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Mummy Confession: I don’t make as much from scratch as I should. It doesn’t help when you have a picky eater, though. 

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As a mum of three, there seems to be less and less time to get anything done lately. Making healthy meals, or packing nutritious lunches is especially difficult when you have a picky eater like mine. Every lunch can be nearly the same. I would love to be a healthy lunchbox mum, and the Cherub baby range helps me get a little closer to that! All of these products are reusable, washable, and refrigerator and freezer friendly. You can find these products on their website, or in select retailers.

I stumbled upon Cherub Baby first at a Pregnancy, Baby & Children’s Expo in Sydney, and I’m glad I did! They have a great range of glass bottles and cups, solid feeding and baby food storage solutions, as well as warmers, sterilisers and even baby thermometers! Should you want to try these for yourself, Cherub Baby offers trial packs for an affordable cost here.

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Reusable food pouches, Photo used with permission. Photo Credit: Cherub Baby

Reusable Food Pouches

When I was making my own baby food, I used these Cherub Baby Reusable Food Pouches. It made it a bit cheaper to freeze and grab foods on the go, rather than purchasing the pre-made foods at the shops which would cost a fair amount! My oldest loved her purees before she became a bit more selective about foods, and my middle will even still eat pureed foods depending on her mood. Since my bubs are all mostly beyond purées, I use them more for things like yoghurt or fruit purees. They work so well for freezing for later use, and that helps with my kindy child’s lunch in the place of an ice pack!
Should you need to heat them up, I recommend warming them up in either one of Cherub Baby’s Warmer and Cooler products. It is also possible to heat them up in the microwave (but you do need to be careful of uneven heating in this case). They even include an attachable spoon in one of their starter packs if you should want to have that option for feeding your bub, which is great for on the go with babies who can’t just eat from the pouches by themselves. They also offer spouts which attach if you want bub to have an easier time just sipping straight from the pouch.
Conclusion: Great for kids of all ages! They work well freezing or refrigerating, and I love that they are reusable! Work great for on-the-go with a baby eating purees (and cheaper than take away or pre-done pouches)!

Reusable Food Pouches: 150ml Size, PVC, BPA and Phthalate Free, Double Ziplock, Reusable, Freezer, Refrigerator, and Microwave Safe, Easy Label System, Easy To Feed Spout and optional spoon.

Optional spoon attaches to the pouch! Photo used with permission. Photo Credit: Cherub Baby


Ice pop pouches, Photo used with permission, Photo Credit: Cherub Baby


Reusable Freeze and Squeeze Ice Pop Pouches

Cherub Baby also makes freeze and squeeze ice pop pouches, which are great for hot days like we’ve had lately! These are genius for the summer days, to make your own healthier freeze pops and save some money on the quickly consumed treats! I’ve seen many mums who puree fruits and freeze them, or even use them for yoghurts or ice blocks. There are so many options, and since these are reusable, you don’t just have to toss them as soon as they are used! My middle child loves her ice blocks and smoothies, so they are brilliant to freeze and take along with us when a snack is needed! I’ve also used these with yoghurt for my older child in a pinch. One thing to be sure you have with this is that you have a funnel or other method to get things into the smaller opening (they offer one for purchase on their website, too). It could be messy without this! The fill line is easy to spot, though, so you don’t overfill the pouch.
Conclusion: Brilliant for hot days or sick bubs! These hold a little less than the food pouch and allow for frozen things to be slowly squeezed out and enjoyed!

Freeze & Squeeze Ice Pop Pouches: PVC, BPA and Phthalate Free, Double ziplock, Reusable, Freezer and Refrigerator Safe, Easy Label System

Photo used with permission. Photo Credit: Cherub Baby


Breast Milk Storage Bags, Photo used with permission. Photo Credit: Cherub Baby

Reusable Breast Milk Storage Bags

The breast milk storage bags came in handy when I had a child who would drink from a bottle. At this point, little prince is outright refusing milk other than straight from mummy. With my first, I carried these with me or to Grandma’s house when I needed to be away, and they worked well to heat up, wash, sterilise again and re-use. Other brands I had used before were just too difficult to wash, or would leak a bit if I had tried, but the Cherub Baby brand did well for me.  I just needed to use a bottle brush to scrub the threading of the zip-close at the top and make sure the milk residue was off before sterilising (Medela quick clean soap works well for this). The thermo-sensor bit on the bag allows you to see if the milk is hot or cold, to help mum with heating the milk before bub gets the bottle. It has markings for how much milk in inside as well as a place to write a name, date, and time pumped.
Conclusion: Great as they can be washed, sterilised again and reused! Several brands are just a one time use, and it’s good to have a brand which you can use multiple times. The thermo-sensor is a great feature as well, as it can be hard to determine if milk is just warm or a little too warm.

Breast Milk Storage Bags: 210ml Size, PVC, BPA and Phthalate Free, Pre-Sterilised, Double Zip closure, Thermo-sensor technology, Self-Standing, Reusable, Easy Labelling, Refrigerator and Freezer Safe

Photo used with permission. Photo Credit: Cherub Baby


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Don’t forget to use code CBTAKE25 to save 25% off your order on Cherub Baby’s Website for a limited time! (Subject to Cherub Baby’s terms and conditions.)

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