Jeans In Every Postpartum Closet


So, if you are a wearer of jeans like I am, and have been a postpartum mother at any point, you know how it goes. You have a pre-baby body, and pre-baby jeans. Somewhere after that it gets a bit muddled about how to sort out and figure out what you do with everything. Do you get rid of them, or keep them around, just in case?

This leads me to my closet, where I find 5 different pairs of jeans, and figure, of all people, you would understand where I’m coming from. All of my jeans can be classed into one (or more) of these categories.

  1. Aspiration Jeans– These are a seemingly unobtainable pair, possibly a goal or even a pair you wore when you were younger. Maybe you got them and they fit in-store, but upon arrival, you gained 17 pounds. I have a few of these.
  2. Pre-Baby Jeans– You know, the ones you thought you were fat in…but realise you weren’t fat at all. These can be the same as aspiration jeans, even. Mine are a nice pair of those skinny jeans I decided to take the plunge and finally buy. Then, I got pregnant.

    Photo credit: Pixabay
  3. In-Between Jeans– The not quite maternity, but not quite pre-baby jeans. May require a hair elastic, or fun fabric panel separately, to accommodate a growing bump, or post baby flab.
  4. Maternity Jeans– Those super-comfortable with the special elastic panel pair that you wore for a few months after having a baby, because your in-between jeans wouldn’t fit just yet.
  5. Post Baby Not-Quite-There-Yet Jeans– Post part, but not quite where I was after my first baby. These are slightly bigger than my last post-baby jeans.

You know what? How about we all just wear leggings, sweats, or yoga pants and skip all this jean-limbo! How about you? How many pairs of these jeans are in your closet?

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