How To Expand Your Bin Space! Recycling and Other Options!

Mummy Confession: I’ve been doing a clean up around the house for years it seems, and I hate filling up the rubbish bin with things that I’m sure could be used or recycled again!

I’m not very “in the know” about everything in this sort of category, but I have found out over the years that there are SO MANY places that take things that many people just toss and can reuse or otherwise recycle them! Some of these things should not even go into any trash bin because of the hazard to the environment. Some of those places to find are below. Please let me know if you find other places to recycle or donate other items, as I know this list isn’t exhaustive, and I only have a list for Australian residents currently. I hope you find some of this useful, as I know it can be hard to figure out what you can do with things from around the house and just want it gone!

Disclosure: This post is not sponsored or affiliated with any of the following brands, charities, or programmes. I just like giving helpful information that I’ve found useful in hopes of helping others!

Plastic Bags and Packaging

Coles has a bin for plastics! Reduce your yellow bin by a load, and take all “empty bread, cereal and frozen food bags, plastic and reusable shopping bags and other flexible plastic packaging and take them to their nearest Coles drop off point. The collected soft plastic material is delivered to [their] manufacturing partner “^

This similar initiative is available at Woolworth’s as well

Light Bulbs

Light Bulbs, depending on their type, may need to be disposed of through recycling programs as they may contain mercury and other products that need to be handled with care. You can find a list of places to dispose of them on Planet Ark’s Website


Aldi has recycle stations for batteries! These aren’t supposed to be thrown away in the regular bin, anyways, but Aldi has a great option in their stores for recycling batteries.

Household Chemicals

Sita‘s Website has a resource for places in various states which recycle or dispose of chemical waste.


Unwanted or expired medicines can be discarded at pharmacies participating in the government’s Return Unwanted Medicine Program


H & M offers a 15% off voucher for one item if you bring a bag of clothing or other textiles  (such as sheets) – This is the US site, but I have seen it in Australia as well.

Alternatively, there are many places which have clothing bins to drop off unwanted clothing, blankets, or textiles, or even your local homeless shelter may appreciate blankets and other goods in decent condition.

Car Seats

Infasecure trialled a car seat recycling programme in 2017 to help reduce the number of unsafe car seats being used. When you dispose of a car seat it is advised that you dispose of the harness portion separately and break it so it cannot be used. Should this programme become permanent, I would have a look over at Infasecure and follow their news to see if it becomes a permanent scheme.
Many car seats are made with recyclable plastics, so you will need to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer on the proper disposal of these.


Mattresses can be a huge thing to toss, so it’s great that you can find places to help you remove these as well as the fact that they can reuse the materials for other things rather than it all just going to landfill! There are a few places which offer these services, such as Soft Landing located in various parts of NSW, ACT and WA and various places located through Planet Ark

IT Equipment, Pinter Cartridges, Mobile Phones and Accessories & Other Items

Officeworks provides places to recycle old IT equipment, printer cartridges, mobile phones/batteries and accessories, pens and coffee pods

Terracycle offers a place to recycle hard to recycle products such as coffee pods, pens, and plastic gloves

There are so many other things that I’m sure would recycle and reuse a number of products we often use, so feel free to check out Planet Ark’s or Sita’s Websites to search for other items and where you can best dispose or recycle them and help save some space in your bin as well! From food scraps to cars to oil and tyres, there are so many things that don’t need to wind up at the rubbish tip!

Planet Ark’s website even has a handy search tool to help you find locations near you by materials you are hoping to recycle!

Planet Ark’s Website// Facebook// Instagram

Sita’s Website// Facebook

^information is found on the brand’s website

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