mummyconfessions” for $20 off your order of $100 or more if it is your first time ordering!

Individual prices vary, but the Hampers are as follows:

Traditional Hot Christmas Hamper ($213 serves 6)
Find the Traditional Hot Christmas Hamper By Clicking Here
-Mixed hot cocktail pack
– 2kg raw turkey, stuffed and ready to bake
– Traditional gravy
-Cranberry chutney
– Roast kipfler potatoes
– Christmas pudding
-Brandy sauce

No Cook Christmas Hamper: ($242 serves 6)
Find the No Cook Christmas Hamper By Clicking Here
-Antipasto platter
– 1kg Australian tiger prawns
– 3 Dipping sauces: Soy + wasabi, Chimmichurri and Traditional cocktail sauce
-Vodka cured gravlax
– Platter of sliced meats with condiments
-Roast vegetable, quinoa + cranberry salad
– Roast potato + shallot salad
– French sourdough bread
– Platter of mixed tarts; Salted caramel, Lemon, Mango + Raspberry and almond

Premium Hot& Cold Christmas Hamper (Feeds 10-12)
Find The Premium Hot & Cold Christmas Hamper By Clicking Here

– Antipasto platter
– Mixed hot cocktail pack
– 2kg Australian tiger prawns
– 3 Dipping sauces: Soy + wasabi, Chimmichurri and Traditional cocktail sauce
-2kg stuffed turkey, ready to bake
– Cranberry chutney
-5kg Glazed ham
– Roast potato + shallot salad
– Italian slaw w parmesan
– Citrus aoili
– French sourdough bread
– Half dozen mince pies
– Platter of mixed tarts; Salted caramel, Lemon, Mango + Raspberry and almond

BBQ Christmas Hamper: ($215  feeds around 8)
Find the BBQ Christmas Hamper By Clicking Here
– 1kg Australian tiger prawns
– 3 dipping sauces: Soy + Wasabi, Chimmichurri and Traditional cocktail sauce
– Trio of dips
– Tandoori chicken skewers
– Greek lamb fillets
– Salmon fillet with salsa verde dressing
– Roast potato salad with sour cream dressing
– Mango tarts
– Chocolate mousse with freeze dried raspberries

Hello Fresh Christmas Box^

Fresh Ingredients with recipes for you to prepare
Delivered to you the Saturday, Sunday and/or Monday before Christmas day depending on your area (which will be communicated with you with your order)
$239.95-$339.95 (boxes to feed 4 to 12 people)– You MAY be able to use my code “AMANDASG” to save money on your order, possibly up to $50, but I am not sure if it works on The Christmas boxes (but doesn’t hurt to mention just in case it saves you money! This is a referral code and may earn commissions on qualifying purchases at no cost to you.)
Find Hello Fresh’s Christmas Boxes By Clicking Here

Menu Includes Selections of: (My guess is you choose from each group below)
-Golden Roast Chicken with Sage & Macadamia Stuffing
-Christmas Ham with Marmalade Glaze
-Smoked Salmon Blini with Goat Cheese & Chives

Tomato, Fetta & Basil Crostini with Creamy Pesto & Balsamic Glaze
Mixed Pea, Mint & Almond Salad with Mustard Cider Dressing
Sauteed Green Beans & Asparagus with Panko Parmesan Crumb Topping
-Twice-Cooked Garlic & Rosemary Potatoes with Honey-Thyme Dutch Carrots
-Mini Mango, Passionfruit & Mint Pavlovas with Kiwi & Macadamias

Only in 8-10 and 12-14 person boxes
Chocolate Brownies with White Chocolate Drizzle

Additional Cheese option is 
Gourmet Cheese Box with Cheese, Crackers, Dried Fruit & Nuts

The choices for boxes from Hello Fresh are as follows:
4-6 people ($239.95 without cheese, $279.95 with cheese)
Three course Christmas Feast (options are on the page from which you order)

8-10 people ($299.95 without cheese, $329.95 with cheese)
Three course Christmas Feast (options are on the page from which you order)

12-14 people ($369.95 without cheese, $429.95 with cheese)
Three course Christmas Feast (options are on the page from which you order)

Thomas Farms Kitchen Signature Christmas in a Box^

Fresh ingredients with recipes for you to prepare
Delivered December 22
Find the Thomas Farms Kitchen Singnature Christmas in a Box By Clicking Here
$297.99 :: They also have the option to purchase turkey, leg ham, prawns , and pork loin separately as well!
Thomas Farms Kitchen Christmas In a Box includes;

Thomas Farms Pork Loin Boned and Rolled 2.5kg approx
Wintulichs Half leg ham 5-6kg
Pud and Sons 1kg Handmade Christmas pudding
Pooginagoric Free Range Whole Turkey 9kg approx
Spencer Gulf King Prawns 1kg

Delish Deliveries (Select Sydney Suburbs only)^

Individual Foods for Christmas!
Custard, Cherries, Seafood and Meat all available for purchase here. They also have a range of other groceries for delivery. Orders for Christmas must be placed before December 17.

Orders are delivered December 23 and 24 depending on your location.

Check out their Christmas Menu here.

Dinner Twist (WA Only)^

This box has a limited quantity available and you need to order by calling

I believe this is fresh ingredients with recipe cards, but you will have to confirm with Dinner Twist
$129 (feeds 8 people)
Delivered 11-18 December
Find Dinner Twist’s Christmas Box By Clicking Here
Camembray, Blackwood Blue, St Johns Brook – Manchego
by Cambray Cheese
Marinated Persian Feta Ball by Naked Food Co
Maple + Peppercorn Lavosh & Fennel + Sea Salt Graham Crackers
by Knutsford
Charcoal Sourdough by Abhi’s Bread
Fresh Honeycomb by West Coast Honey
Watermelon Rind Pickle by Epicurean foodie
Rosemary + Saltbush Nut Mix by GH Produce
Chocolate Coated Plums by Solarfruits
Rocky Road by Sue Lewis
+Fresh local fruit

^ Information sourced from related website. Any information here was correct at the time of posting, however please check with the website for accuracy or any changes which may have occurred since posting. Thank you!

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