Encouragement: Random Acts of Kindness Should Be a Thing

Mummy Confession: I have bad days. Bad weeks even. I often get discouraged.   As a parent and a human being, I am subject to doubting my worth, questioning my purpose, and flooding my mind with useless and negative thoughts. A kind word, or word of encouragement can make so much of a difference in the way I go about my day. Being surrounded by little people and limited adult interaction all day long can be so draining! I wanted to create an initiative, if you will, to help others: Other mums, other parents, and other carers out there. Call Read More

My Little Love Heart: Review

Mummy Review: I’ve always loved boutique styles, and having something that is a unique style! I also love supporting local businesses and mums, so this is a win, win! Disclosure: Some of these products were given to me in exchange for my honest opinion. I liked them so much, I bought more . My Little Love Hearts is a boutique style shop for a range of accessories for babies, handmade in Australia. Their line of products includes bibs, hair bows, and teething rings. I have reviewed the products below which I have received and also purchased a couple more, in Read More

Jeans In Every Postpartum Closet

So, if you are a wearer of jeans like I am, and have been a postpartum mother at any point, you know how it goes. You have a pre-baby body, and pre-baby jeans. Somewhere after that it gets a bit muddled about how to sort out and figure out what you do with everything. Do you get rid of them, or keep them around, just in case? This leads me to my closet, where I find 5 different pairs of jeans, and figure, of all people, you would understand where I’m coming from. All of my jeans can be classed Read More

One of Those Days…Again

Mummy Confession: It has been a long and hard day today. I’m exhausted, my patience is running low, and I just want to sleep.  Sorry if this seems a little incoherent, but these are indeed the thoughts of an exhausted mother. Today has been one of those days. There have been no breaks. Obviously, that’s my role as a stay-at-home-mum, but goodness is it exhausting! (As a matter of fact, it has been “one of those days” for nearly months now, but this particular day was especially exhausting.) From the first eyes opening in the morning, I have heard nothing Read More

The Wubbanub and Avent Pacifiers

Mummy Confession: I’ve always been jealous of the adorable pacifiers the United States has on offer. The brilliant thing now is that’s they’re available in Australia, too! Disclosure: This post is not sponsored by or affiliated with Philips Avent and other products mentioned and all opinions given are my own. This post contains affiliate links. I make a small commission from qualifying purchases. See my disclosure policy for details. Related posts: Helpful ways to get baby to sleep How to help baby STAY asleep Innovative products for mums and babies 2018 and 2019 Those first weeks with a baby can Read More