Innovative Products for Mum & Bub!

Mummy Confession: I love love love to find new things. Especially innovative things that have never been thought of before!

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I wanted to compile a list of all the things that I have found this year (some I have had the honour of reviewing, too!) that I think people should look seriously into getting for their little ones!  Now, this was not instigated by any of these companies or brands, and I just want to help get the word out on these products. I think they hold value for at least some of the mums out there, and that is why I wanted to talk about them! So, onward to the list! All photos and videos have been used with permission. I have listed where to find them, as well as where you can follow them (for updates and special deals of course) on social media.

My list includes shirts for holding newborns, breastfeeding innovations, kids’ toys, and helpful things for mums and parents.

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A breast pump that is the quietest I have heard, and can be concealed under clothing

The Freemie breast pump (which is to be released in early 2018 according to Freemie) is an innovation much needed for mums everywhere! The pump is contained within the breast shells and tiny, quiet motor. Although it’s not completely un-noticeable under any wardrobe, it is far less intrusive and awkward looking than a regular breast pump would be, giving you the option to get out and pumping (maybe with an infinity scarf). This pump has a timer to stop pumping when you’ve set it for, and three settings to save your sessions, so you don’t need to keep adjusting the pump as you go. See my feature on the Freemie Breast Pump here for a bit more on this one! You can check out Freemie’s website here (for Australia& NZ) or here (for the USA). The Freemie will hopefully be available in the USA, Australia and New Zealand when released.
Freemie’s Website (Australia & NZ)//Facebook~~Freemie’s Website (USA)//Facebook

A sock that measures your baby’s vital signs and reports back to you if something goes wrong

The owlet sock, base station and app; Photo Credit: Owlet Baby Care; Used with permission

The Owlet has been around in the US for a little while now, and has just launched in Australia recently! This great smart sock option for monitoring your tiny love allows for the more discreet measurement of baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels sent to your phone. It alerts you should something go amiss, and gives parents a little more peace of mind with their babies, especially with the unknown causes of SIDS. You can read more about the Owlet here (for Australia) or here (for the USA). The Owelet is available in the USA and Australia.
Owlet’s Website (Australia)//Owlet’s Website (USA)//Facebook//Instagram

Used with permission; Video Credit: Owlet Baby Care

The world’s first learner skateboard

The Ookkie learner skateboard! Photo Credit: Ookkie; Used with permission

The Ookkie is an innovation in child’s toys! This great skateboard training device helps kids learn and parents guide. It provides a handle for the parents to push or pull, and the child to hold on and steady themselves until they are ready to stand upright without holding on. This product is good from around 2 years of age until the child is around 25kg. The Ookkie is available worldwide. Look at Skate Innovation’s website (here) to find out more about the Ookkie. Ookkie ships globally.
Ookkie’s Website

Used with permission; Video Credit: Skate Innovation


A product that simulates a pram ride without actually taking the pram for a ride

The Pramrolla Unit; Photo Credit: Pramrolla; Used with permission

The Pramrolla is a great innovative way for mums and parents with babies 12 months and under to take them for a walk in the pram without going anywhere! We all know bumpy car and pram rides seem to soothe those little ones easily, so this innovation is a great help to many parents who would otherwise be driving or walking around pushing the pram at all hours of the night! Check out Pramrolla’s website (here) for more details. The Pramrolla is available in Australia and New Zealand, but they will ship it internationally (for extra postage costs).
Pramrolla’s website//Facebook//Instagram

(Used with permission; Video Credit: Pramrolla)


A bowl for kids that has a straw to get all the extra goodness out of that soup

The XL bowl with straw is one of my kids’ favourite bowls now because of this one feature! They’re not too expensive, and so far, the kids have loved every time they get to use these bowls! This innovative idea means that you can slurp every last drop of Mum’s chicken noodle soup! Check out my feature on the B.Box XL bowl with straw (and other products). You can check out B.Box’s website here (for Australia) or here (for the USA). B Box’s range is available in the US and Australia as well as other countries.
B.Box’s Website (Australia)// B Box’s Website (USA)//Facebook//Instagram


This toy block tape for builders who want to defy gravity

Zuru’s Mayka toy block tape! Photo Credit: Maya World; Photo used with permission

Zuru’s Mayka tape is a tape that is compatible with lego! This tape can be used to stick on practically anything and attach legos or other similar sized blocks. What a great invention! You can find this in a lot of stores currently (even in Australia. I found some in Kmart in three sizes). It comes in 2 stud width in 3.2 feet and 6.5 feet long, and 4 stud width in a 6.5 foot length. In the US, you can even find it in bulk! This makes a great pressies for those building block lovers (mine are getting some in their stocking this Christmas)! Check out Zuru’s website (here) to see more about this one. The Zuru website shows where you can purchase this in the US, but it is available in other countries, too.
Zuru’s Website//Facebook//Instagram

