“DON’T FORGET” bag tags for maternity bags

Tape, Staple, Hole Punch and tie this to your maternity bag (download the list for that here), baby bag, or even a travel bag so you don’t forget certain items you may grab before you set off! I’m always making sure I don’t forget my glasses or phone charger, so this is a great way to remind yourself! Tags come blank (Sample is just to show what you could print on the PDF or write) Some items you may want to remember: PHONE/CHARGER TABLET/CHARGER LAPTOP/CHARGER CAMERA/CHARGER MUSIC PLAYER/CHARGER RECHARGE CREDIT PORTABLE INTERNET GLASSES/CASE CONTACTS/CASE TOOTHBRUSH SPARE CHANGE MATERNITY CARD MEDICARE Read More

Maternity Bag Checklist- A Free Checklist for Hospital

A great little guide on what to pack for the hospital! Subscribe here for updates from the blog when we share helpful tips, products and things to help mums and babies : ) Disclosure: This is an affiliate link by which I earn commissions from qualifying sales. (To see the Amazon.com.au list for these with some suggestions, click here for Mum’s Bag List or here for Baby’s Bag List ) See the necessities list for new mums here, too! AND a bag tag for items you may need to grab on the way out the door 🙂

Mum & Baby Brands We Love

Just a few of the brands that we love at Mummy Confessions! Check out the blog for some of our experiences and to find more brands (or feel free to send us a message on Facebook, too!) Click the “Download” button to get the list 🙂 For a list of things to purchase for a new mum or bub, check out this downloadable list!