Saving/Earning Money Resources

A quick-click for various links I have posted on saving money and earning Cashback. Please click here for the Blog post which explains a little about how they work 🙂
This Page contains affiliate links. This means I can make a commission off of things purchased through these links. To learn more about them, please see the disclosure policy.

Cashback Sites:
Cash Rewards (Australian stores mostly)
Rewards Central (Australian only, also survey site)
Ebates (American, can only redeem in/with US stores)
Swag Bucks (American stores)
Ibotta (US residents only)

Legitimate Survey Sites:
Toluna (Worldwide as far as I’m aware)- offers PayPal and other rewards
Valued Opinions (Australia only)- offers e-vouchers and gift cards
MyView (Australia only)- offers e-vouchers and gift cards
Opinion World (Australia only as far as I’m aware)- offers PayPal, Amazon gift cards, and other rewards
Bounty Rewards (Australian, for mums)- offers e-vouchers

Big Sale  Websites (find a range of things here, from grocery to toys and clothing):
Zulily-clothing, toys and other things
Groupon US and Groupon Australia– from travel deals, to local deals to shopping
Scoopon US and Scoopon Australia- similar to Groupon
Mumgo (Australia only) and Catch of the Day– grocery and various sales
Ozsale– various sales

For Professional advice on financial matters, check out Dave Ramsey and his advice. Many friends I know have used his programs to get out of debt and try to live debt-free 🙂

also, for simple budget calculators or planners, check out This budget tool from Dave Ramsey’s site, or ASIC (Australia)