Video Credit: Mayka World; Video used with permission

This shirt with a pocket for holding a newborn

Lalabu Soothe shirt for mum! Photo Credit: Lalabu ; Photo Used with permission

The Lalabu soothe shirt is a great looking nursing and post partum top for carrying your newborn! It has a handy little pocket just for bub, and can be used as a nursing t-shirt as well. They even come in styles for Daddy to wear baby. No wrapping involved in this little innovation, and it’s a stylish piece, too. I wish I had one of these for when I had newborns! To read more about the Lalabu soothe shirt or Dad’s shirt, check out Lalabu’s website (here). It appears the Lalabu range is available internationally.
Lalabu’s Website//Facebook//Instagram

This multipurpose breastfeeding cover

NuRoo Breastfeeding Scarf; Photo Credit: NuRoo; Photo used with permission

NuRoo has it covered, literally, with this innovative scarf breastfeeding cover! There are several ways to configured it for feeding or pumping (or for keeping warm). I’ve personally found it helpful while using with my Freemie breast pump which makes it nearly impossible for you to tell I’m pumping. This stylish scarf has several prints available and just is super handy! The NuRoo breastfeeding scarf can be found hereNuRoo is available in the US, or through Rehacare in Australia.
NuRoo’s Website (or available here at Rehacare for Australia)//Facebook//Instagram

This Babywearing Wrap Shirt for skin-to-skin with your baby

The NuRoo Pocket; Photo Credit: NuRoo; Photo used with permission

NuRoo baby has done it again! In fact, they have a range of helpful products for parents. This baby wearing shirt is designed to hold baby close for skin-to-skin contact while keeping them snug and secure. This has a lot less steps than wraps and keeps bub just as close! Another thing to get for new mums struggling to get things done with a newborn. See how the NuRoo Pocket is used here. NuRoo is available in the US, or through Rehacare in Australia.
NuRoo’s Website (or available here at Rehacare for Australia)//Facebook//Instagram

This breast pump/nappy bag with so many thoughtful additions!

The Claire Bag by Sarah Wells; Photo Credit: Sarah Wells; Photo used with permission

Sara Wells launched the Claire bag right before Christmas. It is such an amazing line of bags she has done, but this one just seems so much more amazing! There are so many pockets, zippers, and even a luggage sleeve! The perfect bag for pumping mums, working mums, and travelling mums (and you don’t need a baby to have one of these, either). They’re just so handy looking! The Sarah Wells range is available internationally. See Sarah Wells’ website (here) for more details.
Sarah Wells’ Website//Facebook//Instagram

Used with permission; Video Credit: Sarah Wells

These underwear for EVERY day of the month (yes even those days) AND swimwear for the same just released!

modibodi, underwear, panties, menstrual underwear, period underwear, period panties, light leakage, prevent period stains, menstrual cycle, puberty, time of the month, tampons, pads, menstrual cup, innovation

I have actually tried the Modibodi range and I am affiliated with them (and the link to their website is an affiliate link) because I think this is truly a great product! These innovative underwear come in various styles and coverage ranges (from moisture wicking to heavy flow) and are great for “that time of the month” and light bladder leakage. So far, I have been nothing but impressed with this brand, and I wrote about my experience with them here. For more information please see Modibodi’s website (here).  My unboxing of the Modibodi swimwear range is the video shown below.
Modibodi’s Website//Facebook//Instagram

This blanket with pockets for your stuffed toy friends!

Sago Mini quilt; Photo Credit: Sago Mini; Photo used with permission

The Sago Mini Tuck Me In Quilt is a totally adorable innovation for kids! This just looks like a really fun quilt for littles with lots of their own little stuffed toy friends! My girls would absolutely go crazy for this! They have a few styles available including construction and a castle style. These are available in the US and Canada only at the moment. See Sago’s website for more details.
Sago Mini’s Website//Facebook//Instagram

Used with permission; Photo Credit: Sago Mini


I hope some of these inspire you, and maybe even provide you with some ideas for gifts for the ones you love (or yourself)! What products have you found to be totally innovative this year?

12 thoughts on “Innovative Products for Mum & Bub!

    • mummyconfessions says:

      I love it! It’s a brilliant idea!

  1. Leigh Suznovich says:

    These products are amazing! When my husband and I start our family these are must haves for our future little ones. Saving for later reference :-).

    • mummyconfessions says:

      These are definitely things to keep an eye on! I’m sure there will be improvements and even more as time goes on! There is already so much more than when my first was born, which wasn’t a ton of time ago!

  2. Jolene says:

    That skateboard is so cool! Almost want one for myself!

    • mummyconfessions says:

      That skateboard is so cool, I’m surprised no one thought of it before!

    • mummyconfessions says:

      Isn’t it?! I want one! I’m not good with skateboards, so they need to make one for adults!

  3. Marcie says:

    This is such a great post for new moms! I’ve been super intrigued by the breast pump! I had a kangaroo care shirt for my youngest and it was such a cool product (although it had a short time it was usable.)

    • mummyconfessions says:

      Thanks Marcie! This breast pump is super different than any other pump I have seen, so it’s definitely something to keep an eye out for! Some of these are obviously useful for shorter times, but they seem like pretty good investments to get through those newborn days!

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