MAMMA Baby Care Double Electric Breast Pump: An Affordable Double Electric Pump

MAMMA Baby Care (Double Electric) Breast Pump: A Review

Most Affordable Double Pump

This website has stopped sales for their pump at the moment. Another alternative for affordable breast pumps include Eonian Care or hiring a pump from Tree Hut Village

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Disclosure: This pump was received in exchange for my honest opinion. As always, I give my honest opinion and I do not recommend products that I don’t love myself. See the disclosure policy for more details. Or why I disclose here.

The MAMMA breast pump may just look like another pump, but the affordability factor for this double electric pump is a big bonus! With a timer and individual pump engines, this pump makes double pumping a bit more affordable for everyone. MAMMA even offers their very own pump bra to help when pumping both sides at the same time!

Where to find the MAMMA pump: The Mamma Pump is no longer in production. You may still be able to find them preloved on Marketplaces.
Where to find it internationally: N/A
Cost:$219.00AUD new


Photo Credit: MAMMA Baby Care


Open or closed system? Closed.
Single or double? Double.
Battery operated, plug in, adaptor? Plug in.
Manual or Electric? Electric.
Varying shield sizes? What are they? Pump comes with one shield size.
Soft or hard? Hard shells with optional soft shell covers.
How many phases? 2. Massage and expression modes.
Does it adjust speed/suction? Yes. Suction is adjustable in both massage and expressing modes, and each mode has a different speed/cycle.
Price? $219.00AUD
Where to buy? Rental Available? It is available for purchase on MAMMA Baby Care’s website. It is not available for rental.
Features? Individual pump engines, Unique low noise technology, Closed system design, Large display with backlight, timer & memory, 2-phase expressing feature, Use as single or double pump , Soft breast shields, BPA Free, Affordable
Other products? MAMMA Baby Care also sells a pump bra, bottles, and extra valves and membranes.
Compatible bottle system? It comes with one bottle nipple which is a slower flow. There are no other size bottles available for purchase, and no other sized nipples for purchase. However, many of the narrow neck nipples will work with the bottle provided.
Adaptors for other bottle systems? No it does not have adaptors, however it suits most narrow neck bottles such as Medela, Pigeon, or Happy Baby.

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My Experience


Ease of use? The MAMMA pump was very straightforward to use and very easy to figure out. The buttons were simple to read, and you just need to figure what the button is for using one or two sides pumping if you haven’t used this pump before.
Easy to clean? The parts of the pump come apart well and it is very easy to clean. You may need a straw or bottle cleaner to get it properly cleaned, but this is not unlike most pumps.
Easy to store? The pump comes in a compartmentalised box if you want to keep that for storage. It’s a fairly small motor which is easy to put away for later use.
Easy to put together? I don’t think I needed any directions for putting this pump together. It was pretty straightforward. It can be used with or without the silicone breast shields over top.
Parts come apart? The parts come apart well for cleaning.


Quiet? It’s fairly quiet, but not the quietest pump. It is a double pump, however, so it does need a powerful motor.
Quick? It works pretty efficiently and being a double pump, it means everything is done a bit quicker as well.
Comfortable? I had no issues with the breast she’ll size, and it comes with soft breast shells if you wish to use them with the pump. It is only one shield size, though.
Suction is sufficient? Yes, the suction is sufficient and adjustable if you need to increase or decrease suction. You can also adjust to single mode as well.
Portability? It is fairly portable. However, you do need to plug it in, so you need somewhere with a plug or an adaptor to use in your c of that would work with the pump.
Volume? The bottles hold 160ml.


Overall, this pump performed well and expressed just as well as other pumps. It is a bit more affordable, even compared with some single pumps. This is great, because I know several mums who want to get double pumps, but it may not be in their budget. This gives them the option! The few things I am mindful of though with this pump is the fact that it does need to be plugged in for use. This isn’t a problem if you are around and outlet. It does not have a bottle system, or other sized nipples for purchase either. I do love the fact that they offer a pumping bra, and even an offer for their pump with bra as a set. This makes double pumping so much easier, and able to do it hands free! I found the pumping bra to be good and stable, and very adjustable in front and back to the appropriate size. I would recommend this pump for mums who want to have a double pump, but may not be able to afford the more expensive ones. This one performed well.

Photo Credit: MAMMA Baby Care



  • You need to plug this pump in to use
  • You may need a pumping bra for this, unless you want to hold the pump while you express. MAMMA Baby Care does have a pump bra available for purchase though, and it’s not too expensive.
  • It isn’t the quietest pump, but it isn’t overly noisy either.
  • There is only one size breast shield available that comes with the pump.

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